Tools for commanders, (Log book, buy progress for ships, groups to make shedules between member, some stats). The width of each trade arc is the profit of the route. It's also using Google OAuth2.0 authorization for Spreadsheets to retrieve... Re-format screen shots and videos them with current in game system to help explorers keep track of their great finds. To add systems and stations use EDSC and ROSS. (yಠ,ಠ)y, Search log in UI, separate window disabled in binary, Can define specific export and import stations, Target route attempts to find imports to final system/station more, Fixed low exports results from low profit systems, Optimized graph search - shouldn't get stuck anymore, v0.9.150605: hotfix - was trying to optimize an unoptimizable situationv0.9.150604: initial release. Squadron management system tool for squadron leadership to monitor members' contributions for promotion and the likes. A HUD color manager with the ability to easily load / save multiple presets, or randomly generate a new HUD when launching Elite Dangerous. Complete overview of star system data, which can be viewed/sorted in different ways. Optionally post info to the EDDN. This is the free ad-supported version. Open project for a 3D Galactic Map to be use on web application for Elite: Dangerous. This companion app is designed to help you find trade routes, bookmark favourite locations and discover new points of interest all entirely within your device - no internet... A tool that sends DMX commands based on in-game events, enabling you to set up light effects, strobes, smoke and even pyrotechnics. If you look for a best trade from where you are, use the Single Hop Trade Finder! This site tracks posts made by Frontier employees on the official forums, and each time you come back, it'll show you all the new posts made since your last visit. Site hosting EDDN captures since 2018, and EDSM daily bodies dumps since 2019, including last EDSM full bodies dump. NB: the website seems to be dead since October 2015. After a new patch the AppConfig.xml is overwritten. Ctrl-C: copy trade destination system to clipboard (Command-C on Mac). EDDI is a significant and customisable upgrade to your shipboard computer's personality sim, available at any starport and even out in the black via Subspace Torrented File Upgrade. Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game by Frontier Developments based in the year 3306. There are also some tools like EliteOCR that scrape trade data from game screenshots. The length of each trade arc estimates the undock + travel + dock + trade time. This is the paid ad-free version of ED TradePad. Voice Attack Profile with professionally recorded responses. The behavior can be tweaked with several parameters. Your location will only count as reference. With System Map you can essentially re-create the view of the in-game system map and see how much a system is worth in Universal Cartographics. Find another commodity in that station which is very cheap again. Karma, past legal records). An alternative to Voice Command which allows you to give commands in English even if your local settings are set to a different language. The map visualize Eddb json data into a 3D navigable map. ETN does not Also, only systems and stations that actually have prices on EDDB can be selected! Please read the key feature list to get an overview. PageDown / PageUp : move to the next/previous trade in the current route. This experimental code has not been created... Automates pulling your profile information from the mobile API, and populating Trade Dangerous with station, market, and shipyard data. Elite Trade Calculator, Googledrive. Get a... TradeDangerous is set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available. this site is provided. With HUDlizer you will be able to create, customize and control your games and apps by using your voice, keyboard, mouse and other sources. A tool similar to EMDR map for EVE which has the following description: See the solar systems light up as market data arrives. Missions can be more beneficial than normal trading because they reward faction reputation and trade rank in addition to credits. Suitable for Trade Dangerous. Renaming uses regex type expressions for flexibility. I created a small Excel spreadsheet which allows to manually insert stations and their goods prices for import / export. It has over 28 panels of... EliteAPI is a powerful open-source event based API for Elite: Dangerous that hooks into the Player Journal. Keep track of where you've been, find out where you want to go, and work out the best single trades, or circular trade routes, all from your... JournalViewer is a C# Console Application that allows you to easily read the newly added Journal Log files. Configurable and flexible data exporting, can be imported anywhere you want, for example to... A quick-start guide for accessing the iPhone companion app api using the command line tool curl. Get new ideas for bindings by looking your device in the list of published bindings. I have found that the above dose make a noticeable difference in travel time, although I'm not really sure if it's possible to account for it. Click/touch on a station or trade to find the best route through that station/trade. It has both voice output - to provide you with more information vocally, and voice recognition. It also receives trade data from EDDN, a real-time stream you can use to contribute data. It appears there aren't any profitable routes out of that station. Prioritises reducing number of jumps and number of trips to the galaxy map, EDEngineer is a Windows Application to track materials, data and cargo acquired in Elite Dangerous, EDMC plugin to help explorers find high-value planets. Route selection minimizes travel time and fuel cost (prioritizing travel time). Looking for Wing, a platform whose purpose is to help Elite: Dangerous CMDRs communicate and Wing with each other in the Elite: Dangerous galaxy. © EDDB 2020 - A site about systems, bodies, stations, It will assist you during your loot & craft activities. one can easily access BC+ from any computer, tablet or smart phone without ATL-TAB'ing away from E:D. Elite Galaxy Online: a website for all explorers in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy. Utilizes... Connects to a Discord webhook to output live information on what you're up to in the game. EDMC-Screenshot is a plugin for Elite Dangerous Market Connector that renames screenshots and converts them to png format. Black market tradesSmuggling routes can now be profitable and shown on a possible trade route.Smuggling trades are marked with black commodity background and a skull icon.NOTE! Note that EDCE is in conflict with Frontier Developments wishes on the use of their mobile API. 12 screenshots available in the main thread. TradeDangerous is set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available. Uses live trade data from EDDN and... Multifunctional Trading/Explorer/Helper tool. Multifunctional trading tool, that integrates fully into the HUD of Elite Dangerous as an overlay. Using our market guides and trading tools you will quickly learn the best Elite: Dangerous trading routes. tool to reformat the official Frontiers' Galnet News page to something Text2Speech friendly. A simple web-based tool to experiment with ship outfittings and view their properties, such as buy/rebuy cost, shield strength, power usage, jump range, top/boost speed, boost frequency, etc., Windows binary, source code and instructions:, v0.13.150726: Fixed a regression in route to targetv0.13.150717: Fixes, Optimization, Fixed export prices not updating from EDDB. Route planner with voice guidance, transparent window support and more. Powershell script shows best trades using EliteOCR CSV files. space adventure, trading, and combat simulator that is the fourth release in the Elite video game series. Comment: The author also created an English version of the excel spreadsheet. A EDMC Plugin that tracks stats for the Hutton Orbital Truckers Player group. TradeDangerous is set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available.

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