Similarly, Oxfam folds best-of-breed cloud services into many of its legacy systems to elevate their utility and usability. The pilot also gave Oxfam a chance to get familiar with the deployment processes before rolling it out to more users. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. Respected non-profit Oxfam International is well aware—and it’s working hard to eradicate the poverty that plagues so much of our global population. It allowed Oxfam to do the development it needed to provision users out of their Active Directories, through Okta, and into Compass. Username Search by email address.
Configure Okta in minutes. No more profile synchronization challenges. Is Okta Cloud Connect really free? Support Resources: limited Basic Support (3 tickets/year), access to live and on-demand training resources. Protect and enable employees, contractors, partners. Oxfam has improved the speed of delivering aid because it can get new programs up and running quickly. You consent to the use of our cookies if you proceed. The Fast Forward organization funds and supports nonprofit entrepreneurs building original tech for social impact. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. If you are having trouble logging in using your Oxfam email address and password, please contact We can turn your unwanted items into life-changing cash. Using the right technology solutions is critical for this.

To reset your password, submit your username or your email address below. Use MFA with Workplace by Facebook on day one, or integrate with 3rd party solutions like Yubikey or RSA. Michael Duggan is leading the organization forward from its legacy state toward digital transformation and describes his role as “leveraging technology to deliver impact.” He wants Oxfam to be an effective organization that delivers the best possible return for supporters and donors, and that ultimately delivers the most impact possible to the people that Oxfam helps. On occasion you may need to reset your password or unlock your account. And the support staff was incredibly helpful and incredibly friendly” says Holton Picard.

For example, if someone wants to know if Oxfam has photos of an individual, or whether someone specific appears in an Oxfam video, he will look to leverage a solution like Box Skills to achieve this request more quickly and efficiently. Through ImpactCloud, Okta has joined forces with global humanitarian organizations and leading technology companies like Salesforce, Box, Splunk, Twilio and more to support cross-cloud innovation in global crisis response.
Password. This includes the Learning Portal, Help Center, and other Okta web properties.

I think it's absolutely crucial that these organizations get access to technologies and tools that will help them increase their impact.

Remembering the human element in technology. The organization decided to adopt Single Sign-On, Lifecycle Management, and Universal Directory, which it rolled out at the same time Box was deployed across the organization. Oxfam was struggling to deliver aid quickly because it would take eight to 12 weeks to set up functioning offices in new locations. “We needed something that would allow us to quickly, easily, and securely connect 20 independent directories to a central identity management source,” says Duggan. Now that it’s become easier for each of the affiliates’ users to stay connected, the organization wants to grant partners, supporters, and volunteers access to some parts of their Digital Workplace stack using Okta as the identity access layer. In 2014, Oxfam started looking closely at the communication challenge. And that's just fantastic. Go to Okta and select your account name in the upper right corner and then settings. For help with FLO, email and FAN/passwords, For questions relating to enrolment, class registration, FLO or fees, Sturt Rd, Bedford Park

Digital and mobile have allowed nonprofits to activate supporters and reach those in need like never before. Oxfam is a category-one responder to humanitarian crises, which means it is one of a small number of global humanitarian agencies that can respond at scale to very large humanitarian disasters, such as the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami in September 2018.

Technology to respond to evolving regulations. Learn more about Zero Trust.

Oxfam also emphasizes that digital transformation isn't just about shifting infrastructure out of the organization, it's actually shifting workloads. Thousands of talented people already commit their time to make this happen. “Oxfam is one of the largest NGOs in the world,” he says. Through Okta’s Apps for Good program, our global customers can simply and securely deploy world-class “giving apps” to their workforces.

Oxfam strives to promote fairness and transparency. Get in to Okta Please enter your organization's address. With a single content layer connecting the content flowing across your favorite business apps, you boost productivity and streamline work. Box donates and discounts our services for nonprofits at Also, all new hires at our San Francisco HQ volunteer in the local community on their second day of work. Login to KARL. Oxfam's data sat on file servers that were only accessible if you were physically in the office where it was stored.

No more password reset fiascos. Now this information is available instantly on any device globally. Employees, volunteers and partners instantly manage aid delivery on Box when they arrive at a new location. Sign up for a 30-day trial Already a customer? In the section for 'Forgot Password Text Message', click “Edit”. “The boundaries are porous when you’re engaging in a disaster, and you must work together,” Langley says. “Oxfam is only interested in working with companies like Box that have demonstrated that they are thinking about the ethical implications of technology — we need to know that we can have an open and honest conversation about the impact, and how we can leverage opportunities in an ethical and human way.”. The fund supports three major program areas: technology innovation in the social sector, employee giving, and support for local organizations in Okta’s global communities. Email address You are not logged in. Oxfam began using Box Governance to help with tagging content and utilizing search capabilities to become well-positioned to comply this and other regulations. But traditional geographic and organizational boundaries made it difficult for everyone to work together—especially since each of the 20 affiliates were operating with their own active directories and no federation. Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC039042). They are part of a global movement to end unfair trade rules, demand better health and education services for all, and to combat climate change. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again. For details about these cookies and how to set your cookie preferences, refer to our website privacy statement. In that time, the Oxfam mission has transformed to focus not only on direct delivery of aid, but also on tackling the root cause of injustice and poverty: inequality. With Okta for Good, global nonprofits like Oxfam, PATH, Plan International, and Norwegian Refugee Council can focus on their important missions around the world. Home; Log in; Forgotten password; To reset your password, submit your username or your email address below. © 2020 Okta, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It was also challenging to manage content governance and respond to new regulations like GDPR because of fragmented legacy systems.

Join us now. This is the URL that you will use to access your account.

"We've leveraged [the] cloud to join us together and be a more effective organization.” For example, Oxfam not only uses Box but also Okta for single-sign on and Workplace by Facebook to connect staffers that use different email systems. Alternatively, you can use your email address to get started.

Important Log In Information!

For example, in migrant and refugee camps, Oxfam doesn’t require individuals to identify themselves. “From an IT point of view, the best part of Okta is that we can easily provision and deprovision our user accounts, both into Okta and to the established services,” says Duggan. Processes on Box have essentially become turnkey. Please enable it to improve your browsing experience. “Our goal is to provide a digital identity to every one of our program participants,” says Duggan. In fact, Duggan predicts that companies that win in the technology space will be the ones that maintain trust — not only with the organizations that consume the technology, but also with consumers, supporters and program participants. About Oxfam. I hereby consent to Oxfam collecting, storing and processing my data in accordance with the privacy policy.

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