Only 10 percent of the human population prefers using their left hand over their right. On one hand, the science suggests that being born ambidextrous may come with slight disadvantages, not only for cognitive functioning, but also for mental health. The cause could be down to the way the seasons affect the hormones. This is one that simultaneously manages exploration and exploitation. Tie a righties’ arm behind her back, though, and she soon changes her tune. You can see her writing at or follow her on Instagram at @JudyKoutsky, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), why lefties were retrained to use their right hand, myths about lefties that we all need to stop believing, quirky traits you didn’t know you inherited, 12 traits you thought were inherited—but aren’t, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. “Over the years I have found myself learning to be ambidextrous simply because I had to,” says Ernestine Sclafani, a public relations specialist in Los Angeles. “Besides being the only one in class with the side of their hand completely covered in pencil, I never felt being a lefty inhibited me from excelling in my work, let alone hold me back in life. So if you’re ever teased for being a lefty, remind yourself that they have a higher chance of developing those painful conditions. Seeing as only 10% of the human population is left-handed, and that the remaining 90% of right-handers have created a world that basically outcasts us lefties, we deserve our own day. There are countless struggles that come from being left-handed, but also a multitude of pros. Typically there is only about a 10% difference between speed and accuracy with the dominant and non-dominant hand. Remember that the brain is cross-wired to the body. But being ambidextrous is certainly a good skill to have. When tested, people are found to associate things on their right-hand-side with being good and things on their left with being…not quite right. Researchers believe it’s related to the underlying DNA that creates left-handedness––the genes that are associated with lefties. In fact, humans are the only species on the planet that show handedness. It probably doesn’t have to do with your handedness, though. Still, I love being different.” Having to overcome obstacles, and always challenging yourself, ultimately makes you a stronger person. Such claims have been popular for more than a century. A new psych study by email every day. Such claims have been popular for, your brain continues to generate small numbers of new cells throughout life, arithmetic, memory retrieval, and logical reasoning, language difficulties and ADHD-like symptoms, greater age-related decline in brain volume. And so, to the question of how learning to use one’s non-dominant hand might affect brain function, there is no easy answer. However, a conflicting study of more than 1,000 people debunked the myth that “right-brained” people are more creative than “left-brained” people. According to a classic study, researchers observed that left-handed people showed a lower rate of error in a spatial orientation test than righties. It was initially thought that a single gene controlled handedness, however recent studies suggest that multiple genes, perhaps up to 40, contribute to this trait. What does this mean? Spatial skills will always be important (yes, even in the age of the GPS)––you never know when you and your right-handed counterparts will get lost in the woods and you’ll be able to save the day. Just curious. My wide array of talents across multiple platforms is rooted in (lefty) hands-on art making and a commitment to unbound creativity.” Look out for these 10 hidden dangers of being left-handed. What are some advantages/disadvantages and facts between being left/right-handedness, and ambidextrous? Handedness – the preference for using one hand over another – is one of the deepest mysteries of neuroscience. For most of us, it also contains the brain’s language centres, and so is often said to be dominant over the right. Everything is a competition nowadays, so being competitive will get you far. As it turns out, left-handers are shown to have better self-control than right-handers. Some people are heavily handed: they do everything with their right, or their left, hand. He is also the author of the book “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” (Da Capo, 2003) and several ebooks: → Dr Dean’s bio, Twitter, Facebook and how to contact him. The cognitive functions are spread out in the brains of lefties, which means that in theory, when you have a stroke (which is typically concentrated to a small area of the brain), less of your cognitive functioning will be affected. All of you right-handers may be thinking, "Why do THEY get their own day?" Each of these genes likely has a weak effect by itself, but together they play a significant role in establishing hand preference. The vast majority of us favour the right hand, and most of the rest prefer the left. You should also try out one of these quirky inventions made for lefties. One study in the Journal of Mental and Nervous Disease musicians, painters and writers were significantly more likely to be left-handed. Accept Yourself: How to feel a profound sense of warmth and self-compassion, The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic, Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything, Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do, Debunked: ‘Right-Brain’ and ‘Left-Brain’ Personalities, The Emotions Linked To A Better Memory (M), The Fun Activities That Lower Blood Pressure (M), The Strategy That Helps Reduce Anxiety (M), Caffeine Has A Surprising Effect On The Brain (M), The Type Of Narcissism Linked To Eating Disorders (M), A Depression And Pain Treatment Effective For 89% (M), How To Decrease Unwanted Thoughts By 50% (M), The Beautiful Experiences Linked To Happiness (M), The Supplements That Boost IQ And Memory (M), This Personality Change Is A Sign Of Dementia (M). A person has a much greater chance (26%) of being a lefty if both parents are … 7. itakdalee/Shutterstock. Just as being ambidextrous means being able to use both the left and right hand equally, organizational ambidexterity requires the organizations to use both exploration and exploitation techniques to be successful. Being truly ambidextrous means that an individual is able to use both their right and left hand equally well. Could learning to write with both hands make your brain sharper and more speedy? If you suffer from a stroke or other brain-related injuries, research shows that left-handed people recover faster. To attempt to undo or tamper with this efficient set-up may invite psychological problems.”. Thankfully, we know better now — but not much better. “This made sense as left-handed people are right brained meaning they are more creative, analytical, verbal, and have better language skills, all of which are traits necessary to being a good lawyer.” Herbst was also an Eagle Scout: “I have met a number of left-handed Eagle Scouts, including Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire and former New York City mayor. Left-Handers or Right-Handers: Whose Brains Work Faster? And while Rose rightly states that the non-dominant hand is linked to the “non-dominant” hemisphere of the brain, his assertion that the non-dominant hemisphere “isn’t exercised as often” is incorrect, because all behaviours, even those that engage brain areas found on only one side of the brain, tend to involve the co-ordinated activity of both hemispheres. Jackson and his followers believed that the brain’s hemispheres are distinct and independent, and that the preponderance of right-handedness was effectively wasting half of our potential to learn. Left-brained people also have their speech and language centres in the left-hand-side of their brains. No spam, ever. the concept of being able to disprove good scientific ideas by data is called falsifiability ___is the process by which scientists with expertise in the a particular field assess a study before it is published in a top quality scientific journal Don’t miss these other myths about lefties that we all need to stop believing. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that training to use the non-dominant hand confers such benefits. Baseball, boxing, hockey, fencing and table tennis are all sports where lefties are massively over-represented at the highest level. These findings can be extended past the computer screen, too. People vary a lot in how right- or left-handed they are. Usually it’s the sports which involve less cooperation where being a leftie is advantage. According to the American Psychological Association, 10 percent of the population is left-handed. In fact, I believe it sets me apart from the rest. Being left-handed is also innate, but it is possible for left-handers to adapt to the environment and train their right hand. In a study published in Laterality, it was found that left-handed people have a lower prevalence of arthritis and ulcers. “Because I’m an author, I have met many authors and artists over the years and a higher percentage of the artists I have met are left-handed.” Here are some more advantages of being left-handed. Being right-handed is an innate trait that most people have. Before you ask: No, it doesn’t have to do with the competition thing. ‘By the time we reach four years of age, we have developed a preference for using one hand over the other.’ Illustration: ould learning to write with both hands make your brain sharper and more speedy? It turns out that lefties and righties are not all that different in the very thing that defines them. These are the 10 traits all millionaires share.

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