Stung by his mother's suggestion that he is 'not normal', Greg puts everyone under the microscope. “The children were still young and that’s the dad they knew. I would protect the family, and protect him.". The failures of a childish fortysomething schoolteacher are at the heart of Channel 4 comedy Man Down. But Dan, an agricultural contractor, kept her waiting three weeks to meet up again because it was silage season, a story she now laughs about. He’d been struggling with his mental health, especially anxiety and depression, for a long time and had first approached a doctor for help at 21 - long before he met Emma. I was working full-time and trying to look after two kids but also a really unwell husband and I just distanced myself. The performer spent 15 years as a dissatisfied secondary school teacher himself, before fulfilling his long-held dream to become a stand-up. Greg Davies' acclaimed live comedy. I’m not ashamed. As she turned the corner she saw police cars outside the house and says she immediately knew what had happened. They think, ‘Even I wouldn’t make that much of a cock up!’” he laughs. Five comedians are set tasks challenging their creativity and wit. I just wanted to make my family work and everything to be OK with my family and I just kind of trudged on with everything. Company Credits See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, “I remember trying to persuade him to get support and he wouldn’t go to the doctor. “I hid it for so long and and thought that was the best thing to do.”. Time to Change Wales says at least one farmer with a mental health problem commits suicide each week in the UK. “He would worry about everything. “Dan uses the picture on the top of the Twister box as a reference. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. (uncredited), Business man newspaper archive. Despite her optimistic attempts, and with help from her friends, therapist and driving instructor, she is unable to get her life back on track. It was never something that was odd to me.”. I knew something was wrong because he wasn’t there and then I remember ringing round and trying to be really calm saying he’s not come home but inside I was really panicking. She signed up to nine months of counselling. Kept me laughing the whole time. “That’s not uncommon in the farming community. Find out more. “If you’re working in an office, you'd have to work out how you would do something. It wasn’t right I had to tell Mali her dad was in heaven and I had to ring people to say what had happened.”. Find out more. As Emma woke up the next morning, she realised her husband wasn’t in bed next to her and within seconds knew that something was wrong. “I just thought he was struggling and I tried to compensate by doing everything I possibly could to make it better. It’s an important part of Mali and Trystan seeing something of their dad. Of course, thanks to Dan’s childish ineptitude, everything very quickly does go wrong. Farmers have gun, rope, access to medicine. But it'll be funny! What could possibly go wrong? I said that daddy wasn’t very well, he was very poorly and he’d gone to heaven and now he lives there.”. “He knew that drink didn’t affect him very well anyway so there was a come down from that in the next week. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. “It’s just been unreal and there’s been so much support from the local community.”. “There are so many other people who are going through what he went through. I just knew I had to tell her, she can’t not know about it because there were so many people around. And he’s open about the fact that his sense of humour is often puerile. “When Mali was small I noticed there were issues with his mental health. You can unsubscribe at any time. He would stay up until 2, 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning just sitting and watching TV and his mind would be going ten to the dozen. juliamoore84. “If I can deal with that, I want other people to have that same attitude as well.”. | Emma Picton-Jones with her two children and Daniel with Mali, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. My Husband Loves Watching Me Flirt with Another Man. I can’t have another mother having to tell another child that.”, “Nobody tells you how to describe death to your children. Greg Davies and the cast are amazing. Suicide rates in Wales are the second highest among the regions of the UK. Release Dates I thought to myself then: 'I can do that'. Emma says in that 30 seconds her life changed completely as she went from a married mum-of-two to a widow aged just 27. ... it has me keeping Mr. Austin up late so I can push his head down between my legs and then I ride him until I forget my name. Man Down After a chance meeting, Dan goes on a date. “Mali has had a conversation with him but he doesn’t really understand. Dan has his own flat, without Emma, who is applying for sole custody of their baby but finds himself being abducted by the vengeful Daddy and his daughter, love-lorn care assistant Carol, who chain ... To relieve a stressed out Emma health visitor Patty suggests Dan takes baby Simon for a day but the child refuses to look at him and Dan's attempts to resolve the situation fail. I remember going to the Pembrokeshire County Show - I’ve been every year since I was a child. Emma had driven around and approached anyone with a link to agriculture or farming. In January The DPJ Foundation launched “Share the Load” - a 24-hour text and phone service. Dan has lost his girlfriend but, with a little help, he has a plan to get her back... Dan, unlike his ex-girlfriend, isn't invited to his niece's birthday party... Brian introduces Dan to a guru with a powerful secret, Dan is still haunted, literally, by the ghost of his ex girlfriend, When Brian is nominated for a Small Business Award, Dan must find a tuxedo and a date, The festive sci-fi school play, Scrooge 3000, threatens to reduce Dan's life to ruins, Christmas is coming, the turkey is getting fat - and alarmingly aggressive. When she got home the couple spoke and she thought he'd setted. When a rival teacher delivers a smash-hit school assembly, Dan conspires to top it, Dan is sent on a diversity course to deal with his complete lack of political correctness, Dan has an appraisal at work, and fate throws him into the path of his childhood nemesis, Dan volunteers to look after a pupil for a weekend in order to impress Miss Lipsey, Jo announces she's marrying a digger-driving rapper from a 'pagan backwater', Dan must do something as he faces a disciplinary and may lose his teaching job, Dan comes face-to-face with Miss Clarke - his replacement in class, Dan struggles to get his 'news' taken seriously and Brian meets the woman of his dreams, Dan tries to keep his plan to emigrate to the USA moving at pace, Cultural awakenings and jeopardy await as Dan shares the shocking news of his adoption, Dan's teaching career is reduced to a few words in his final school assembly, Dan is on a hunt to find a new home for his soon-to-be family, Dan presents Emma with a perfect vision of a family, Frustrated by a general lack of respect for his status as a father, Dan joins a dads' club, Dan takes his Behavioural Unit on a historical school trip, Dan can't believe his luck when a health visitor suggests a 'daddy day', Dan races to prove his credentials as a dad, but someone from his past seeks revenge, Stream 1500 shows without ads.

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