She stayed on the farm as a working cat and was a real character and favourite of the Koehls, getting into many scrapes throughout her life. ", In truth, this gentle and affectionate breed is anything but challenging.
Both coat lengths can occur in the same litter. LaPerms are the only Rex breed with long curved whiskers.

Their most stand-out feature is, of course, the curly coat. LaPerm kittens must be at least 13 weeks of age before leaving their mothers and must have completed their first course of vaccinations. The club recommends that kittens should be registered with the GCCF and a registration and pedigree supplied to the new owner. Can be bred in all possible colours and patterns. The LaPerm was first developed quite by accident during the 1980s when farmers noticed a curly coated kitten in a litter of their farm cats. Despite the mass of curls on their coats, LaPerms only need to be groomed around once a week and they will rarely moult. GCCF and TICA registered breeder. Ayesha Ellis, London . The Cat Gallery is the only specialist shop in the UK dedicated to the needs and desires of cat lovers. Occasional litters of longhaired and shorthaired LaPerms in a variety of colours and patterns, including outcross lines. In 2004 the breed gained Preliminary Recognition and the LaPerm Cat Club was formed. They are tactile cats and enjoy being stroked making their pleasure known with their loud purrs. ♀ Glastocats Sweetpea, LPL o 03, ♂ Quincunx Falcor, LPL a 28 32 Curly’s first litter produced five male cats all with curly coats and it was through the efforts of these cats as they grew up and mated all of the farm’s queens that soon the dominant rex gene was spread through the whole colony.
The breed has made solid progress within the GCCF and is often seen at British cat shows. When it comes to their coat, the LaPerm boasts having a medium to long coat and both males and females have a nice ruff around their necks when they reach full maturity. LaPerms with their outgoing, affectionate personalities are the perfect choice for families with children. Vickers. Manx Mixed Breed Munchkin Nebelung Norwegian Forest Cat Ocicat Oriental Persian Peterbald Pixie Bob RagaMuffin. Anthony explains: "A lot of breeders haven't heard of LaPerms, but we've noticed that once they realise how similar they are to fellow Rex breeds, they seem much more comfortable with taking on a new 'challenge'. Ringlets can develop throughout the coat, especially on the neck, ruff and plumed tail. They are not known to be very talkative, but will quickly let an owner know when it's time for them to be fed. Children need to be taught how to behave around cats and when to leave them alone. The Cat Fanciers Association also recognizes the breed.

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