37% Suggestion, TURKEY GOES AFTER THE KURDS HOW WOULD THEY RESPOND AND HELP THE KURDS. Previous Post Have you lost your mind man? Man's talking on a horse. Williams and his wife Jane have two adult children, Allison and Douglas. Brian, I have watched you for years; since before MSNBC. During his rant each of the jury members one by one stands and faces their back to him. Children are not ginny pigs and if Trump ever had to bury one of his children he wouldn't feel like it's no big deal if a child contracted covid 19. Most early voters are women. Trump has a lot of campaign trail complaints. MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser, One term or two, dishonesty is Trump’s lasting legacy, Mara Gay: Everything won in the 1960s is on the ballot, Trump, Biden on the attack in Midwest as virus outbreaks soar, ER Doc on Trump’s conspiracy against doctors: ‘A bald-faced brazen lie’, Biden puts combative Trump on defense in campaign's last day, Covid-19 survivor becomes advocate for those still suffering, ER Doc describes the horrific reality of dying from Covid-19, COVID-19 is affecting kids' brains leaving troubling side effects, Masks are better than any drug so far against COVID-19, Doc: COVID-19 damages lungs of patients showing no symptoms, Researchers looking at sewage to learn about COVID-19, Pandemic expert: We have a second and final chance to contain COVID-19, Potential COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in early trial. RUSSIA SYRIA AND IRAN BECOME A THREAT TO OUR ALLIES In his role covering breaking news on MSNBC, he has anchored over 300 hours of live, breaking news coverage, including the 2016 Presidential campaign and events around the world. PUTIN MAKES A MOVE WHICH NATO NEEDS TO TAKE A STRONG ROLE, WOULD EITHER BE ABLE TO LEAD WITH OTHER NATO MEMBERS Please sign my petition at Join The 11th Hour Brian Williams’ community for unique news and commentary from Brian Williams. Over 5 million deaths and more presidential lies then one dares to count, at what point do Americans say enough. I would like to hear about this on your program which I watch every night. Pandemic expert on the dangers of rushing a COVID-19 vaccine, Meacham: America needs a Marshall Plan for life after COVID-19, Public health expert: Keep wearing a face mask, Evidence shows social distancing works no matter what FOX News says, Biden and Trump trade attacks in critical state of Florida, Trump Jr. claims Covid-19 deaths down to 'almost nothing'. Brian, https://www.change.org/p/proud-americans-let-s-let-pence-spend-40-days-with-the-immigrants. Poverty is less of an economic issue and more of an intellectual one. How apropos in the era of Trump. 84 Selected Notes: I’ve discovered how to do just that and wrote about them in my book: READ, WRITE, BELIEVE: Your tools for Getting More Out of Life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUx8mHIyHRs>. Civil, anonymous notes to anyone, that everyone can read. With just hours left in the 2020 race, Biden focused on Pennsylvania and Ohio with his surrogates in other battleground states while Trump hit a flurry of final events with polls showing him trailing in key states. Worked once. At that time fealty was sworn to state. Border with Canada shows U.S. Covid crisis in stark detail, Trump keeps breakneck rally schedule as U.S. nears 9,000,000 Covid cases, Fmr. Tonite I turned you off before 5 minutes. The President insists COVID isn’t serious while Joe Biden says Trump has given up on fighting the virus as the US hits new all-time high in daily cases. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. No one likes to be "controlled" but everyone is for safety. He became a volunteer firefighter at the age of 18 and has served on and off in the years since. Reacting to Trump’s baseless claim that doctors get more money from COVID-19 deaths, Dr. Stephen Sample calls Trump, “the biggest bald-faced brazen liar that’s ever set foot in that Office.”, Anchor, The 11th Hour with Brian Williams. Host of 'The 11th Hour with Brian Williams', MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser. Technically they were not. The post-coronavirus economy: Is abnormal the new normal? Just after Comey Announced a reopening of investigation into H. Clnton's emails her lead in the polls changed. In "12 Angry Men" there is a great monologue by Ed Begley ranting about how "everybody knows" how the defendant's ethnicity (presumably Puerto Rican) are crooks, drunks etc. Biden and Obama blast 'con man' Trump for Covid-19 response, Trump's closing argument to women? If a severe shortage of hospital beds looms on the horizon and Las Vegas is full of empty hotels, why not turn those hotels into quasi hospitals? The 11th Hour with Brian Williams Yesterday at 6:17 PM Trump aide Hope Hicks - who flew with the president to the debate on Tuesday - has tested positive for COVID-19. 10% Other, I watch your show daily and enjoy it. He joined NBC News as a National Correspondent in 1993 after 12 years in local news. To solve poverty, we have to raise everyone’s intelligence and imagination. On The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, you said: Each American would have received $1,000,000 from Mike Bloomberg. That should get under his skin! Over the course of his career, Williams has received over a dozen Emmy Awards, eleven Edward R. Murrow Awards, four DuPont-Columbia University Awards, the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism and the industry’s highest honor, the George Foster Peabody Award. Hello Brian, Please tell me, what ever happened to the "Be Best" program of Mrs. Trump? He attended Brookdale Community College, Catholic University and George Washington University, and was a White House intern while a college student in 1979. How close are scientists to having a coronavirus vaccine? Good story-the kind that gets people fired up + lots good video of grazing, moving cattle- & landscape should be available & 2-shot of the man, Brad and horse, could be the hook. LOL, PUTIN MAY TRY TO TAKE MORE OF UKRAINE, WHAT WOULD THEY DO U might like the video at . Where is Steve Kornacki when you need him? If Biden defeats Trump, does Trumpism still survive? Brian Williams in his entry to the MSNBC show "The 11th Hour" was poignant and scary. Share this with your colleagues. Mitch seems to get perturbed by negative nick names. I think states can call up the National Guard to help at polling places. Really!!!??? 15% Negative, Williams is a native of Middletown, NJ. One item that you have repeated at times is that Confederate soldiers were traitors. Journalism today is largely an an editorial. Each Fastnote must must be civil, anonymous, and not in ALL CAPS. It made it clear we have a president purposefully detached from reality even as it is all around him. That's why Robert E. Lee did not accept command of the Union army and West Point class of 1861 cadets resigned. To: Brian Williams - Migrant Children Emergency McCallen Mr. Williams, instead of speeches, and platforms, why can't the Democratic Candidates take a day off from these and go en mass to McCallen Texas and do something - together - with one voice and get those little, sick children out of Ursula processing center. Copyright © 2020 Fastnote LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Williams enumerated a litany of lies, misleading information, and bravado using clips of Trump in his own words. 41K likes. At the risk of adding to the crazy world of conspiracy theories, I wonder if it is at all possible that Trump has used the FBI or Barr and any other relevant agencies to gather compromising material on even his own Republican Party members that might explain why they are so afraid of him? But this won’t be BriWi’s prime-time redemption, even though he’s a hit at 11 p.m., earning viewers’ trust back after his 2015 “Lyin’ Brian” scandal. Re:Why Trump pushied for a Announcement of investigation into Biden? Since he has blocked all gun safety legislation from the House, I'd like to see all the pundits start calling him "Machine gun Mitch." Why do I not hear this being suggested on the news? Now that gun legislation is being discussed again, I have a suggestion for a change in terminology. I am grateful for your 11th hour program. Democrats are missing an important point in the argument. Instead of using gun 'control' laws, let's start using gun 'safety' laws, or gun legislation or gun laws. In a democratic republic where the vote is constitutionally protected voter suppression by any elected or appointed official should be a capital crime. If not, why not? Should those children that are subjected to inhumane treatment at the border be under the umbrella of "Be Best?" This is just pathetic and you should've. Here is their full discussion, including portions of the interview that did not air on The 11th Hour because of … talking about the flag being at half staff until 8/8. Obama aide Robert Gibbs: This is Biden's race to lose, Happy warrior? Watch MSNBC 11th Hour with Brian Williams videos now. Mr. Williams, instead of speeches, and platforms, why can't the Democratic Candidates take a day off from these and go en mass to McCallen Texas and do something - together - with one voice and get those little, sick children out of Ursula processing center. Williams is a former Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, and is the former anchor of the prime time broadcast, “The News with Brian Williams” on both MSNBC and CNBC. Brian Williams brings you every late-breaking headline and puts each day into sharp context, weeknights at 11PM ET on MSNBC.

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