His father was the latest succesor of the Zeppeli family ; he resembles as gyro's son, though which he claims, unknown if it's the truth or just a blantant lie to get a financial support from the Speedwagon Foundation.

He eventually got them under control, but right when he had, they disappeared. Something I didn't mention in the description, it would need to be bare eye contact. Here's an example. They are quite simple to comprehend, but the stand stat diagram can be a bit difficult for those who don't know how to use it. I might add the thief's stand too if u guys want, but it's nothing really interesting. Spectrum Barrage: A barrage attack where Neon Trees focuses its energy into its hands and feet, and releases them through a rapid barrage of punches and kicks. ), Stand Name: Fade to Black (Metallica reference). Unity fuses the earth and the moon together, destroying both in the process. (More than Pokemon), Sleek animations! This is kinda the story continuation of that Razor Sedge guy person, the user of the previous stand i made, so if you read this out of context it may be a little bit off so i suggest you read my previous stand user's story first before reading this one. Well yeah, the early part of the series are just pure comedical non-sense, which then later evolves into an epic clusterfuck of dramatical escapade while still having that same comedical non-sense but with lower amount of it. That thought then fades away when he instead started working for them, almost changed his main reason of being a hitman.

Range: 5 meters (without taking into account the pocket dimension. Ability: can teleport objects or people to him or go to people or places if he has a photo of the person, object, or place. Razor, who was almost knocked out from the sudden attack, quickly regains his balance and tried to attack the fortune teller again, only to no avail and resulted in him being flown again, this time to a wall. Burn Monkey would flow out all out its heat out of its mouth, making the stand spits fire (literally) and burns everything on sight. Confused, he tried to take it off, but it still stuck. Wing Artillery: Think Pharah's Ultimate in Overwatch, just on the ground. Occupation: Upper Secondary School Second-Year. During her time in an Orphanage, she would often not be seen for hours in the afternoon as she would sneak out and explore the town she was in,. How about if i give you an arrow that holds unbelievable powers that goes beyond anyone's imaginations inside it, in exchange of leaving me alone?".

"Am i a saviour? The staff would be so hot that if it came in contact with a material, that targeted material would be burned or melted in just a few seconds. Larger items take longer to create. When it's being summoned, it emerges from the user's shadow facing the direction opposite to which the shadow was pointing.

He also hoped that he may find that employer who hired a hitman against him, and seek revenge. Unity fuses a human and an animal, having a 50/50 effect of the animal getting the human's brain or the human getting the animal's brain. The hitman didnt believe anything about what the fortune teller said, but he would do anything to survive even if it involved some stupid fairytale things, which then he agreed to the deal. Firearm Transformation: The Stand's or User's limb (hand, forearm, whole arm or foot, lower leg, full leg) spins briefly and transforms into a firearm the user is familiar with. And since it stands next to you, it is called... a Stand!" Sorry for this much of a question, because this stand seems very interesting, not gonna lie. Power Unconceded: Now to explain how this ability works it would be better if you knew what the name meant. He crouches, and said to him, "I dont want to kill you.

When they were leaving, thorny purple vines started sprouting from his arms. In the case of Achtung Baby, if the user was covered in makeup or some way the user could see or make out the face, the ability could work. When Enter Sandman is summoned, it will phase through into the target's dream, and will give the target the worst nightmare they possibly would have until they woke up. Patriot Finisher: A barrage finisher with the strength of a cannon. Can have your very own Stand, just like in the Japanese animation "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"! Skill 2; Disposable heroes:Using emotions such as sadness from relatives, or hatred of having been killed (if that is the case), he is able to bring the dead, although not as they used to be ... Master of Puppets can control one person per finger, that is, it can control only 10 people at a time, but its effectiveness decreases, it is more effective 10 fingers in a single person, than using only one finger, it also depends on willpower and From the magnitude of the victim's negative emotion, this stand is also not very physically strong, so it should not be used in close combat. Unity can extend the length of the pole it manifests as, and it can extend as far as needed to reach the target, even if its across the earth. It was the fortune teller. Arden's mother owns a salon and he always helps her to ease her job everyday.

Once the stand user has chosen their victim, Unchained Melody follows the victim and chirps at them, after that and as long as Unchained Melody stays within range the victim will eventually kill themselves, or be led to kill themselves, over what they see. As in the case of a stand like Enter Sandman, both IBT's user and Enter Sandman's users would need to make eye contact, not the user and the stand. (Similiar to Black Sabbath, but minus the strength, durability, and speed buff.). His skin is pale white, and its looks pretty clear on his face because he wears a very dark eyeliners and purple lipstick. Form: When retracted, it takes the form of the user's shadow. But i'm just a hitman, how am i supposed to save people if the only thing i can do is murder?". Appearance: Same as before, but now with shoulder pads and knee pads with a symbol resembling the arrow it was pierced with. NOTE: The Stand's firearms have unlimited ammo and the Stand itself is faster, making it a better option in a more organized fight against another Stand User. Limitations: Only two limbs can be transformed at a time, with limited ammo that can be replenished both manually and automatically. Here we go... Nobody asked for this but here it is. Limitations: Ability only activates when both the user/stand and the target make direct eye contact with each other. When the perfect time to strike had come, he didnt hesitate to take that chance and ambushes him from behind. Cool concept once again. The damage from a direct physical attack can be minimized by absorbing the heat, based on the vector theory that implies that any kinetic movement produces heat. One day, the arrow began to react again. Gape in awe at the nifty names, the amazing abilities, and the magnificent modifiers! Before that mysterious man left, Arden heard some of his words. But now, it just really shows that people shunned him, and even starts to spread false gossips and rumors about our poor delinquent boy. It accelerates slowly and is not very agile. Though i have a question, is it only the ability that is copied? When Razor woke up, he was greeted by dark cloak in his body. Arden is Third-year high school delinquent who looks like a fashion designer that recently joined a yakuza clan. Character: At this point, he's just an Upper Secondary Student born in Naples, Italy, who just discovered his Spin capabilities, as well as his Stand. This can take shape of friends, family, horrific nightmares, and anything use the user decides.

Burn Monkey can also replace its position with its clone, which makes teleportation possible. After the target were up he'll never be able to sleep again even if they used any method to go back to sleep as by the post-effect of Enter Sandman, until the target died or the stand user is forced to retract their stand. Piquing her curiosity for her old lineage, Frullata is now set out to investigate anybody who may have ties to the Zeppeli name to find out more about where she came from. (Personalize!). American Ace Pilot: ADR separates from its user, allowing it to be piloted. Due to the president's strong will to protect his country and the arrow, the arrow merged with AD. A punch to the gut, physically, that comes out of nowhere. So do you wear the suit? Conceded means that you have utterly accepted defeat and lost all hope so when you add the root "un" it means you arent conceded and by using power as an adjective you have the meaning of a power that cannot be defeated or forced to defeat.

Combined with previous and new ability, if there is no dark or shadowy place surrounding the user to move around, the user can just make a new one and then assert dominance over the enemy inside it. Razor flinched and he was completely caught by suprise, mixed with confusion and panic. Suddenly, Razor felt a very painful jolt in his stomach, and flew over to a nearby lamppost.

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