This has helped me understand him and given me some ideas on how to help him. I go through exactly the same things as you. I’m 17, and I read this just now and realized: this perfectly describes how I feel during a meltdown. I’m so glad this post was helpful to you in understanding what happened with your friend. A: Activating a Field Spell Card such as Trickstar Light Stage is activating a card on the field, so you can chain the effect of Artifact Dagda. At this point we both assumed it was a bug. She is 32 and has never been able to get diagnosed. Thank you! I went to the bathroom, cried hysterically, then my manager came in and told me I was “too sensitive,” said to get back to work and left. I want to play, go on a swing or swim in a sandpit, but society says that’s not appropriate for a 30 year old. I’ve purposely left this raw and unedited, the way it unspooled in my head, to give you a feel for how chaotic a meltdown can be. I can say that NT-AS relationship is not that easy to handle but as long as you both willing to work things out then it will. My mind is like a room full of feathers with a fan going and he has the ability to switch the fan off so everything settles. So as a 40 year old woman, I was having a lot of meltdowns while pmsing, and my psychiatrist put me on a low dose of Prozac for two weeks before menstruation each month. I wrote that text both for me to vent, and to explain to my friends who saw me or brought me back what happened. I would have to agree with you, Terra, about how that Native American tribe you mentioned cared for someone experiencing extreme emotions. Q: I activated Polymerization and Fusion Summoned a Dragun of Red-Eyes, using Dark Magician and Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon in my hand as materials. Which is more interesting since I was already 42 before I knew about Aspergers, or meltdowns, or stimming. I’d like to say I enjoyed reading this, but that seems wrong. In some way, the more he tries the worse I feel because it’s as if I’m letting him down with my inability to respond to his effort to help me. As someone who has suffered from depression, I can relate to a lot of this. I feel that way with the euphoric feeling. Vous ne pouvez activer qu'1 "Effondrement Magique" par tour. ( Log Out /  and he said “okay … okay, I’ll call you. He wants to help, so that I can go back to feeling like myself. Maybe you offer to stay and be silently supportive and she agrees not to try not to make you a target? Unless a footnote linking directly to KONAMI's own Database is directly tied to a remark we make, treat it solely as the opinion of The Organization. And I agree – leaving this post in “raw” form works best. I think the worst thing is that people often think that if you talk it out it, it will resolve itself. Trust me. Also, if you do not have any “Crystal Beast” cards in your Spell & Trap Zone when Rare Value resolves, no part of its effect is applied. This happened in a massive way when I was around 17. He gentled himself, and the rest of the night was much better. Sorry if i said too much I guess this was kind of an outlet to what I have been feeling… And Sorry again if I used any wrong words English is not my first language so Sorry once again if it didn’t make any sense or if i used any offensive words. After meltdown last night (horrifying, mortifying) and while still mostly mute, I showed him this post, and one other My husband was/is very upset, his father yelled–loudly–at me in my car on the way back, and all I wanted to do was get to my room and do something mindless. I’ve used something like this a couple of times to defuse a tense situation. It was fun to make and also helped me think about how my responses are evolving over time. It’s rough to share something so painful and traumatizing. I would LAMINATE that shit. But I seem to revert to near muteness from my childhood and the level of awareness or ability to formulate coherent communication is just not possible. I’m glad it gave you some insight. I’ve had that happen to me this past Saturday, and still don’t feel quite “right”–several days later. Your blog is shedding light on a life time of really, well, you know, difficult coping. Banish the {{Aleister the Invoker}} you'd be meaning to use from your GY, Remove the non-Aleister material you'd be meaning to use from the respective GY, For instance, Trickstar players might chain {{Trickstar Reincarnation}} to Special Summon their only Trickstar in the GY before Invocation resolves, Prevent you from Fusion Summoning ({{Rivalry of Warlords}}, {{Gozen Match}}, {{Dimensional Barrier}}), Prevent you from banishing cards ({{Imperial Iron Wall}}), Remove the monster you have materials for from your Extra Deck ({{Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries}}). Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. From what you say, it sounds like your husband is scared too. but this has helped. At various times I’m told that I don’t have meningitis, migraines, appendicitis. It happens to me very seldom at my current age, and I have never used the term ‘meltdowns’. Quando este card for ativado: você pode adicionar 1 "Aleister, Aquele que Invoka" do seu Deck à sua mão. And for some reason I’m the only person on earth who can’t grown squash? Maybe down the road I’ll experiment with some of the new features (like this one that allows short “aside” posts). Hopefully we’ll create a glimpse inside these events that will help others understand them better. Thanks so much for this post. Some people like hugs or comforting words/gestures during or after a meltdown. Keep in mind that Invocation has no cost - everything happens at resolution, including choosing which monster to summon and what materials to use. Sometimes it feels like there is some creature trying to claw its way out of my brain. [6]" Something that's been reversed since. Last weekend, I had a meltdown and the next morning I tried to capture some scattered impressions of it to share. (It does not matter whether or not you sent a Spell Card that has a Fusion Summoning effect, such as Polymerization.). what I like being in relationship with an aspie is that they love you with no hidden agenda . NeoArkadia. I knew I started doing it more when I began to get stressed, but hadn’t thought about it as stimming until now. Now I tend to quietly bang my head instead of punch things or slam doors, etc. We aspies are not an easy lot to live with. I’m glad I found this post it’s just what I needed today. This is a welcoming community where players make posts to ask for any help they would like. I had them as a child – but my childhood was nowhere near as rocky as my adulthood so they were less intense…. The cold sweat. The issue is what took place during a simulated duel; the cost and activation of Reb Reboot went through, but the effect was negated, and Red Reboot was sent to the graveyard as a result. This is the best explanation of a meltdown I’ve ever read! He wants me to talk about it because I’m very articulate (usually). Search for the perfect addition to your deck. I’m not looking at you because I don’t want to see you seeing me this way. I think I’ve only exploded once, when I was a teenager (unless I’ve forgotten more), and that scared the hell out of me. Cleansing. The most loving and honest relationship I’ve ever had. Me too!!! It has to be very hard to watch someone experiencing a meltdown. Neither player can Special Summon monsters. I never talk about this. I don’t do this frequently. Oh, without even knowing I was doing it, I trained myself as a kid to do eye contact by looking into my own eyes in the mirror while sitting on the counter.

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