User: primary wave User: a space in which particles have ... Weegy: 12+12 = 24 User: Approximately how many hours does she play soccer in a year? If you’ve ever been stuck behind an 18-wheeler in the left lane of the freeway, you may have wondered whether or not there were laws against big trucks driving in the fast lane. true or false. A table put out by MIT shows these  laws for all states: In 2009, Louisiana became one of those states that allows use of the left lane for passing only or for turning left. Do drivers still use the left lane even though they are not passing? We serve clients in Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Houma, Lake Charles, Monroe, Shreveport, New Iberia, Opelousas and Ruston BY APPOINTMENT, © 2017 The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in LA, Know Whether To Sue or Settle Matter Out of Court Post Truck Accident. [ Keep a safe following distance behind the slower car, and be patient. A. Louisiana has Rolling Roadblock laws. It makes sense to them that the right lane is for slower traffic and the left lane for going faster, while still going at the speed limit. In a multi-lane highway, the left lane is for passing. 52 4/5 B. You should, You are driving in the left lane on a multi-lane expressway, and are moving a bit faster than other traffic. A. In a “multi-lane” highway, It is for passing only. You have seen the “Left Lane For Passing Only” signs, and you wonder about how long you can stay in the left lane. Earn a little too. true or false. Can I Sue After an Already Accepted Insurance Settlement? Most states use the law to make slower-moving traffic stay in the right lane. Weegy: Advertising agencies spend billions of dollars a year attempting to persuade the to use their product. What was Winston Churchill referring to when he mentioned an "iron ... What is the product of 3 2/3 and 14 2/5? The driver honks their horn and makes a rude gesture when they pass you. Some states require drivers to move to the right if they are blocking traffic. A speeding car comes up behind you. The answer is yes. Weegy: An ocean wave is an example of a surface wave. Political science is the study of past events. A speeding car comes up behind you. Cruising in the left lane impedes the flow of traffic, increasing the likelihood of accidents. However, the problem lies in drivers who are “cruising” in the fast lane. Earn a little too. Drivers cannot drive slower than drivers in the right hand lane. You should Remain calm. s. ]. [ You should: Safely move out of the left lane, and let the speeding car pass you on your left.

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