Aang flees, but he isn't ready to give up.

When they cross into the edge of a canyon, Toph excitedly announces that they've made it.

This strands them in the middle of the water, with the serpent circling around them. After Aang decides to host a dance party for a bunch of Fire Nation students, Toph helps him with the construction (Earthbending). By the smile on her face she was gleeful about getting another chance to correct him. Toph and Aang start to fight, but Toph's mother asks if they should move to the living room for desert. Next As she laughs, Aang realizes she is the laughing girl from the vision he had in the swamp. Aang attacks the serpent, telling Katara to get the others across while he distracts it.

While both Sokka and Katara realize that she is lying and is in fact running away from home, Aang seems to believe that she is being genuine and accepts her into the group happily.

Later, Sokka, Katara, and Aang are getting ready for bed as guests of Toph's family.

Katara compliments that Toph is not only confident and self-assured, but also pretty. Katara and Toph both want to leave Ba Sing Se, as they have found Appa and thus have no reason to remain there.

She even makes an appearance in Book 4: Balance of The Legend of Korra, the spinoff series set 70 years after Avatar's conclusion, which is now making a splash in the world of video games to boot.

Along with that, Toph gives both Lin, and her younger daughter Suyin (Anne Heche), too much freedom, perhaps overcompensating for her own rigid upbringing. Through Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and all the canonical graphic novels, there's a lot to learn about Toph, and she has quite the story. It's also a key aspect of Kuvira (Zelda Williams), the main antagonist of Book Four: Balance. without warning I ran, as a blind airbender I learned to see with small aircurrents.

Toph tries to shield herself from the fire, but she steps back while the fire is spreading, and it burns her feet. This leaves Xin Fu and Yu locked very uncomfortably within the coffin, and Xin Fu frustrated as ever at having to spend time with his companion while Yu needs to use the bathroom. As the Blind Bandit is escorted to the ring, the crowd cheers. Fire Nation Man is a reference to wrestling's tradition of ersatz "bad guys" (referred to in professional wrestling slang as "Heels"). Avatar: The Last Airbender As the group drills for their final assault, Toph plays as the Melon Lord and really gets into her role, nearly hitting Sokka with her Earthbending ("Watch it Toph!"

At Master Yu's Earthbending Academy, Aang uses the flyer's coupon to receive a free "lesson"; however, he is merely clobbered by boulders.

Aang stands his ground and defeats the mother using his airbending, saving Sokka. After Sokka reads it aloud, Toph is delighted at the nickname. Upset at losing, Toph leaves the arena without ever giving Aang a chance to explain who he is and why he is searching for her. In " Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into The Inferno", Toph mistakes Sokka's comment about taking the wheel thinking he was referring to her. Katara, though clearly incensed by the insulting retort, brings herself to half-heartedly tell Toph goodnight and walks back to her own tent. Katara rephrases her last statement, telling her that they all have a job to do, including Momo, who then appears on her shoulder with berries. According to in-universe lore, badgermoles were the first creatures to master earthbending — so Toph's clearly learning from the best. Her father protests, saying Toph is blind, tiny, helpless and fragile, which causes Toph to reject her father and assist them. However, the fighting is in vain, as Azula soon has the King at flame-point. With the help of her best friend Yaoyorozu and a weird short man (who claims to be an animal? (" The Ember Island Players"). Throughout Lin's life, Toph avoids discussing her father with her. She cheers, and congratulates herself for her discovery, before continuing her assault on the coffin's walls. She is accustomed to lying on the ground, and walking everywhere barefoot leaving her soles quite soiled.

After defeating all the challengers, The Boulder has a chance to take on the Earth Rumble champion, the Blind Bandit.

Katara creates an ice bridge for the others to cross, then leaps to help Aang without a second thought.

Her blows send out vibrations, allowing her to sense the fragments of Earth contained within the metal. However, Aang chooses to evade the rolling boulder, thus angering Toph. ("The Swamp") Aang recognizes her during Earth Rumble Six, realizing that she was in his vision and is perhaps the Earthbending teacher he has been searching for. Meanwhile, as Team Avatar, now a quartet, flies away on Appa, a contented smile breaks across Toph's face. Toph is brutally honest when criticizing others. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While going through Toph's possessions, Katara discovers the wanted poster and has an argument with Toph, to which Toph angrily replies that Katara is not her mother and should not tell her what to do. After faking handing her in to the police, it turns out to be a trap set by Combustion Man. The girls are initially refused entry by a guard, who rejects even Toph's family seal. He remembered how he betrayed him and how ashamed he was at his actions. Sokka finds a wanted poster for 'The Runaway' (aka Toph). (" The Blind Bandit"). ulling a cart carrying Master Yu and Xin Fu as well as Toph, who is trapped within a huge metal box.

With Katara acting as a scribe, she writes down a heartfelt message for her parents and it is delivered using Sokka's newly adopted Messenger Hawk, Hawky (without Sokka's permission). When Toph is captured and trapped in a metal box, she senses the impurities in the metals and learns how to manipulate them, successfully breaking out. Although Master Yu is mentioned as a candidate for Aang's teacher by Toph's father, Aang attempts to bring up the possibility of Toph as his teacher instead, but she hits Aang's foot with earthbending under the table to try to keep him quiet. Master Yu starts to get up to let her out, but Xin Fu sharply pulls him back from the action, noticing the obvious trick where his companion does not. He finds Sokka trapped in a crack in the earth and tries airbending him out.

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