No problem with this, i have all: EMP ammo for pistol, taser pistol, remote hacking, invisibility, lots of biocell. Before you leave, poke around the vault for some additional items. The keycard is used to access the VersaLife corporate vault in the Palisade Property Bank. a number of emails mention preloading the various vaults that are down there, versalife being one of them, a lot of pocket secretaries and emails talk about versalife being paranoid that their vault isn't secure and wanting to audit palisades security. in the garage therese a big running ♥♥♥ on the far left if you are coming in from the drive way. Remove ads and unlock special features, SM05: Samizdat (Prague Sewers and Market Square), SM05: Samizdat (Executive Safes and Corporate Vaults), M7: The Rucker Extraction (Stedry Market), M7: The Rucker Extraction (ARC Territory). If you haven’t done this, skip down to “M13: G.A.R.M.” . share. Inside the office, you can disable the cameras with the unlocked laptop, and help yourself to the money, painkillers, hacking software, and Combat Rifle and ammo in the lockers.
However, there is another way. Safe (security 3) - 3 multi-tools, lot of credits. It’s time to get out, and luckily Janus has clued you in on a speedy exit. Plus there is a different access route to get to picus/tai yong/tarvos vaults. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the next-generation evolution of the futuristic stealth action-RPG series. Griffith Did Nothing Wrong 7,450 views. You must get inside Palisade Bank or wait for Main Mission 12 to grab all the storage at once with Versalife Vault Keycard. In Deus Ex Mankind Divided there are Vault keycards you need to collect along with the collectible and weapons. Hack the nearby Keypad (Security Rating: 5) or use a Multi-Tool and crawl east, into another duct which ultimately deposits you along the eastern end of the level, near some doors. 48 – Elevator - It travels here from level 8 (27 on the map) - you must have a VersaLife vault keycard ("Heist" main quest). And the chat log between Bob Page and Everett is them arguing about Beth DuClare interfering with them from recovering stuff from Panchea.
New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Jenson is once again thrown into a tumultuous situation and desperately tries to rectify past mistakes. Where i can find it? Where i can find the Versalife vault keycard? VersaLife Vault Keycard: eBook: AJ09-0921 Patient X: Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme: Neuropozyne x5: Picking Up the Package. By the stairs, the security resting room has a lone guard, and a Pocket Secretary next to him with a password for the security laptop: VIPsec487TV. Press a button on the catwalk to open up the ceiling leading to more vaults and a ladder up. Gilgamesh. You must interact with the Camera to see the Safe above the Bed.

Getting to the elevator going down into the sub-levels of the corporate vault can be a little tricky - if only because they are fiercely guarded unlike the other elevator to the top floor. While in Dvali Territory, get inside the Apartment 94 which is on the 3rd level in Libuse Apartments. Head over to the Palisade Property Bank, where you’ll be contacted by Alex, who will tell you what to do. Outside, Adam will message Miller about his new revelation, and Miller will request to meet up face to face to talk about it. #1. I'm assuming you're doing this to get into the bank corporate vaults which of that's the case go outside and sneak into the parking lot across the street.

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