Also joining us today is Dave Mason, the director of development with the Annette Funicello Research Fund.

Get the Poynter newsletter that's right for you. “W5” Executive Producer Anton Koschany told me the story had to start out softly. Theirs is a story of great love, friendship and courage in the face of adversity. “Glen felt he had been burned by the tabloids and it was the first time they allowed anybody in their home. The story quickly becomes a medical story, a quest for a cure, rather than a shocking story about a dying celebrity.

A number of politicians in recent years have come forward to talk about their cancer or other conditions. “I heard she and her reps were looking for new ways to tackle her illness.”. Funicello’s husband, Glen Holt, heads a fund bearing her name. With results likely coming in later due to increased mail-in voting, news outlets need to take it slower ... and explain why. Bunny Lee Death: Unbelievable reggae maker Bunny Lee has kicked the bucket at 79 years old, it has been affirmed. The CTV story was masterfully constructed, especially at the start. How to find good information on election night, NBC News’ Lester Holt with what we can expect on election night … and beyond, Teaching Project Manager - Saint Petersburg, FL, International Training Project Manager - Saint Petersburg, FL, Newsroom Collaborative Manager - Atlanta, GA. Cause of Death. You need to understand the story — give an understanding of her illness,” he said. Worse, the FDA said, the procedure “poses a risk to patients.”. This past weekend, over 700 items of Disney history and memorabilia went under the hammer at this successful auction event. But last month, in a followup to her story, Favaro says that doctor confirmed he’d seen what appears to be “blink response” — that is, Funicello seemed to be able to “blink on command.” CTV doesn’t blare that glimmer of hope as a story lead, as so many would have been tempted to do. “I have to say as I walked into the front door — I know fully well how beautiful she was, my first words I said to myself — ‘oh my.”‘.

Election Day is here. Tv Actress. How carefully do you examine the motivations of a family member who gives you access to their disabled loved one to promote a cause? Annette Funicello, who died today at 70, had not been the bubbly, energetic entertainer that fans remembered her as for quite some time.. From 1920 to 2016, here's the news that made news after Election Day.

After nearly 30 years working as a reporter, photojournalist, producer,…, The heartwrenching images of Annette Funicello's illness, © All Rights Reserved Poynter Institute 2020, told the story of Annette Funicello’s two-and-a-half decade battle with a particularly nasty type of multiple sclerosis. In 1965, Annette married talent agent and casting director Jack Gilardi, gradually distancing herself from show business to raise a family. “If you want to use this as a bellwether,” Holt said, “I am bringing a change of clothes and an extra suit.”. These are some questions to ask before you take this story — or any story — as fact.

What can we expect from the news coverage? Even in their most vulnerable state, they have realized that they something to contribute if they are willing to go public. CTV was not interested in a “celebrity story” as much as it was interested in a story about questions over a possible treatment for MS — and Funicello would make viewers take notice. horseman Glen Holt, 87, died. “It is not in keeping with the reasons we did the story,” Koschany said. But when the show told the story of Annette Funicello’s two-and-a-half decade battle with a particularly nasty type of multiple sclerosis, the network found itself balancing heartbreaking story of a beach blanket beauty with serious questions about an experimental treatment that Funicello’s husband believes needs public support. Multiple Sclerosis. For 4 minutes 26 seconds, Favaro tells the story of how Funicello slipped from public view 15 years ago after going public about her disease. « Previous Article “We had some requests from entertainment magazines,” Koschany said.

Annette Funicello, who died Monday, is one of a long line of celebrities and celebrity families who refuse to die quietly. Columbus, OH — On Feb. 12, Shafter, Ca. Fueled by her talent, good looks and girl-next-door charm, Annette’s popularity quickly skyrocketed, and soon she was receiving more than 6,000 fan letters per month—an astounding figure in a pre-Internet age. Here’s how to form your own judgment. “We didn’t turn them over.” “W5” does not allow its video to be used or sold as archived file tape to run hour upon hour on without end on cable networks. Just before you see the jarring images of Funicello being lifted from her bed to her wheelchair, Favaro stands in front of the Hollywood sign and reminds viewers that CTV had permission to do this story, that Holt wanted to bring attention to MS. That reminder just before the first images of a helpless and limp Funicello puts the viewer enough at ease to see both the difficult images and witness Holt’s unswerving dedication. The tv actress Annette Funicello died at the age of 70 . Al Tompkins is one of America's most requested broadcast journalism and multimedia teachers and coaches. Before you begin to search, it is helpful to have the name of the person for whom you are searching, the approximate date of death and where in the UK that person died.

Columbus, OH — On Feb. 12, Shafter, Ca. How closely should the journalist examine where any contributions might go if the public decides to help? At the age of 12, Annette was the last child cast for Walt Disney’s original Mickey Mouse Club TV series in 1955.
horseman Glen Holt, 87, died.

We “older” journalists have to remember that icons like Funicello and Margaret Thatcher, who died on the same day, were famous decades ago. He collected $830,885 in the sulky and $642,665 as a trainer before the U.S. Trotting Association amassed these statistics. The condition is called chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI), and if Zamboni is right, MS patients like Funicello could benefit from doctors inserting a small balloon into their veins to open them. “If you jump right to the images — I don’t think the viewers could have taken it.”, “I know about MS,” Favaro a health reporter for 26 years, said. The maker, whose genuine name was Edward O’Sullivan Lee, assumed a basic part in the acquaintance of the class with the UK during the 1970s in the wake of making sure about an authorizing manage Trojan Records. To read the full obituary or send condolences please click here. How much information should journalists tell the public about the gritty existence of once-public people who now face a long disability or death? CTV also had to avoid becoming a cheerleader for a controversial medical treatment.

That video of a heartthrob turned helpless could have generated a lot of money if the network had been willing to sell images to others. The couple divorced in 1981. “It would not have been respectful to her.”. Prior to the Van Eaton Galleries Disney auction, the three of us talked about how Annette’s personal items are benefitting the Research Fund, but most importantly, we talked about Annette herself: her life, legacy and place as one of Disney’s most iconic stars. “This is a very personal — they kept her illness to themselves,” Favaro said. As you watch the video, pay attention to how “W5” does not linger on gratuitous close-up shots. She appeared in numerous other Disney TV and movie projects, including Zorro, The Shaggy Dog and Babes in Toyland.In the mid-1960s, her Disney contract behind her, she appeared in a series of popular “Beach” movies with singer Frankie Avalon. There is even a website called “Celebrities With Your Disease” that lists diseases and links celebrities (via Wikipedia, so be careful) who have the conditions. He wanted her illness to be portrayed from a medical viewpoint,” not as a celebrity condition to gawk at. The best information will come from mainstream media sources.

Glen was married to Annette until her death and helped care for her throughout her illness. On Twitter, consult our lists of trusted political journalists, analysts and academics. Front pages from the last 100 years of U.S. presidential elections. “I knew she had MS and I knew she was chronic progressive,” Favaro told me by phone.

Since 1998, Michael J. Two of those items were a sweater and a pair of mouse ears that belonged to Disney Legend Annette Funicello. And to tell the story, “W5” would have to show some images that would make even its veteran health reporter recoil. Biography - A Short Wiki.

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