Stefan the goes out to Elena while Damon traps Katherine in the tomb. He had an older brother, Damon Salvatore, who is also a cured vampire and whom he shared a strained relationship with, stemming from the appearance of Katherine Pierce in which they fought over whilst human. They talk about Damon's self destructive behavior that night. When Stefan had first met Katherine, when she and Emily had come to stay at the Salvatore Estate, he had become strongly attracted to her and eventually had fallen in love with her, as did his brother Damon. He says she's stood by him through his the multiple rehabs, the jail time, the bullfighting injury. Stefan asks him how to make a bomb. However, they reunite in modern day and things become complicated between them due to their history and Stefan's romantic relationship with Caroline. Brady was stabbed a couple of times by Elena. He can sometimes be somewhat sarcastic or display a dry, sarcastic wit. They look around and see Alaric hugging Jo. Later on, Elena, Damon and Elizabeth Forbes, finds the safe in the middle of nowhere. Damon, on the other hand, is more of an extrovert. Eventually Damon drank the girl's blood and told Stefan that he was right, that it felt like a whole new world being a vampire. He asks her to invite him in, and after she does he embraces her, comforting her as she cries. Stefan felt so guilty that he tried to take his ring off and was about to commit suicide, until Elena convinced him not to do it. But she is not alone, Enzo and Caroline arrive right behind her. After relocating to the living room, Bonnie explains that watching the spirits torture her Grams was like she was dying all over again. They meet at the border of Mystic Falls, only then to make the exchange. Later, Stefan and Caroline are waiting on Bonnie near their car, they are concerned that Bonnie hasn't arrived, at that moment Julian approaches them. Caroline saves Mrs. Cuddles, although it needs repair work. Klaus realizes that Stefan had not given him all of the stakes but Rebekah releases Damon anyways. They then go to check the school next to see if Alaric decided he missed teaching. Damon and Stefan are still hugging and Damon says he missed him too. Occupation The guy reminds Stefan that he put his brother in the hospital. In the novels, Stefan is Damon's moral, benevolent younger brother. After that they go downstairs and Damon asks him questions about there past to make sure Stefan really got all his memories back. Things turn ugly when Rebekah learns Elena and Stefan broke up and taunts them into knowing the reason. Later, Stefan and Caroline are sleeping cuddled, Stefan taking her hand, they wake up to hear strange voices and they out of the car. Katherine offers that they should work together, yet Stefan still refuses. Klaus tells him when a hunter is killed by a vampire, the consequence is that the hunter will torment his killer from beyond the grave until the vampire commits suicide. They sip their drinks for a moment before Elena addresses the tension between them. Stefan remembers that the hunter had werewolf venom, and Elena must have been poisoned with it. Stefan calls to Caroline, he too tells her about having visions of Elena and thinks he is going crazy, Caroline tells him that he isn't crazy and that something is happening because Elena too is having similar visions. Before turning into a vampire in 1864, Stefan was seen to be happy, optimistic, light-hearted, playful, mischievous and naive. He then arrives at an unknown destination and puts a bandage on his chest where the mark of the sword is currently bleeding. Klaus reminds Stefan that he is too far away to be able to cure anyone should they become infected with the venom, and charges him with finding and catching Connor, keeping him alive in order to use his tattoo. Stefan, confused, wondered how that was possible if he had never drunk Katherine's blood, but Emily confessed that Katherine had compelled him for weeks to drink her blood, while Damon drank from Katherine willingly. Once inside, he opens all of the drawers and cupboards looking for food. She asks if he saw anything else and he tells her that he blacked out after the spell. 171 (TVD)1 (TO)172 (Totaled) He thinks it won’t work because he’s never heard of anyone doing it. Then they hook up and agree to not include feelings or any attachments in their relationship. Sound logic you've got there. Caroline told Elena about Ivy, but doesn't know she's dead. Elena realizes that Stefan letting himself get beat up was part of his system. Stefan loves football and is very good at it. Stefan and Rebekah arrive at Klaus' mansion and she sees Connor chained up. She says that Lily let her go. They discuss recent events, acknowledging that now they all know about the cure and will have to work together going forward. Stefan returns to Klaus, who has extracted the wolf pack information from Ray. Katherine tells him that she has decided not to address the problems but he reminds her that she is Katherine Pierce and that she has to suck it up, he leaves and Katherine smiles. Elena tells him that she should be the one to tell her but Stefan refuses and says that he needs to tell her because he hasn't been there for her when she needed him. She tries to thrust it in his heart while Stefan is trying to use his strength to keep it from piercing him. The girl, Bridget, was healed by the little blood Stefan could spare and her father insisted on giving Stefan room in his household, even though Stefan appeared to be a vagrant. In the end, he was the one to kill her. Stefan tells Matt that the only reason he saved Matt first was because Elena insisted upon it, that Elena sacrificed her own life to save Matt and instead of bemoaning what has happened, maybe Matt should try to live up to the sacrifice Elena made for him and earn the life he has because of it. Elena is grateful to Stefan for having protected her, as he always does and then says goodbye to him. Stefan is the only character amongst the main trio that has never killed. Gunshot Wound/Loss of Blood (as a human)Heart Extraction (as a vampire)Stabbed by The Phoenix Sword (2nd and 3rd time, as a vampire)Incinerated by Hellfire (2nd time, as a human) When Damon told Elena what he was doing, they got into a fight. Anywhere,” that he’s to slit her carotid artery. Stefan was also a bit idealistic when it came to love and romance, even naive at times. Damon mentions to Stefan in the Pilot after 15 years of not seeing each other, that the 90s "grunge" look did not suit Stefan, implying that Stefan went through a grunge phase in terms of his personality, attitude and his sense of style. She tells him he will be alright and tells him to hold on to the fact that she loves him. Caroline promises to be there for Stefan, and tells him that he should come to her when he needs help, and she won't let him lose control. Their relationship has intensified to the point of being best friends. Stefan is dealing with the rage between Rebekah and Elena. In the episode The Last Day, Stefan respects Elena's decision on using the Elixir that Elijah has to save her. They find the place where all the herbs and plants are supposed to be growing. ", In Heart of Darkness, it is revealed that Elena is going on a trip to Denver with Damon due to Stefan's idea that she figure out her feelings for Damon. Cause of death Nina Dobrev, who played the roles of the doppelgangers Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert, appeared during a season 2 flashback as the original Petrova doppelganger, Tatia. They are about to kiss but Elena tells him she's with Damon, that bothers Stefan and his bloodlust returns, and he disappears leaving Elena alone. At the party when Katherine came he had to dance with her or she would kill someone. He did not like to see others suffering or in any kind of pain, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. Three years later Stefan is frantically trying to wake Damon up. Whilst on the phone with Damon, he tells Stefan to leave Jeremy out of it, and Stefan responds with 'Elena needs the cure'. Klaus threatens to kill everyone Stefan has ever met, and Stefan says that if he does that, he will never see his family again.

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