Am I missing something here? It is free and when you compose a new message from either the default (regular) account or the shared mailbox in Outlook (in Exchange mode), you can select which account you are sending from. Incorrect settings are the most common problem when connecting accounts to IMAP would be much better and if you are using Outlook and Exchange (Office365), then "Exchange" mode is the best. If none of these steps resolve your issue, or you need to have IMAP enabled (it's disabled by default), contact GoDaddy support.

Theres usually some good information in those often cryptic emails. We've developed a suite of premium Outlook features for people with advanced email and calendar needs. If the account is only created to send and not receive, then why does even need an alias?

If you get a message that couldn't connect to the server for your connected account, select Back and make sure you entered the correct email address and password for your account. There is no way of seeing, that this mail was sent to smtp all lower case are aliases used for sending or receiving on those accounts. Click New, A. I have a "main" domain and several alias domains that I receive mail on. By definition, any mail to an alias is just redirected to the main account. And why is POP "the way to go?" Hope to hear from a lot of you spiceheads! If you're having problems with your connected accounts in, try the solutions below: Try the Microsoft Virtual Agent Finally, if you want to keep the alias but not send as, then you need to change your default/primary email address in Office365 to be the address instead.
Outlook 2007 has the option TLS or SSL (SSL is the successful setting) and Office 2016 has STARTTLS. Posted by admin | Mar 30, 2020 | All, Windows | 0 |.

If that doesn't work, you might be attempting to connect a POP account. (I am going off memory so information may be inaccurate). These PSTs are not needed because we changed the default folder locationClose outlook and go to the filename location from earlier and delete the file, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, In the right corner click your picture and go to My Account, After you click Create and manage app passwords a page will come up with a blue button that says create, I don’t know why but this password takes 5-10 minutes to finally be “active” and work in outlook. Then it really sounds like they need two accounts. Open Outlook click the Send/Receive> Send/Receive Groups> Define Send/Receive Groups, On the left select the account in questionUNcheck the Receive mail items check boxDo this for each account needed then click OK> Close, To remove the PST file, on the left scroll down and find the account in questionRight click on the account and go to Data File Properties first, Click Advanced and take note of the file location and name, Cancel out of those boxes, that was only to help you find where the file is locatedNext right click on the account and select Close “” or it may say Remove “”, Do this for each Alias account. A Microsoft 365 subscription offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, the full desktop version of Office, and 1 TB of cloud storage. You can set up a rule to pick which alias email goes to and set it up to move x mail to a specific folder in your mailboxes. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. It is the most outdated of email connection methods. doesn't filter messages sent to your connected account. If you delete, move, or read an email from a connected account in, you won't see the change when you go to your connected account. If you don't see the connected accounts option, this feature might not be available for your account. To change Outlook to work online, select Send/Receive > Preferences > Work Offline .

Basically if Outlook keeps asking for a password but you are sure the password is right then wait 5-10 minutes. smtp (Alias Address)C. Copy these settings, D. SMTP(primary Address)E. App Password from earlier if you have MFA enabled.

"The receiver is always the users primary account, no matter which mailaddress it is sent to." Main domain, that office365 is created with:, User: maa (so and I will try to keep up to date. You could use a shared mailbox for one of the accounts instead.

Confirm your account settings with your provider. This, I suspect, is a problem related to the above problem.

It did not work for me. We're aware of the issue and a fix will be released soon. Cal Meacham

After you set up your account, sign out and sign in again, and make sure that your settings are correct. Your calendar is linked to your account and not your connected account. Our Virtual Agent can help answer your questions about Do you have a 3rd party spam / virus filter in place? Click Security Info>Add method: Sorry if this becomes outdated again due to Microsoft changing the interface again. View this "Best Answer" in the replies below ». Have a look at this link in case you aren't sure how to create custom rules. If you're using Outlook to access your Office 365 email account or another Exchange-based email account, and you're having problems, we want to get you back to sending and receiving email as quickly as possible. The alias feature therefore does not work with the Receive a test email button. Why can’t I connect my account to Sending is still to set up a POP or IMAP account and just use it for sending. is correct and by design. Note: You will need to sign in first to get support. If you see Disconnected, Working Offline, or Trying to connect statuses on the Outlook status bar, there may be some network connectivity issues, or Outlook is set to work offline. As you can see I have a lot and I would love if Microsoft would make these available for the user in the from field however at this time that is not a feature.

He also needs to send from the alias mailaddress. If you can't sign in, go to Account support. You can create an or Microsoft account with a new email address or use an existing email address from a third-party email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo, but there are certain limitations when using a third-party email address as the primary alias for your Microsoft account. So in outlook, there a 2 mailaccountfolder, one is kind of a dummy (pop3). Learn more: The 'Send from' field (alias picker) isn’t working The mail is not marked in any way of being received on The alias is setup in outlook with POP, as I understand, that it is the way to go. You won't be able to achieve changing the "to" field unless you separated the mailboxes.

There's no way, you'll be just able to send email from your alias in the web (

Note: When testing on Outlook 2007 this method did not work for me. Note: When testing on Outlook 2007 this method did not work for me. UNCHECK this box, Click More Settings when done with those fields, Click the Outgoing Server Tab> My outgoing server requires authentication> Use same settings as my incoming mail server, If all was entered correctly this should come up, Click on Tasks and you should see a green check for Send test email message  We don’t care about Incoming so the red X is fine thereClick close, You need to do this so sent mail from that Alias account goes into your default sent mail folder, Highlight the account you created and click Change Folder, Click the + next to the account that has a small picture of a house, Do this for EVERY account you want to send as a smtp(Alias Address), Now you can select the account you want to send from when creating a new email message, If the from button is not there in a new email go to Options and click the From button. Also the PST file will still be attached which is also a cosmetic issue but read on to remove it as well. and POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for for more information. Why isn't my connected account sending or receiving email? This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. If someone wants to talk to me, they can address me as Erik (my default name) or my E-Shnazzy (my alias) and either way, I will get the message. This person is a verified professional. I know that POP3 is crap, but the account is not created to receive, only send. When you connect an account, syncs email from your connected account, but it doesn't sync any changes you make in back to your connected account. Verify your account The Sent Items folder only syncs what is available on the connected account server.

I turned that policy off and instead enabled MFA for users here:, After you click Create and manage app passwords a page will come up with a blue button that says createClick Create and a box will come up. Expand your Outlook. on Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off?

I know many of them have to have users / email addresses explicitly created or they bounce. Does everyone need to send and receive from both accounts as well as track which account they use for everything? To continue this discussion, please Can you post the failed delivery bounce back?

If you want someone to get the message regardless of which of several aliases it is sent to but land in one account that sends out as it's default name, then you have it setup correctly. To resolve this, you should remove the connected account and reconfigure it as a POP connection. For instructions about how to reconfigure your GoDaddy domain, go to Set up your email address with POP.

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