•If you already know that, then realise what phanteon you feel connected with in a spiritual way or a literal way. Perhaps you dream of stags, you keep seeing deer in various media and maybe even in the wild, where you don’t expect to find one. I mainly associate her with torches/flames, dogs, snakes, and keys, but you'll find the symbols that call to you. Remain skeptical all the time. Before we continue, I want to define what “sign” means in a religious sense. Just remember two things: One, you can always decide to contact a god and attempt to build a relationship with it even without being “called,” and two, … If you’d like to Read more…, Astrology and witchcraft are two explorations of spirituality that often go hand in hand. A Goddess statue with an offering of coins. Then again, they could also appear in meditation and meditative journeys. No matter what the signs, listen. 21/22 One of them suggested that it was from a deity, but I was like “there’s no way.” so I asked my pendulum if it was a gift and it said yes, and eventually I found it was from Thanatos, the Greek God of Death. Remember: a deity’s disappointment is not the end of the world. Mabon – March 21st Begin by opening up about your struggle. I won’t take this first encounter as all-encompassing, for I’m sure if I zero in on this one encounter and what it might mean, I might lose sight of other signs in my peripheral. This doesn’t happen once or twice. Being called can be a great thing, but it’s not winning the lottery. At the least, wait until your current experience is over. I‘m trying to avoid being impatient, as manifesting frantic, chaotic or intense energy to receive another sign too soon could result in a lot of red herrings or misdirection. Magick is something that can be deeply powerful even in its simplicity. Perhaps you want Them to choose you, but you want to be absolutely sure. If you practice witchcraft, you're a witch, and you're welcome. A person could be followed by a certain animal, encounter a myth about the deity, or hear a song that reminds them of the God/dess. I’ve now accepted it as one of the first “contact” events with a deity that I’ve experienced, and I’ve been into witchcraft for a few years. October 2019 Hiya , I have had some weird things happening - so I have had a dream about Artemis... she was saying thank you... and I meditated and had a vision of a golden stag horn, and I dropped water on my grimoir and it came out in the shape of an arrow- Then again, they could also appear in meditation and meditative journeys. Using Palmistry to Find Your Patron God and Goddess Death Witchcraft I called on Hermes but it was damn easy (read about him in a book while camping, then went for a walk and found a shrine to him [the groundskeepers are pagan; not weird for the space]), i actually didn’t realize it for such. First things first, you’ll want to begin with a bit of research. On the 29th, my coworker brought in cookies. For instance, in my path, I work with the Celtic pantheon which emerged from Ireland, Wales and Scotland. I'm glad your friends brought up the idea of it being a deity. Perhaps you never considered this deity before and want more clarity for why They sent signs. If you have experienced it you know exactly what I’m talking about. Begin by opening up about your struggle. Meditate. Thought it was odd. This post explores how to connect with deity in your practice, but if you don’t feel a desire to work with deity that is completely okay too – let spirit be your guide. Get to know it the way you would a person, and begin to build a relationship from there. For you that may be sitting in silence, or in contemplation of an image of the deity in question, or some of other form of meditation. Don’t forget to pin the post above so that you can easily refer to it later . Animals are sovereign persons the same as we are – they do their own things for their own reasons, reasons that rarely involve bringing “messages” to humans. discernment. A quickening of the soul, as some would call it. Press J to jump to the feed. How will you know how to teach me? I also happened to think that he was a brother of the Gods in other religions. If nothing else, having another source confirm your experience will be reassuring. Why? 31/Aug. More importantly, this isn’t specific to Hades. My recommendation is a couple of weeks. However, the candle's wick wasn't even smoldering anymore. If one or more Gods speak directly to you, great. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. And when I did, i stated to gravitate towards lemons and their properties. A dramatic introduction. One of my Pagan friends seems to think I was in the presence of a God. Those were both convincing symbols to reach out to Ninhursag. As an example, you might have a dream or vision in which you are approached by a human figure who has something different about them. He seemed to be able to transition quite fluidly from that to a deity human form in my mind. I had an experience last night that I strongly think may have been a calling from Hecate, but I'm always uncertain and doubtful, so I wanted to ask what y'alls experiences were with this kind of thing, cause I am incredibly new to paganism and still learning a lot. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s the day we set our clocks back so if you ascribe strongly to colonial concepts of time you mat perceive the day as lasting 25 hours. I am just a baby witch and am unsure whether I should work with deities yet but I rlly want to... 1 Sometimes, if a deity is calling you to work with them you’ll see a repetition of signs. I put it aside after much thought, and forgot for a while, however, recently Iv'e had this idea that this could be a sign from a deity... Our desire to work with deities and connect with Them could cloud our judgement. You may want to focus on other elements of the dream. In that case, see the link below to the post titled “Am I Hearing a God or Am I Going Crazy?” Because a dramatic introduction from a deity can have you questioning your sanity. When in doubt, you can perform divination. Most Gods will take no for an answer – They’d rather go find some else who’s eager to do the work than try to persuade you to do something you’re reluctant to do. August 2019 i haven’t noticed anything personally but in curious to how it is for you guys. recently I have started to think that this interest might be a sign. You may be hearing from Cernunnos. However, The Wheel of The Year isn’t the only way to honour or explore divine nature magick. It is your actions that make you a polytheist, not your experiences. You don’t need to try and mould your experience to match theirs. Before this happened, I had read that Brigid is associated with fire in several ways. Necromancy These experiences vary because our individual relationships with the Gods vary. Without further ado let’s dive into witchcraft and deity. The study of astrology is Read more…, Today we’re taking a look at some tips for beginner solitary witches from how to find magickal resources, to whether a witchcraft altar is essential to your practice, and what a simple solitary witchcraft practice Read more…, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). June 2019. Did you have the right deity? If you think you are being called to be a priest, read Preparing For Pagan Priesthood. Gods know we're only human. Definitely thought contact would never happen for me. Not everyone will get signs. As an example, you might have a dream or vision in which you are approached by a human figure who has something different about them. Perhaps you never considered this deity before and want more clarity for why They sent signs. If not, keep trying until you understand what you’re being called to do or be. But in over ten years of blogging, I’ve never directly answered the question of how you know if a God is calling you. I kinda feel bad that I've neglected it for this long lol. I would never, under any circumstances, discourage doubt. There is oodles of information online to get you started. Not all blogs, writers, or their interpretations and experiences with a deity will resonate with you. If you have little experience in speaking to Pagan Gods, this probably isn’t your first instinct. The same hour I first read about Brigid, a candle somehow re-ignited itself a few seconds after I blew it out. That they were this great divine family – which didn’t exactly mesh with the Catholic teachings. Recently i have started getting back into practice. I'm so glad this helped you! How to respond: listening. And remember that while the Gods are virtuous, lesser spirits can and will lie. Just remember to let spirit guide you and if one person’s experience with a deity doesn’t match with your own that is okay. Connecting with deity is very much something that is entirely unique to your practice. I am very new to all of this but I’ve got a question :) For the past few days I’ve felt a presence (a female one I think), an energy if you will, whenever I feel sad or I get an anxiety attack. And I agree. Listen with all your senses. For instance, you may ask … Review your request; was it too specific? Divination won’t tell you which decision to make, but it can show you what things will be like if you choose one path or another. The room felt like it started to sway and shift or tilt and I felt as if I was almost levitating.

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