Senkos will catch fish. First developed back in the early '90s by the man himself, the Senko and soft plastic stickbaits like it quickly transitioned from hot fad to staple soft bait no self respecting bass angler would leave the house without. I've tried the others that claim they out fish SENKO and they don't,PERIOD!!!! Comments: I use 3/0 EWG hooks for the 4" and 4/0 EWG hooks for the 5". Address: 69037 Christiana Lake Rd.Edwardsburg, MI 49112Local Phone: (269) 414-4131Toll Free: (855) 515-3228, Copyright ClearH2OTackle 2014 | Outdoors Web Design by Stonefly Marketing | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Return Policy. Come in small packages Isamu Yamamoto is no exception. I have caught many bass on this when the fish want something big, but subtle. Unfollow yamamoto senko to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. From: Keith: Oxford, AL 2/14/20, Comments: Senkos are pure evil!!! If I need a bass though, out comes  the senko. Product description. You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns, Brent Ehrler's 2016 BASS St. John's River Recap, Ledge Fishing on Guntersville with Brent Ehrler Pt. Absolutely gets em around docks, brush piles,lay downs..., you name it, shallow structure. The theory of using dark colors in dark waters applies during this time when I skip the Senko to the shady areas under boat docks. It's a wild beautiful color and today March 11 I fished it for 3 hours and caught 8 nice bass. I am generally super-wary of any hype, but I can't believe the difference the Senko has made in my action rate. Comments: best stick bait on the market, it might be a little bit more expensive then other stick baits but it is well worth it. Comments: Hands down the best plastic bait I have ever used. Still haven't caught any fish though. Gary Yamamoto Senko. Saltwater Shrimp; Saltwater Grub; Saltwater Ika; Hard Baits. Comments: This bait in the 6 or 7 inch gets me big bites on my spots that I know hold big fish! The Yamamoto Senko was designed to catch BIG fish. Anyway it's nice to have so many choices. These are the real deal, Thanks Gary! 021 Black and blue fleck, From: Paul Deneke: Lenexa, Kansas 4/16/20. Shallow thick cover? Comments: These things are killer. Comments: Senko's are hands down the best stick bait I've ever used. As the McDonald's logo says..."I'm lovin' it!" The 4" straight worm gave me my personal best this summer - a 12lb bass that was my only touch of the night. The Black with Blue flake works really good in dark or murky water. The Gary Yamamoto Senko is the #1 lure in the world for catching bass! I can get two to three bass per senko even with a Sugoi offset worm hook. 0 1 Black w lg blue 0 Cream White. Try this Neko-rigged Senko on main lake docks for suspended bass in the summertime or during the fall when bass are eating shad in the shallows. This is done with a sinker stop, 1.2 or 2.0 ounce tungsten weight, and a snelled Owner oversized worm hook. Also great for smallmouth is the 4in senko. Our website show additional items and colors that are not shown in our print catalog. We four sizes inch inch inch and inch. Put all of these components together with a 7 inch Yamamota Senko, and catch the fish of a lifetime! Comments: People keep coming out with Senko imitations, and the Senko keeps outselling them all. Quantity Price. Just throw it out and retrieve it back slowly with twitches on semi slack line and you will get bit. Secret? I grew up with the senko it is the bait that got me into fishing. Great for kids, every new angler I give them to catches his best fish the first time he uses them as to durability, keep them in a refrigerator, use the o ring and switch ends, bite off a short section for a stronger hook set. In 1 Yamamoto Custom Baits was formed. Comments: I use the 5" senko in red/green and it works really well than other colors I have tried up here by northern waters. My favorite color to use is watermelon, the bass tear this color up. Features: No, not durable. I threw imitations like yum dingers for the longest time only catching a handful of fish until a buddy gave me a bag of Yamamoto senkos 5 inch in baby bass 2 months ago. yeah other knock offs will work but these things are classic. Are you looking for? The Gary Yamamoto Senko is the original soft plastic bass fishing stickbait. It's that simple. I'd estimate that at least 60% of my fish in any given season are caught on these. I have outfished all live bait guys with the senko there is  NOTHING THAT CAN MATCH IT. Sure they're a bit more expensive than their competitors, but here's where you have to make a decision... Do you want a box of discount worms or a stringer full of Bass?I turned my buddy onto Senko's one night when I was cat fishing, he thought I was funning with him when I rigged him up a Senko on a TX's rig, he said he never used a lure before! first cast BOOM! Uk looks to refocus his squad after Barcelona thrashing dailymail. There is a color for everyone, every season, every situation. I keep a binder full of colors one on the boat at all times and adjust depending on water color/location/time of year. Its now my dirty little secret. News Results looks to refocus squad after Barcelona thrashing dailymail. Comments: Ive used the 5in, 4in and 3in senko wacky or texas rigged all catch fish. The Senko is the most natural fall and gets the bites. Nothing beats the suductive slow fall and shimmy of a weightless senko when you need to catch a fish and every time I go fishing on a lake, on a river or in a stream I have one of these rigged up.

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