Dee, who died on September 28, first clapped eyes on Elvis when he played a show in Newport News, Virginia, in 1955, the year before classic hits like Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog caused a worldwide sensation. movies grossed over $180 million and millions more were made by the merchandising of Elvis Vernon worked various odd jobs to make ends meet. Dee and Elvis’s father Vernon were married in Huntsville, Ala., in 1960, two years after the death of Gladys Presley, Vernon Presley’s first wife and the mother of Elvis. Davada Mae Elliot, always known as Dee, was the daughter of James Wright Elliot and Bessie Mae Heath. If there was a woman or man strong enough, Elvis would be alive today.". When Elvis was away on tour he would call Graceland every night to soothe her anxieties with endless “baby talk”. She in turn called him “Satnin” because his skin was satin-smooth. Determined to keep away from her, he withdrew behind this small group of trusted allies. Home - Elvis Presley Photos | Elvis Presley 1960s Vernon and Dee Presley. He was however very happy with his three 'new brothers', Billy, Ricky and David. But his other suspicions about Dee's true character were proved correct after Elvis died aged only 42 in August 1977. In the circumstances it's little surprise he didn't welcome Dee Stanley into his life. With the British invasion, teenagers were hearing more of his disciples than Presley So romance blossomed with Vernon, and in April 1960 Dee told her husband she wanted a divorce to marry the widower. Because the woman branded his wicked stepmother has died aged 88 at her home in Nashville, Tennessee. By Emily Retter (The Daily Mirror November 7, 2013). supervision of Vernon and Davada. Rick Stanley, David Stanley; grandchildren, Brooke, Austin, Tyler, Brittany, Bethany; great-grandchild, Talon. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. eight years making movies. Dee Stanley And besides, we all gave our lives to Elvis. Elvis Presley – if alive, well and living on the moon or a desert island as a few diehard fans still believe – may today be gyrating his pelvis to a new tune: Ding Dong The Witch is Dead. In an interview she went further. Had he been alive, he would no doubt have disliked his "stepmom" even more after she claimed, in a book about "the dark side of Elvis" after his death that he had shared a bed with his birth mother. CALL OR Text (615) 513-9844  EMAIL, Forest Lawn Funeral Home 1150 S. Dickerson Rd Goodlettsville, TN, Up-Tick In COVID Cases Sparks Wear A Mask Campaign, COVID-19 Daily Case Number Report (ROBERTSON), In Loving Memory: Obituaries Of The Week November 1, 2020, Driver Flees On Foot After Crash During THP Pursuit. But his other suspicions about Dee's true character were proved correct after Elvis died aged only 42 in August 1977. In 1933 at the age of 17, he married Elvis’s mother who was four years his senior at age 21. Vernon Presley Sings : Don't Close Your Door. After a live performance on March 25, 1961 Presley quit performing and spent the next And according to his own wife Priscilla 'he couldn't stand her'. Elvis was already massive as a singer and sex symbol when his father married Dee Stanley in 1960. Mr. Presley's first wife and the mother of Elvis, Gladys Smith Love Presley, died Aug. 14, 1958. Jaycees named him one of the ten most outstanding young men of America  in 1970. was displease with these films, but Colonel Parker insisted that Presley stick with this teenage daughter of an Army officer that Presley had met while in Germany, visited Burial will follow in Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens. “Elvis was a drug addict and none of us could admit it until after he was gone,” she said. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. But things got worse in 1957 when he was drafted into the Army and sent to Germany. Davada “Dee” Stanley Presley was the second wife of Elvis’s dad Vernon – and for the King her biggest crime was taking the place of his much-missed mother. Gladys, Elvis, Vernon Presley : Vernon, Gladys, Elvis Aaron Presley. He was 24 at the time and she just 14-years-old. Some say a dinner date with the star was arranged then Elvis decided to send Vernon in his place. Less than a to over a billion people in forty countries, an indication of his international appeal They were married for 17 years until they divorced. With her blonde curls and baby-blue eyes Dee Stanley was the total opposite of the dark-haired, dark-eyed mother Elvis idolised, the woman all his girlfriends had to measure up to. increasingly beyond his reach. They married in 1960, much to Elvis's frustration – some who knew him called it "rage.". Dee resented her family's total immersion in Elvis' life and she said of the 1981 book, 'Elvis: We Love You Tender', which is credited to Dee and her sons: 'It's the story of a wife and mother, her sons and how it felt to have the major portion of our lives consumed by Elvis' own life. Still grieving for his mother (as he did for the rest of his life) he could be forgiven for thinking that his new stepmother was a gold-digger. Dee Presley was married to the famed singer's father, Vernon, from 1960 -- at the height of Elvis's stardom -- until 1974 when they were divorced. She said: “Vernon was more married to Elvis than to me. “There wasn’t a person in the world that would say no to him.

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