Would love your thoughts, please comment. It is sometimes difficult to predict the final adult color when looking at a kitten that looks like a little snow ball! The Blue and the Silver both come in Spotted or Marbled patterns. Making the pattern as dark as possible while maintaining the light background for contrast is my goal. In the wild, a guard hair would help protect an infant feline from predators by helping it be camouflaged in the wild. The foundation cats to look for in Bengal pedigrees for the seal mink and seal sepia snow Bengals, come from the late 1980’s, early 1990’s. Lynx point kittens are usually born almost pure white and their color and pattern get darker with age. Snow Lynx Bengal kittens are born completely white or … A simple and inexpensive swab test (DNA) can be done to determine if a cat is a lynx, sepia or mink carrier. YES, they can be both silver AND charcoal with a base color of Seal Lynx Point, Seal Mink, or Seal Sepia Bengal. This coat characteristic should not be confused with the typical shine found on a healthy cat coat; it’s actually quite different. Laurent is a Webmaster and Designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart. Bengal cats are an amazing breed of felines and are absolutely breathtaking. The snow Bengal cat is a man-made cat breed that was created by crossing gene pools in breeding programs. Bengals displaying strong color points, similar to the Siamese pattern, are considered undesirable in the Bengal Standard. The dominant Inhibitor gene (symbolized I) or SILVER locus suppress the development of pigment (coloring) in the cat’s hair. Choosing a Bengal Kitten for First Time Bengal Owners, 10 Characteristics of Bengal Cat Personality. They are extremely athletic and have impeccable balance. These variations of the cat species all have unique coloring and markings that set them aside from the rest. So, there are three distinct different coloring characteristics of snow Bengal cats: These three groups are very similar in phenotype but they still have unique traits that set them aside from the rest. The Bengal standards call for very little or no difference between the color of the body (pattern) markings and point color. In addition to the regular Seal lynx point Bengals I also produce Silver Seal Lynx Points (Silver Snows) and Charcoal Seal Lynx Points (Charcoal Snows). Although some fuzzies can be a sore sight for eyes (they are sometimes referred to as “fuzzy uglies”), it’s important to remember that they are only temporary. Laurent is a Webmaster and Designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart. To learn more about Bengals, check out our other informative articles in the Bengal cat breed section. Gold or green eyed Bengal cat’s eyes will glow green. This unique genetic characteristic means that it could possibly take generations for a snow litter to form. Sign up to receive top stories and quality content about everything Bengal cats in your inbox for free. Overall, snow Bengal cats are extraordinary felines that are quite unique from any other breed. My best advice is to find photo examples of the Seal Lynx Point Bengal cats you love and go from there. Seal minks can produce all three of the snow colors, although the mink color can not be carried. The Snows can be Rosetted/Spotted, Marble, or Charcoal. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. The result is a beautiful sight to see! Of course, you do! The tail tip on all of the snow colors is a dark seal brown. Sometimes the exact color is difficult to determine (even for myself and other experienced breeders.). Once the cat is around six months old, the fuzzies are gone and the beautiful coat is revealed. In 1993, the Seal Lynx Point, Seal Mink and Seal Sepia colors were granted Championship with TICA. Please see our page of available Bengal Kittens if you are looking for a kitten. I think we can all agree that Snow Bengal kittens are one of the cutest Bengals ever! The Seal Sepia Tabby is most commonly referred to as a “brown snow Bengal.” Be sure to notice that it isn’t actually brown; it is just darker than the other Snow Bengals. The eyes of this particular cat are aqua blue, greenish blue or sometimes gold, and its nose is a brownish pink. This cat usually has a white fur coat with distinct spots and markings, along with striking blue eyes. Their pattern and background color darkens as they mature. The result of the glitter characteristic is a beautiful sight to see! The Seal Lynx Point has a bitter chocolate colored tail tip and can have a rose tinted nose and paw pads. Currently 5 months old. If a sepia is bred to a mink, only sepias or minks can be produced. While some of these differentiations can be difficult to identify, the easiest way to tell the three variations apart is by eye color. (KotyKatz Yaksha & Tecspot Riders On The Storm) What a great combination! Nola Kotton Pickin of Gogees, became the foundation sire for a whole new line of colors in the Bengal world: the Snow Bengal cats. Sepias have gold/brown or green/hazel eyes. Both will be nicely rosetted and look like mom but be on the bigger side and very muscular like dad. KotyKatz Bengals Home Page: I have been working several years to intensify the color of the pattern on my Seal Lynx Point Bengals (spots, rosettes, and marbling.) Gogees worked hard over the years to have the snows recognized, and they were instrumental in forming the standard for those colors. They are well-known to be athletic, beautiful cats. Snow Bengals originated from the recessive genes for Siamese and Burmese (cs, cb) carried by the original domestic and purebred cats that were bred to the Asian Leopard Cat to create the Bengal breed. However, a well-informed individual can definitely spot these three variations easily since they know what they’re looking for. You will see these kittens listed as Charcoal Seal Lynx Point, Charcoal Mink, and Charcoal Sepia Bengals. The seal lynx point Bengals have blue eyes when they are born and their eyes remain blue throughout their lives. If you’re looking to learn more about this cat and what makes it so special, keep reading. Seal lynx point Bengals are born almost completely white. There are three main patterns: Lynx Point, Mink Tabby, and Sepia Tabby. Confusing right? Marbled kittens start with blackish grey coats with small streaks of lighter colored fur scattered about their coat. Sporting the lightest of the three coat variations of snow Bengal cats, the seal lynx point Bengal is the result of the recessive Siamese gene. Well, the seal point color pattern is largely found in the Siamese, which is among the foundation stock of several other breeds like the Bengal in its snow version. What Kinds of Snow Bengal Kittens can I find at KotyKatz? To differentiate this group from the Snow lynx Bengals, the sepias have darker markings at birth. The true blue eyes of a Seal Lynx Point Bengal will reflect red. Welcome to our page about the blue eyed beauties known as “snow!”. Fuzzies are characteristics that are present on a Bengal cat’s coat from infancy to around 16 weeks of age. It is best to consult with your breeder to get their opinion on how your snow kitten will look as an adult. Bengal Cats Colors & Patterns Enhanced Matte Poster, The Origins of Bengal Cats and the Legacy of Willard R. Centerwall, MD, This Hedgehog And His Bengal Cat Friend Are Warming People’s Hearts, Bengal Cat’s Best Instagram Photos of Halloween 2017, Suki, The Canadian Hiking Cat Who Loves Adventures, 15 Bengal Photos From Perth’s Pet Photographer Amanda Perris, Video Shows How Bengals Are One Of The Most Playful Cat Breeds, This Video Of A Bengal Riding On A Surfboard Is Absolutely Amazing, This Is What Bengals Are Doing When They’re Home Alone, Mousr Review: The First Intelligent Robotic Cat Toy that Moves Like a Real Prey, 7 Warning Signs of Feline Diabetes in Cats, Cost and Other Things to Consider Before Buying a Bengal Cat. If you would like to receive updates on this or any of our other kittens, please sign up to be added to our newsletter and notification list. (330) 431-2536 In the sunlight, the fur looks as though it had been sprinkled with tiny specs of a crushed up crystal. This cat receives two copies of the Siamese albino gene from its parents. Many of my Seal Lynx Point Bengals are often confused with Mink Bengals because their markings are so dark. The coloring of its coat and markings darken with age and it can take a few months for the final color to finally appear. If you’re wondering what those specific variations mean and why they’re present, we explain them below. The mink tabby is usually lighter than the sepia, but not as light as the seal tabby point or seal lynx point. Silver Snows will have a silver coloration to their pattern. The Seal Lynx Bengals are often sought after as they are the only Bengals with blue eyes. When a Bengal cat has what is known as “glitter,” it means that the cat’s coat shimmers in the sunlight. So the Snow Bengal can be both silver AND charcoal? Our newsletter subscribers are the first to see: from a layer of tissue called the “tapetum lucidum” which lines the back of the eyeball behind the retina. It means that a brown spotted Bengal cat may carry the specific genes responsible for snow Bengal cat characteristics. @TheBengalCats, 5 1 vote Article Rating Bengal Audree and Herbee the hedgehog, guided by their owner, …, Sign up now and receive top stories from Bengal Cats in your inbox every week. I am also able to produce other variations of Seal Lynx Points.

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