Na your smile dey make my head dey swell. Even if you don’t find yourself traveling to Nigeria in the distant future, try one of these phrases on one of your Nigerian friends, and … Need Help? Romantic Love Messages For The One You Love in Nigerian Pidgin English, Pidgin Love Messages For Your Special Person  in Nigerian Pidgin English, My Heart Belongs To You SMS Messages For Couples, Post Comments See more ideas about Phrases and sentences, Fort drum, English for beginners. My eyes don see wetin my mouth no fit tell. It means that the girl/lady is very fine." When you want to let someone know that you have one or achieved something big. Trouble has exploded. Love Poems in Pidgin English: If you are looking for where to get that poem to send to the one your love, then know you are at the right place. We have great compilation of Naija pidgin love poems that you will find interesting. And get your relationship problem solve like me. HOW I GOT MY LOAN FROM THIS GREAT COMPANYHello my dear people, I am Linda McDonald, currently living in Austin Texas, USA. Na your  Smile dey make my head dey swell. In patches of thoughts, words are formed! Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases: Pidgin English is derived from the main English and it is used to ease communication mostly in Areas where there is great variations of language of which Nigeria is not an exception. Clear your eyes, true love no dey cause pain. This is used to let someone know that he or she is laughing too much. Used when you want to tell someone that he knows what is happening or he is involved in something. When I see you, I heard this flame burns. 16. And if I tell you, I no go... My Heart Is Yours SMS Messages The flame inside my heart is all a desire of you. Claraito's Blog - Celebrity Bio, Lifestyles,Trendy News, Messages, Wishes/Quotes. 12. Am happy that I found Dr Ilekhojie. Crash . Abeg, where you keep the key wey you carry lock my heart? Derived from Yoruba language. Even if sey another person never tell you dis, E get something way I like pass about you, Na em wey dey make me dey like to come close to you. In Naija pidgin you will see, Pidgin quotes, proverbs, jokes, slangs, greetings, insults, wishes, phrases and the rest of them. It is a form of insult trying to tell to get out of your presence of stop what he or she is saying because it is meaningless to you. I am a widow at the moment with three kids and i was stuck in a financial situation in April 2018 and i needed to refinance and pay my bills. When you want to tell someone that she is beautiful. I immediately got in touch with her and followed the steps that she asked me to and after 4days my ex called asking for my forgiveness that he wanted nothing but having me back in his life permanently. JJC means "Johnny just come.". Look for person wey you go love well well, The person wey fine fit no treat you right. Verily i say to you today that i and my husband are back together and i can proudly say and testify to the world of what Dr. PADMAN did for me. 7. This is mainly used to tell someone that he or she is using magical or fake power. It is an insult, trying to tell someone that he or she is not behaving well or does not know anything. Omoge" means girl or Lady. This is another popular pidgin slang used in Nigeria. And if I tell you, I no go lie to you. Oversabi means claiming to know more than others. Mainly used when referring to someone who likes being present and in forefront of everything. I no fit believe say person fit do me dis kind tin, If I lie down for bed, your thought no go gree me sleep. Your Are My Priceless Jewel SMS Messages   You Are The Angel Of My Life SMS Messages   Your Are My Sunshine SMS Messages Tears O... My Love For You Messages As long as the star twinkles, my love for you will never dim. Mainly used when someone annoys and you tell the person you were that gave him/her that opportunity. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. And every time I look into your eye, I dey see our future together. When you want to let someone know that he or she is ugly. view images ‎ WHAT TRUE LOVE LOOKS LIKE POEM. I totally think if there were likefive spell casters like Dr Ilekhojie, the world would have been a good place.Me and my Husband had been separated for4YEARS and I couldn’t manage life without him, I have used everything to win him back but non was working until when i read many testimonies about a spell caster called Dr Ilekhojie and how effective her work is. Sometimes they are referred to "People wey dey do oversabi or I too know". Another way of saying it is see me see trouble. In Naija pidgin you will see, Pidgin quotes, proverbs, jokes, slangs, greetings, insults, wishes, phrases and the rest of them. Atom Although the word itself is an English word, when it is being strung along with other pidgin words, it means to sleep. "One chance" is a sentence that conductors or drivers use when it is remaining one passenger for their vehicle to be fully loaded, this became more popular following cases of people who were robbed, kidnapped or maltreated after entering such motor of people shouting one chance.". Choose the right one which explains how you feel about him/her. I no think say I fit leave if you leave me waka, Your love dey shark me like person wey take alcohol, Na only you be the person way fit make me, 1. You can simply say " You ug". Give me small encouragement or motivate me. When you want to tell someone that a matter or issues does not concern you. Someone who is under the influence of alcohol or full of annoyance. Facebook ; Twitter; Love Poems in Pidgin English: If you are looking for where to get that poem to send to the one your love, then know you are at the right place. Often use out of annoyance to tell someone that you will revenge. view images ‎ Can you translate this A vacancy sign in Bislama the pidgin. I was reviewing some post of how i could get back my husband then, i saw a testimony shared by Marina Choas about a spell caster named Dr. PADMAN I contacted Marina Chaos to confirm about how Dr. PADMAN helped her and she clarified everything to me of how he helped her and that gave me the courage to get in touch with Dr. PADMAN for help. We have great compilation of Naija pidgin love poems that you will find interesting. It means I want to go to my house. Thank You Send these Thank God For The Love I Found In You Love Messages to your wife, husband, friends and the one you specially love... Nigerian Pidgin Love Messages I cherish you and I will do anything for you my love. I have entered into problem. Mainly used during fight or quarrel to tell someone that you will handle him or her badly. I come forget all the things wey dey trouble me, U don use your smile get me for your trap, E go come dey do me like say make day break quick, Because your smile dey bring my brain back, If you wan do me bad thing, no smile for me, Your smile don take over every part of me. Ever since my husband got me divorced for the past 2 years, i v'e not been my self. Make you no dey use corner corner dey chop me. Used to tell someone that you will revenge. Here are Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases that you should know; 1. It is used to express unimaginable things or ugly situation. This means someone is crazy. The word Akwunga is derived from the Igbo word "Akwu" meaning nest and "nga" meaning place. Love Poems in Pidgin English - Nigerian Pidgin Love Poems 0 Comments. "Agboro" is used for people who at times illegally collects money from taxi drivers, so all they are interested in is their money. Wahala means trouble. This is the Nigerian pidgin dictionary, a compilation of Nigerian slangs and street talk created and maintained by its readers. 3. May 28, 2018 - Explore Rachelle Coicou's board "pidgin", followed by 192 people on Pinterest. love quotes in pidgin english. You dey kolo. Dr. PADMAN assured me that my days of sorrows will be over within 48hours after he has finished with his work. I tried seeking loans from various loan firms both private and corporate but never with success, and most banks declined my credit ,do not full prey to those hoodlums at there that call them self-money lender they are all scam , all they want is your money and you well not hear from them again they have done it to me twice before I met Mr. David Wilson the most interesting part of it is that my loan was transfer to me within 74hours so I will advise you to contact Mr. David if you are interested in getting loan and you are sure you can pay him back on time you can contact him via email……… ( No credit check, no cosigner with just 2% interest rate and better repayment plans and schedule if you must contact any firm with reference to securing a loan without collateral then contact Mr. David Wilson today for your loan They offer all kind of categories of loan theyShort term loan (5_10years) Long term loan (20_40) Media term loan (10_20) They offer loan like Home loan............., Business loan........ Debt loan.......Student loan.........., Business startup loanBusiness loan......., Company loan.............. etcEmail..........( it comes to financial crisis and loan then David Wilson loan financial is the place to go please just tell him I Mrs. Linda McDonald direct you Good Luck....................... Am very happy that Dr Ilekhojie did help me in bringing back my soulmate. And I pray this love go last forever. Wetin concern Agboro concern overload? It is a slang used by most Nigerians when pidgin is being spoken. You dey give me hope. No go fall in love with person wey go break your heart, No go fall in love with person wey go dey happy to cause you pain, Claraito's Blog - Celebrity Bio, Lifestyles,Trendy News, Messages, Wishes/Quotes, Pidgin English Love Messages For Him and Her. Also used to tell someone that you don't have money with you or in your bank account. ( Choose the right one which explains how you feel about him/her. Used to tell someone that he or she is a new comer or novice. Contact him today via Website: E-mail:( OR call him or whatsapp him +19492293867, Dr.Agbazara is a great man,this doctor help me to bring back my lover Jenny Williams who broke up with me 2year ago with his powerful spell casting and today she is back to me so if you need is help contact him on email: ( ) or call/WhatsApp +2348104102662. I will give you attention for all you are doing to me. At times you can also say " I dey koboless or nairaless. See more ideas about English, Nigerian, Meant to be. It is talking about the speaker’s tiredness and the need to rest or sleep. Feb 21, 2018 - Explore Moe Clark's board "Pidgin English" on Pinterest. 8. ), You Are My Heart Desire Romantic Love Messages, Your Love Is A Blessing To My Life SMS Messages, Thank God For The Love I Found In You Love Messages.

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