+ Talent: Stacks increasing HP for every enemy he kills. March 2020 new operator : Vermeil, Executor, Flamebringer, and Magallan. Can switch between the original state and the following state: + Trait: Can perform ranged attacks at 80% power, - No DEF boosting Skills means she has a hard time surviving the strongest Physical Damage enemies, - As long as Liskarm can survive, she usually provides more utility as a DPS Defender than Hoshi, + Trait: Heal up to 3 friendly units at once, - If there is no Arts Damage, Ptilopsis (and sometimes Perfumer) can provide better utility, + Talent: Passively increases the DEF of allies within range. Our Arknights Operator List that can be sorted by stats and filtered by Class and Archetype. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. + Talent: Increases ASPD for Click and Drone Unit, - Low base ATK that requires the Drone ATK ramp-up to be competitive. So, I’m here logging in into my game, looking at my lv-90 profile and asking myself…, So I read a lot of people really going crazy over W. - S2 knocks enemies away from Croissant in all directions so enemies can be thrown in unintended directions if they aren't grouped together in front of her. June 2020 new operator : Asbestos, Tsukinogi, Podenco, Absinthe, Leonhardt, and Rosa(Poca). + Talent: Prioritizes attacking ranged enemies. Physical Attacker With Arts Ability, Bind. Enemies within the nearby 8 tiles of a camera drone lose stealth status, This unit and allied Operators in the surrounding 8 tiles gain +10, Attacks instead fire a Compound Drug Shell (prioritizes enemies); when the shell hits, heals surrounding allies by, Status Resistance (reduces the duration of stun, cold, and freeze effects by 50%), -50%, This unit gains +4% ATK for every enemy in range (stacks up to 6, Increases damage dealt to enemies below 40% HP by 30%, Stops attacking enemies. Arknights CN: Texas Skin Art and Animations! Retreats all drones after this effect ends. Class that allows you to deploy Operators more quickly. ^ Arknights Toolbox. Damage is reduced with each bounce. ⓒ Owwya.com. - When compared to a Slower Supporter, her slow has limited up-time (only active during Skills), smaller range, and has no multi-target. Additionally, for every 1* operative deployed, self ATK and DEF +13%, Summon an obelisk that can block enemies in a melee tile within attack range. Arknights: New Operator Spotlight - Suzuran. Owwya.com is not affiliated with the game companies, publishers and its licensors. need help for building next op, since got some sniper units + Trait; Prioritize attacking highest weight enemy, - Her attack range can make her difficult to position on some maps, + Archetype: Greatly decreased redeployment time, - His clone cooldown is much longer than Phantom himself, so it can be tricky to coordinate with his clone if you redeploy him quickly, + Archetype: Gain +1 DP on kills and full DP refund on retreat, + Talent 1: deals additional Arts damage to the target based on a percentage of enemy DEF, making her even better at killing high DEF enemies, which is a strength of her Class, - S3: has a long cooldown and works counter to her Talent, + Talent 1: significant boost to HP of all Defenders, - Being a Limited Operator makes increasing Potential very difficult, - Trait: Constantly decreasing HP means he needs to constantly be attacking or have a healer to survive, + Trait: Attack multiple enemies equal to block number, + Talent: When deployed, all ally Caster SP gain increased (does not stack with similar effects), - Long Skill cooldowns with low up-times (somewhat mitigated by her SP gain Talent), retreats all deployed drones after this effect ends. - Gummy is easy to acquire, and has stronger Skills and more HP at similar levels. So, I’m here logging in into my game, looking at my lv-90 profile and asking myself…, So I read a lot of people really going crazy over W. List includes all available units' rarity, class, and ratings. After skill activation, become invulnerable and unable to take action for, Gain 1 stack of Shield every 9 seconds (can block 1 instance of damage)(stacks up to 3 times, gain 1 stack immediately after deployment). For a list of Release Dates and how to obtain each Operator and more, check out the links below! Content Director at GamePress. All rights reserved. Afterwards, Thermal-EX is forcibly retreated, Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 20% for 20 seconds after deployment, Immediately restores the HP of all allies by 500 after deployment. Increases ATK of "Abyssal Hunters" Operators by 16%, Restores the HP of a nearby ally with less than 50% HP by, Restores the HP of all allies within a certain range by, For every 20 seconds Saria is deployed, ATK +6%, When Saria restores an ally's HP, she also restores 1 extra Skill Point to them, The next heal generates a shield on all affected target for, Can summon a Phantom. October 2020 new operator : Suzuran, Ayerscarpe, Folinic, and Click. SP recharging characters are rare and very useful, - Requires careful placement to maximize Talent and S2, Can store at most 1 drone; The drone heals its surrounding allies when entering the battlefield and self-destructs after 10 seconds, + Talent: Small Atk speed boost to all Medic Operators while she is deployed. Need help completing any Combat Operations? - Since he needs to be getting hit to charge his Skills, he cannot heal if he’s not blocking, limiting his options for use as a healer, + Trait: Can pull enemies using Skills, and can be deployed on Ranged or Melee grids, - At maximum development, Cliffheart skills have lower SP cost. The Drone locks onto an enemy until the enemy is defeated or until the skill is over, then returns to the Operator, + Trait: Controls a Drone Unit that also attacks enemies; Drone Unit’s damage ramps up as it attacks the same target and resets when attacking a new target As other collaborations have resulted in characters receiving skins, like Ifrit and Exusiai's KFC-themed cosmetics, the Rainbow Six Siege partnership may mark the first time an operator will be introduced to Arknights as a result of a collaboration, although whether or not Tachanka will be a joke operator remains to be seen. Our Arknights Operators List features list of all operators (characters) found in Arknights, including their stats, class, factions, and other details. (+10%). Arknights CN: New Limited Operator Announcement Rosmontis: Talents, Skills, Art, GIFs. - The cheaper costs comes with much lower ATK, + Talent: Prioritize attacking enemies with the highest Defense. Attacks deal Physical splash damage twice to ground enemies in a small area (2nd hit is an aftershock with lowered ATK), Ally SP Generation, Sleep, Ally Heal Not Medic, Physical Attacker With Arts Ability, Blocks 1 enemy. May 2020 new operator : Mostima, Bison, Waai Fu, Breeze, May, Dur-Nar, and Ethan. - S2 has a relatively long charge time, requiring Suzuran to be deployed early, though her Talent helps to speed it up. Mephisto and Faust. + Talent: Increased damage when attacking enemies with less than 40% HP. When attacked by a normal Arts attack, recover 1 SP to self, When deployed, deployment cost of all 【Sniper】 operatives -2. This is a change seven months after release in CN to how they have done things so far, which is really bothering people. - More expensive to deploy than Supporters, + Trait: Attacks multiple enemies equal to block count, - Much less viable when there are no holes or hazards on the map, + Trait: Attacks all enemies in range, less likely to be targeted, 50% Arts and Physical dodge, + Trait: Heals allies in range for 10% of her ATK per second, - Can't attack, so completely relies on teammates to affect the field, - DPS is much lower than your average AoE Caster, + Talent: Boosts damage against enemies under 40% HP, + Trait: Can be deployed on Melee or Ranged grids, - Pull Specialists are very situational when there are no pits and her viability plummets without them, (Will not become the target of ranged enemies), + With ATK modifiers from Skills and crit Talent she can output crazy damage under the right conditions, - The conditions on her skills can be limiting, - Can't be healed directly, though passive regen works (e.g. Can use up to 5 drones that do not block (max 3 deployed at once). Passionate about fighting games, virtual/augmented reality technology, neuroengineering, and video games in general. - Specializes in clearing groups of flying enemies with Skills, but needs to attack ground units to charge the Skills. - The big tanks tend to have high physical damage, making your Medics work overtime to keep her alive (especially during S2), + Buffs other Vanguards with S2 to increase ATK and DEF and give them +1 DP on kill, - While her S2 buff is strong, it has a short duration with a long CD. + Trait: Prioritize attacking aerial enemies, + The default early-game Defender if you don't get someone better, + Good HP, especially if you max Trust and Potential. Classical Piano Performance, Sprite Art, and Under Night In-Birth enthusiast. - S2: SP Cost with charge [on-attack] is high compared to duration, giving it low up-time. + Trait: When Skills are active, attacks do Arts damage, - For a Defender, has extremely low DEF, high Deployment Cost, and long Attack Interval, + When deployed, Vanguard operators recover 25 HP/sec, + Talent: Increased healing received for Operators with 10 or less DP cost, - S2: can only be used twice, a disadvantage for longer stages, - He has the Range of an AoE Caster, which is pretty short, so you aren't likely to Slow much before enemies get past him, + Talent: Multiple attacks on the same target increase ATK, - Without significant investment she will do low damage due to her low base ATK, especially against enemies with DEF, + Trait: Attacks multiple enemies equal to block number, - Can't reach Very Strong force level, so has a lower maximum pushing weight than FEater, - S1: +ATK% is suboptimal because she has low ATK to begin with, + Talent: Can summon 4 tentacles that scale with Operator level to assist in battle, - Very squishy, especially before max Trust, + Higher HP than her 5* equivalent Nearl. Normal attacks deal Arts Damage while a Skill is active. April 2020 new operator : Hellagur, Astesia, Myrtle, Schwarz, Ceylon, Glaucus, and Sussurro. 8/31 - Added Advanced Filter Options, which allows filtering on Special abilities like Silence, Operator buffs, enemy debuffs, etc. - Other cheaper-to-deploy Operators can provide higher RES reduction. + Trait and Talent: Can summon Robotters (Meeboos) that lower enemy attack speed when attacked, - Robotters count toward the deploy limit, + Trait: Attacks Splash to nearby enemies, - S2: trades damage for the stun (does less DPS than S1), Automatically activated; Amiya is Stunned for 10 seconds after the skill duration, + E2 Talent: Gain SP when you attack an enemy and when you kill an enemy, - S2 is unreliable with its auto activation and will be very slow to charge without E2, - Long activation time on S2, during which she is significantly weaker than other Snipers, - Very squishy and needs to be placed in protected positions on certain maps, Specter is Stunned for 10 seconds after skill duration, + Trait: Attack multiple enemies equal to block count, - S2: applies self-stun after Duration, where she cannot attack or block. A list of Operators in Arknights. + Trait: Prioritizes lowest DEF enemy first, - Very slow Attack Speed prevents her from having high DPS despite high ATK, + Trait: Attack all enemies in range, less likely to be targeted, 50% Arts and Physical Dodge.

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