Hello Beautiful Goldendoodles. As a comparison, a standard Goldendoodle is over 21″ tall from shoulder to paw and weighs 50 or more pounds. Please consult your vet for pet medical advice. If you’re looking for the 4-1-1 on the medium Goldendoodle, you’ve come to the right place. To our new owners: don't forget to register your new Keepsake puppy into your name and receive your "GANA" Goldendoodle Association of North America registration Certificate. Goldendoodles is a breeder in Bettsville, Ohio that specializes in medium and standard sized Goldendoodle puppies. All parents are health tested. For more about the red Goldendoodle, please read our companion piece, The Red Goldendoodle: 7 Things You May Not Know About ‘Em. North of Findlay, Ohio. By the end of this article, you’ll not only have facts about the medium Goldendoodle—size, height, weight—but you’ll also get a Doodle dog mom’s real-life perspective on what it’s like to love on a sweetheart of a Doodle. Get the latest Happy-Go-Doodle stories delivered to your email inbox. Most of all, we hope that you enjoy a lifetime of happy adventures with a dog by your side. Location: Close to Cinncinati, Ohio. Goldendoodles come in many different coat colors. South of Columbus, Ohio. I can tell you that Chloe needs daily exercise or energy burns. She stands about 21″ high and weighs 43 pounds. Our next Upcoming Available Goldendoodle Litters are expected. Farmer Doodles. and What the Fluff? We consider them the most conscientious and most committed breeders. And, if you’re interested in all things Goldendoodle, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I have that covered too! She stands about 21″ high and weighs 43 pounds. (2020), Best River Tube for a Dog – Top 9 Picks! Our FaceBook page is a private page, just answer a few simple questions to join. Medium Goldendoodles range from 17-20 inches and weigh anywhere from 30-45 pounds. Medina, Ohio (near Cleveland and Columbus) Melissa Goldendoodles F1, F1B Size: Mini, Medium Breeding Doods since: 2006. Standard? So now that you have an idea of a medium Goldendoodle’s size, you may be wondering how much exercise a medium Goldendoodle needs. I hope this helps you in your search for the Goldendoodle that’s a perfect fit for your family. While size can vary greatly across different types of Goldendoodles (and even among breeders), the important thing to remember is that reputable breeders excel at preserving that famous Goldendoodle temperament regardless of how big or small their dogs are. If you don't mind waiting or are wanting to adopt late winter - early spring 2021, your welcome to go on our Master Waiting List. Medium Goldendoodle. The Golden Retriever parent breed doesn’t bring this kind of size variation to the mix. Much appreciated. Now that you have an idea of a medium Goldendoodle’s height and weight, let’s put it into context. That’s it! We will only be able to respond to families that have reviewed our website thoroughly and submit the Adoption Questionnaire. All the Goldendoodle Stuff, The Red Goldendoodle: 7 Things You May Not Know About ‘Em, Introducing a New Puppy to the Pack: 7 Steps That This Dog Mom Took For Happier Hellos, https://www.goldendoodleassociation.com/guest/memberbreeders.aspx, https://www.goldendoodleassociation.com/about-gana/health-testing-requirements/, 9 Goldendoodle Ornaments That Are Ridiculously Cute, Move Over Dog Hats: Make Way for the Dog Snood, Fall Bucket List: 15 Fun Dog-Friendly Activities, F1 vs F1b Goldendoodle: Why You’ll Fall in Love With Both, 21 Goldendoodle Gifts for the Doodle Obsessed: Your Ultimate Gift Guide, American Water Spaniel: 18 inches high, 45 pounds, Brittany Spaniel: 21 inches high, 30-40 pounds, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier: 30-40 pounds, a large bag of dog food (an average large-sized bag of dog food is 33 pounds). Some refer to these comical canines as “hybrids” or “mixed breeds” or “mutts.” I like to call them “Muppet dogs” or “laugh factories” or “teddy bears.” If you’d like to really get to know the Goldendoodle, please check out my companion articles: What is a Goldendoodle? to start arriving in Dec.-Jan. Address: P.O. For more on the medium Goldendoodle, read on. Fetch Joy® & Happy-Go-Doodle® are registered trademarks. South of Cleveland Ohio. First, let’s begin with a quick overview of these smart, loveable, slightly derpy dogs. Goldendoodles.com. All Rights Reserved. While every dog is different, here is a snapshot of Chloe’s weight from 8 weeks of age through adulthood: Remember, take plenty of puppy pics and keep a record of your puppy’s height and weight. That’s why we started the AKC Breeder of Merit Program: To give breeders a way to prove their dedication to preserving breed characteristics and producing healthy, well-socialized puppies. Best Canoe for Dogs – Top 9 Picks! Hello Beautiful Goldendoodles is a breeder in Bettsville, Ohio that … TRADITION: Upholding the AKC’s tradition of breeding purebred dogs that are happy and healthy. The Goldendoodle then ranges in size from standard to medium to miniature to petite. Mini, Medium, and Standard Goldendoodles, Brittanypoos, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and other Designer breeds. Keepsake Goldendoodles, Poodles & Bernedoodles, Toy, Petite, Miniature, Moyen, Medium and Standard Sizes, We are currently Only accepting Puppy Applications/Questionnaires for our Upcoming, Sept. 2nd, 2020 All of our currently posted upcoming. EDUCATION: Promising that they will pursue AKC-provided or AKC-approved continuing breeder education so that they stay educated on the best breeding practices, including advances in canine health. Email address: Happy-Go-Doodle, LLC  is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. HEALTH: Certifying that their breeding stock is health tested in accordance with the recommendations of their breed’s AKC Breed Parent Club. Location: Close by Toledo, Ohio. All the Goldendoodle Stuff. Since a Goldendoodle is essentially a mixed breed dog, there is no guarantee of a Goldendoodle puppy’s adult size. There’s no need to zip around Google searching for answers to figure it all out. And, at Chloe’s most recent veterinary check-up, our veterinarian was extremely pleased with her weight! If you’re wondering how to groom those lovely locks, here are tips for grooming a Goldendoodle’s face (from an award-winning professional) and my recommendation on the best brush for a Goldendoodle. Like every size of Goldendoodle, medium doodle dogs are seen trotting around sporting a range of coat colors. We sincerely would like to apologize in advance, however due to the overwhelming number of phone call, messages, text, emails and two of the five grandchildren currently doing remote school from home (here) during the day. https://www.gooddog.com/standards-and-screening. The range of sizes is largely attributed to the Poodle “side of the family.” According to the AKC’s facts about the Poodle, this alert and smart breed ranges in size from a toy (four to six pounds) to a miniature to a standard (up to 70 pounds). As a comparison, a standard Goldendoodle is over 21″ tall from shoulder to paw and weighs 50 or more pounds. submit a Puppy Adoption Application/Questionnaire, we will then answer any questions you may have not covered on our website via email. Here’s a list of dog breeds that are comparable in size to the medium Goldendoodle: And, if you’re contemplating what it’s like to lift a Goldendoodle into your car or carry your Dood across a hot sidewalk so she doesn’t hurt her paws, here’s a list of things that are comparable in weight to a medium Goldendoodle: Finally, here some things you may not have thought about when it comes to how a Goldendoodle is the “perfect fit” for many families…. Norton, Ohio (near Cleveland and Columbus) Robin Goldendoodles F1, F1B, M Size: Mini, Petit-Medium, Medium Breeding Doods since: 2015. RESPONSIBILITY: Accepting responsibility for the health and well-being of the puppies they produce and for complying with all laws regarding the ownership and maintenance of dogs. Get the digital version FREE when we publish it! regards to placing your deposit and written family biography. Researching reputable breeders isn’t my specialty. We hope we’ve made your search for information about the medium Goldendoodle a little more fun and that we’ve shared more content than you expected. www.WeLoveDoodles.com. Way to go, Chloe! I am not your dog’s veterinarian, though. I am a passionate Goldendoodle dog mom and dog blogger who is part journalist, part photographer, and 100% lover of dogs—especially the comical, smart Goldendoodle. Let’s see how these sizes compare. BREEDERS MENU. (2020), Best Dog Food for a Shih Poo – Top 8 Picks! Some of our Previous Goldendoodles Puppies. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), The Medium Goldendoodle: A Complete Guide to These Cute Doods, What the Fluff? The Goldendoodle is cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Visit our, Keepsake Goldendoodles and Poodles/All Rights Reserv, https://www.akc.org/breeder-programs/akc-breeder-of-merit-program/, https://www.akc.org/breeder-programs/akc-bred-with-heart-program/. So happy that you enjoyed our blog post! Mini? GANA Goldendoodle Association Of North America Blue Ribbon Breeders. However, the Goldendoodle Association of America (an organization of Goldendoodle enthusiasts that supports responsible breeding and ownership) does have a list of reputable breeders by state: https://www.goldendoodleassociation.com/guest/memberbreeders.aspx. Once these steps are complete we will email you further instructions in. © 2019 Jenise Carl Communications, LLC. Puppies Available, Family Raised, Socialized with Love. Does this mean you have to be an athlete yourself? Here at the AKC, we believe in honoring responsible breeders who have gone above and beyond on health issues, temperament, and genetic screening, as well as to the individual care and placement of puppies in responsible homes. With that said, according to the Goldendoodle Association of America, there are four sizes of Goldendoodles—petite, miniature, medium, and standard—with the following approximate sizes and weights: A medium Goldendoodle is about 17″ to 21″ tall from shoulder to paw and weighs about 36 to 50 pounds. (2020), Best French Bulldog Rescues in Arizona! In fact, Goldendoodles of all sizes require exercise for their overall health and happiness, even mini Goldendoodles. HEALTH: Certifying that their breeding stock is health tested in accordance with the recommendations of their breed’s AKC Breed Parent Club. Also, they have a good overview of health testing: https://www.goldendoodleassociation.com/about-gana/health-testing-requirements/. Gold & Silver's Pets Walnutcreek, Ohio 44687 There are a variety of sizes of Goldendoodles ranging from petite to standard. Location: Near Columbus Ohio. Box 536, Bettsville, Ohio, 44815, Address: 13550 Rainbow Lake Rd, Shade, OH 45776, Generation: Multi-Generational Goldendoodles. Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe is considered a medium Goldendoodle. Location: Near Akron, Ohio. As the mom of a medium Goldendoodle named Chloe, I’ve done my fair share of homework on these lovable and comical dogs. These family pets enjoy being part of the pack and will love exploring the world with you. A medium Goldendoodle is about 17″ to 21″ tall from shoulder to paw and weighs about 36 to 50 pounds. If Chloe gets in a daily walk, a game or two (or three) of fetch, or some outdoor time to run, she’s content. (2020). I see mini or standard. Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe is considered a medium Goldendoodle. Of course not. Visit our Health Testing Requirements page to see the requirements for your breed(s). Address: 4635 Linnville Road SE, Heath, OH 43056. According to the AKC, the loyal Golden Retriever is about 55-75 pounds and 21″ to 24″ tall.

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