[76] However, John Tessin-Yandell claims a 1757 French Admiralty chart shows the red saltire for Jersey. An early recorded mention of a Saint Patrick's flag is from the journal of John Glanville, writing about the Anglo-Dutch fleet that sailed to Cádiz, Spain, in 1625. [89], Flag of the Empire of China, December 1915 – March 1916, Flag of Shanghai Municipal Council, Shanghai International Settlement, c. 1917 – 1941, "Saint Patrick's Cross" redirects here. [52] The Church of England Diocese of Truro, established in 1876, has a Saint Patrick's Saltire in its arms, representing "the ancient Celtic Church". From the late 1960s, the SJAI joined forces with the army in FEI competitions and competed under the tricolour, although it retained its own flag in other competitions until the late 1970s. [29] Saint Patrick's Saltire is sometimes used as a cross-community symbol with less political baggage than either the Union Flag or the Ulster Banner, seen as pro-Unionist, or the Irish tricolour used by Irish nationalists. Flag of Scotland nautical Andrew flag. First adopted in 1879, Bulgaria switched to a flag with the national emblem during the communist era, but shifted back to the original tricolor one in 1991. [25] Many bodies of the Scottish Government use the flag as a design basis for their logo; for example, Safer Scotland's emblem depicts a lighthouse shining beams in a saltire shape onto a blue sky. The most widespread use of St Patrick's Saltire today is in the Flag of the United Kingdom. It is possible that the design of the flag was influenced by the red saltire. However, in objecting strongly to the form and pattern of Union Flag designed by the College of Arms and approved by King James, whereby the cross of Saint George surmounted that of Saint Andrew, (regarded in Scotland as a slight upon the Scottish nation), a great number of shipmasters and ship-owners in Scotland took up the matter with John Erskine, 19th Earl of Mar, and encouraged him to send a letter of complaint, dated 7 August 1606, to James VI, via the Privy Council of Scotland, stating: Most sacred Soverayne. It is the national flag of the Irish Republic. It was incorporated into the design of the Union Jack – but doesn’t represent the Union. The proclamation by King James, made on 12 April 1606, which led to the creation of the Union Flag states: Various all-Ireland sports teams and organisations use the Four Provinces Flag of Ireland and a four province Crest of Ireland, including the Ireland field hockey team, Ireland rugby league team, Irish rugby union team and Irish Amateur Boxing Association. Immediately prior to, and following, the merger in March 2006 of Scotland's historic infantry regiments to form a single Royal Regiment of Scotland, a multi-million-pound advertising campaign was launched in Scotland in an attempt to attract recruits to join the reorganised and simultaneously rebranded "Scottish Infantry". The red border represents the Maldives’ heroes and their bravery in defending their nation. Ian Donald, a Scottish physician, invented ultrasound while at the University of Glasgow in the 1950s which, of course, is of the utmost importance for baby scans. An early recorded mention of a Saint Patrick's flag is from the journal of John Glanville, writing about the Anglo-Dutch fleet that sailed to Cádiz, Spain, in 1625. John Boyd Dunlop made the first practical tyre containing air in 1887, The US Navy was created largely by John Paul Jones, who was born in Kirkcudbrightshire, while Sir David Stirling founded the SAS, Sir Robert Watson-Watt was born in Brechin and educated in Dundee. It was associated with moderate nationalism at a time when the tricolour was confined to more radical movements. [80][81][82][83] Sources which ascribe Florida's saltire to Saint Patrick include an article in the Orlando Sentinel[84] and a column in which Joseph Cotto suggests it was a symbol of Florida's Britishness.[85]. The flag of the Church of Scotland is the flag of Scotland defaced with the burning bush. The colors have two interpretations: the common, secular interpretation values the green as the plains and hills of Italy, the white as the snow-capped Alps, and the red as the blood spilt during the War of Italian Independence and the War of Italian Unification. being placed next to a stylised image of the Saltire. Patriotic Scotland Young adult woman in the Highlands of Scotland draped with the National Flag of Scotland. [70], On land, evidence suggesting use of this flag appears in the depiction of Edinburgh Castle by John Slezer, in his series of engravings entitled Theatrum Scotiae, c. 1693. [47] A red saltire also appears on the arms of County Kildare, but this is because of the association of Kildare with the FitzGerald family.

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