How do you like the side hinge oven doors versus the bottom hinges more common in North America? Reviews, I had never seen an Aga used in kitchen design so I liked that it was unique. Do you suggest I put a wall oven in my pantry or do you think just the Elise is enough. YES! We cook — and roast == a lot! I just bought an Aga Elise and am having trouble baking cakes. This range is a workhorse! Have you had this issue? • 11.5-inch wide stainless steel griddle • Three 15,000/700 BTU dual-ring brass burners • Same cooktop and capacity as APRO48DFSS • LP conversion kit included Aga Elise Range Review. How to Season a Wolf Griddle the Right Way. The 36-inch AGA has five burners and maxes at 17,500 with a few lower-powered ones. We purchased our range via Lowes to take advantage of our 10% military discount but it’s also available via Great information! Hi there!

I cook a lot and for a lot of people. becky: hi! Was just telling a sales guy he needs to carry them. We have a continuous issue with water dripping out of the bottom of both ovens. I haven’t used it yet because I don’t own a wok. Thanks for this review, Becky, and the accompanying photos. We cooked him in the convection. If you make a purchase via my link, I may earn a small commission for the referral at no additional cost to you. Without a naked flame that needs relighting (a tricky task with oil and gas fired Aga’s), the electric Aga can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch. We look forward to testing AGA Professional ranges under controlled conditions in our labs to see if the performance lives up to the specs. The other awesome purchase was a GE Advantium oven…it is a microwave, convection, speed cook, broiler you name it it does it. Check out these three range styles to get a feel for Heartland. Are lights provided inside the oven cavities and, if not, does this make it hard to check for doneness? It features a true convection oven, a 7-mode multi-function oven and a pull-out broiler.

I prefer the antique-y look of the Aga, the Mercury is too modern for our taste and my kitchen. All rights reserved. The convection oven is AMAZING! Do you recall how many pounds the turkey was? • 2-year parts and labor warranty on entire product, • 30-inch dual-fuel pro-style range Thank you, I measured the actual size of the inside, not the doors. It doesn’t bother me at all! I think AGA would technically be a better range, but it requires some re-education of how you will actually use the oven. Glad you’re loving your range! We typically reduce the cooking temperature by 10 degrees and cooking time by 5-10 minutes. The range comes with a wok holder so that’s where I keep it. If you’ve been checking out range styles, knowing the features and key specs can help you determine what you need. What function do you use? Thanks for your feedback Tara! But dealt with a local rep that’s homebase is in MI. Ours bakes wonderfully but I do adjust the suggested baking temperature down 5-ish degrees and also shorten the cooking time. Is there anything you don’t like about the range? On specs alone, the 36-inch AGA appears to provide impressive internal competition. While it sounds like you’ve had little problem with this model, have you looked into if there are qualified repair specialists in your area? Finally Putting It Back Together, Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel & Design Week 4 Update, Kitchen Cabinet Planning & Remodel Update.

I find that I always have enough space. Also, any feedback on how loud the cooling fan is and how long it stays on after the oven turns off?

Thank you, Becky! We haven’t had any of the issues that you mention. The broiler rack is adjustable to allow for different distances from the heating element. My name is Beth. It is less expensive, comes in several color options, and it has a French-inspired look to it. One burner on the range is a bit testy and requires it be held to the ignite position for about 10 seconds before it will hold a flame. A thorough Aga Elise range review of our experience so far. It takes the convection (left side) oven about 10 mins to heat to 425 but the multi-range oven takes double the time. In desperation, I’m dealing with the retailer,, trying to get them to prompt AGA now. ©2020 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. Your email address will not be published. The new cookie sheets are not small by any means and I haven’t yet had an instance where something didn’t fit. I defer to the Aga website where you can find detailed information about oven dimensions: AGA Heartland Ranges bring quality craftsmanship and personality to life. And don’t worry about spillage- the sealed burners are a breeze to wipe clean. HI Becky, We are very interested in the induction version of the Elise for our new place (we jhave a traditional cast iron AGA now) and in addition to the smaller oven sizes to what we have now we are also concerned about it not having a self-clean function.

I have a question about the cooktop on the Aga Elise. I will say we lucked out price has gone up we “only” paid 4k. There are no lights inside the ovens. 2) did you consider the induction cooktop? AGA range reviews will sing praises for the dual fuel models. ft. of capacity Admittedly, we’ve only used the broiler a few times but I do think it’s a cool addition. Hefty metal knobs turn with ease, continuous grates cover powerful brass burners, and an infrared broiler offers faster, more even broiling. Hi Becky, If so, is it a problem trying to keep a cool-enough kitchen in summer? • 14,000 BTU standard bake power So here you go, an in-depth Aga Elise range review from my perspective. Whenever I open the doors, they dribble water onto my new hardwood floors. Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Project Introduction! We are in GA due to shifting on the boat a few induction rings under the glass had to be replaced. Can you comment on how long it takes to pre-heat oven to 425?

Width Options: 30″ and 48″, Palm Springs , Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Bermuda Dunes, Cathedral City, and I am wondering if there is a griddle feature that can fit over the burners for pancakes, etc? I’m sorry to hear that!! • 16,500 BTU broiler power love the look of the elise, but can’t find out the actual interior dimensions of the two larger ovens. • Continuous cast iron grates Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Get smarter about what you're buying. I am so frustrated with this. Def. The answer is yes. • Two 15,000 BTU burners, two 12,000 BTU burners, • 30-inch all-gas pro-style range How do you clean it? The stainless-steel ranges are made in the UK, and are AGA’s answer to Thermador, Wolf, and Viking. I am sorry to hear Aga isn’t providing better customer service. Thank you for your support! What’s up with that little drawer on the top left? We have an Aga Elise 5 … If you make a purchase via my link, I may earn a small commission for the referral at no additional cost to you. • Infrared broiler That’s definitely something you’ll have to consider. Hubby has cooked beef in the broiler and the fish I prepared was cooked in a flash and came out great. We scored 20% off saving us a pretty penny. The convection is approx 16″ high and 18″ wide. Tampa-based blogger and design-enthusiast fixing up our Florida farmhouse, the Daly Digs, with lifestyle stories in between. These stunning surfaces distribute heat evenly as they maximize boiling performance as well as a low simmer. Hey there! I love the look of the Elise and am considering this or the Ilve Nostalgie (but worried about repair issues) – I wondered if you could confirm that all the knobs and trim on your range are stainless steel – not plastic to look like stainless or anything? Make the Most Out of Used Citrus with Candied Orange Peels, Aga Elise 5-element, dual-fuel range in matte black, Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Update! ft. capacity 3) I can’t find anywhere that would service this. Gas ranges are preferred for their power and control during cooking, while convection ovens offer faster and more even cooking. ft. capacity, • 48-inch all-gas pro-style range Any suggestions on a freezer? Aga’s have been around since the 1920s. • 2-year parts and labor warranty on entire product, • 48-inch dual-fuel pro-style range I assume it was in the right oven. We had a propane tank installed as part of our kitchen reno in order to have a gas range. 1) did you consider the Aga Mercury? I am still loving my Aga! The dual fuel ranges give you the precision of a gas range with the convenience of a modern convection oven. We did a renovation back 3 almost 4 years ago when we had to have ours shipped in from England.

Follow along as we fix up our eclectic farmhouse and inspire you to live a styled life.

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