Angelino Heights is a vastly different place these days, thanks to efforts by residents and catalytic neighborhood organizations. that is why we all know you are not sur13 because you would had gotten the green light for doing that but since you are not a factor and have nobody doing not even county time that is why lcm stayed away from you stay and get the green lighted. Much respect to all of you guys. LOL..STILL SNITCHING ON THE HOMIES…WHATTA CHAVA..U DON’T WANT NO PROBLEMS U JUST WANNA SNITCH ON THE NET IT’S SAFER..LOL..fING SAME OLD SNITCH WITH THE SAME STORY.. You not a G if you or any body from obs where real Gs or sur they would had cleaned out their own house taken care of their own trash like real varrios do especially with baby kers. LA Metro Task Force On Human Trafficking (800-655-4095). Angelino Heights is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, situated within neighboring districts of Chinatown and Echo Park. It is all here. KEEP HIDING BEHIND FAKE SCREEN NAMES.BUT IF U CHAVAS HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THE O CAILE TO LIL PARK I’M ALWAYS AROUND JOKEE LOK WS O X3. THAT’S HOW I KNOW U AIN’T A G U TRY TO DRY SNITCH ON ish U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ESE.GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT CHAVA…LIKE I SAID I DON’T HIDE WHO I AM LEVA..U SOUND LIKE A fING GROUPIE..BUT IF U EVER GET SOME HUEVOS CAILE…JOKEE WSOBSX3. 1 – R.I.P. Anybody who aint down with those racist fs is koo in my book. 1 DVD, Rollin: The Fall of the Auto Industry and the Rise of the Drug Economy in Detroit, G.A.N.G. Never was a gang banger but have been through the tuff times losing lots of close friends and family members. City of Los Angeles. Our first love were the Victorians, evoking memories of ladies with parasols alighting from horse-drawn phaetons. Some residents are zoned to King Middle School, while some are zoned to Virgil Middle School. This neighborhood is known for its concentration of eclectic architectural styles from three eras: The Victorian, Turn of the Century and Revival eras. take the offer lcm gave you to be a click of them. F these levas Fing lame blank pussies this is big bad salitre gang! How did this end up being about a gang called obs.. isnt this supposed to be about that gang of choonties that used to hang out on bunker hill, Jose Leon aka ziggy rated out some temple street gangsters got shotting his blank the snitch from Osiris boys ran to a cop car and snitch on temple street where you fake blank gangsters at were you at youngster you still defending ziggy after he ratted and testified in court??? Never was a gang banger but have been through the tuff times losing lots of close friends and family members. LAME LEVA MR. JOKEE PUTO GET UR ish STRAIGHT…UR A FAKE SOKA U A LAME SCARED TO CLAIM UR PLACA OR UR SO-CALLED HOOD…I DON’T GIVE A f WHO U KNOW ESE…, GET UR ish STRAIGHT PUTO MR. JOKEE OBS X3 GANG U AIN’T ish U AIN’T NOBODY SCAREY LEVA SCARED TO SAY UR PLACA OR VARRIO..I DON’T GIVE A f WHO U KNOW TO ME UR JUST A TROKA FLAPPING HIS lollipopSUCKERS SERIO…, Don’t be mad Mr joker you are just a joke why get obs in back of your head if you always wearing a hat????? Sniper ur that 50 yr old tecato that has never put inwork..VCR has been dead for years ur just as bad as the tfarts.I think u need to get ur facts straight WSOBSGANG ..I have never heard about farts or saladitos being with the biz that’s real talk ese.. FRANKIE OR ANDREW FROM HIGHLAND PARK I MEAN FROM OBS HA HA HA WITH YOUR TRAMP STAMP ON YOUR LOWER BACK LIKE A HINA HA HA HA f OBS WHAT EVER YOU LAMES ARE CREW ROCK BAND SOCCER TEAM f YOUR LITTLE 6 MAN GROUP HA HA HA WANNA KNOW WHERE THE ONLY LAME THAT CLAIMS OBS IS AT 24/7 HES HERE IN THE PLINE 213 620 8838 ROOM 5. Haaaahaaaa danggggg obs gets treated on the net like on thr streets. 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