Swimming and floating on the surface consumes Stamina. Dmitry Slovogorodsky - £5. +15 sec Underwater Breathing each. I wasted a lot of time going out to the quest location to try it, only to find it wasn’t enough. Slash - £5 See below.). To fuel the Alchemy Stone, you require Crystal Powder of Vell or Mysterious Spiritual, which are believed to also drop from the boss. Movement Speed+2 Level Gathering Ability +2 Level Gathering EXP +15%. Phantom Ships can drop gold bars, Shiny Golden Seals and Golden Pearls. You use [Guild] Cannon Ball for Ship to use the cannons on the ship, these are sold at a guild Wharf NPC. I guess it's more of a luxury. You can also purchase Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine from the Pearl store (Travel Aid > Fairy) for 150 pearls each, 11 for 1500 pearls or 25 for 3300 pearls. If you are unhappy with the fairy tier or skills it has, you can release the fairy and register a new one. (I was unable to reach the Entrance with +30 seconds and 0 Movement Speed ranks.) Ashlyn - £10 Remember that there are key presses to swim up or down. Gather 1 to 2 from any type of coral. Well I pay for a sub cause I buy value pack each month (among other things). Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set – If you are going to invest in one of the costumes specifically for swimming, I would highly recommend going for the Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set. Fishing +1 Swimming Speed +90% Less Stamina used while swimming Set Effect: Swimming Speed +59% and Jump Height +80cm NOTE: Offers the same swimming speed and Stamina buff, but no Underwater Breathing buff. The stones require a certain amount of monster kills for mobs in Sycraia Ruins and Protty Cave. Alchemy Tool Ingredients: Green Crystals x2 + Clown’s Blood x2 + Sapphire x2 + Essence of Destruction x2, 3-Piece Set Effect: Movement Speed +3 points. Magic Crystal of Infiity – Underwater Breathing Increase, Hard-Boiled Shellfish / Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish, The Epheria Sailboat is faster than the fishing boat and is also equipped with 1 cannon on each side. You can’t reach the ruins without at least +45 seconds Underwater Breathing. Sycraia Abbyssal Zone is locked behind a device in the Upper Zone. If not, well.. you'll just have to stick to more shallow waters I guess. Stops the ship for 2 seconds afterwards. but it doesnt say it grants extra breathing so I'm assuming its only fashion. 3-5, Epheria. Griffon NPC to Travel to VeliaLocation: West entrance to Iliya. Seremela - £14 Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins quest line is under the Recommended tab of the Quest (O) window. Then process (L) > Grinding the Wild Beehive for a chance of obatining Top-Quality Cooking Honey Sycraia Ruins drops the Tungrad Rings and both shards to craft one. It’s not very obvious where you should stop your boat. You may get frustrated grinding here at that AP level because the mobs will not die in one hit. There should be another mechanic in place to make it inconvenient, like very slow speed when underwater (which you overcome with the costume) and the quests adjusted accordingly of course. Iliya station location: Near the western entrance of Iliya. This guide will give you info on swimming gear that helps make underwater gathering more enjoyable. NOTE: Patch notes say you get “120% to 160% of Combat Exp for defeating monsters excluding Combat Exp Boost can be given”. Drowning by loosing breath, will not kill your character, but you will loose all ability to control your character. The breath gauge time has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds and you can no longer drown and will instead rise to the surface when the breath gauge is empty. The game recommends 270 AP with 310 DP for Abyssal Zone. I would recommend using a Magic Hoe, Lucky Shining Steel Hoe or Shining Steel Hoe for the best chances and faster gathering speed. Even with the extra 30 seconds of the shark costume, you still have a max of 85 seconds before you need to surface. You use Cannon Ball for Ship to use the cannons on the ship. Currently the fastest way to level your sailing lifeskill is by completing the daily quest from. Sycrid’s Song, Tungrad Ring, Ancient Seal – Red Shard, Black Magic Crystal – Viper, Black Magic Crystal – Hystria, Rainbow Coral Ring, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Caphras Stone, Ancient Spirit Dust. You must give her 2 Laila’s Petals and she will give you a Sealed Fairy Wing which you can open to obtain a random fairy tier. hey that is exactly the quest i had in mind, it was too deep for me to get so the channel swap or relog trick will definitely help, thanks. Black Desert Online: Grotesque Trench Quest, 2 x Magic Crystal of Infinity – Underwater Breathing Increase.

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