Make your own argument about an issue or idea raised in Pati Navalta Poblete’s book The Oracles. Then restate the main point that you learned about your topic,idea or concept and about YOURSELF. It's a pretty unique experience but I am afraid is going to end up being like a total show off or sounding arrogant or actually not being related to the prompt at all. If you simply answer each of the questions in this prompt, you will have a potentially bland explanation of why the “topic, idea or concept” excites you. When I learned about the concept of quantum physics in high school, I was hooked. share . No matter how much you love any “topic, idea or concept,” it can still be challenging to write about in a way that is interesting and compelling. For some it may be along the basis of greed or want of knowledge. However, I believe there could be a potential pitfall in writing an essay about one of your intellectual passions. You will have both an engaging personal story and an interesting problem to feature in your essay.). Notice how there was nothing personal or specific. The continuous changes in the international area have created the necessity for a flexible legal framework that could achieve the above target. My interest in Biology and Chemistry has over … This really Helped me on my College application because it asked the same exact question. Back story: Now provide some background or context for that moment, incident or experience and explain more about your topic, idea or concept. who need that extra push to find ways to make their essay readable, personal and non-academic. This is 100% legal. There are many ways to approach your essay, so use this if it makes sense and feel free to take it in any direction you want. This research essay analyses the above statement and arrives at a conclusion. There are many different things that a person may say when asked what sparks their intellectual curiosity. Is so, why is that good, too? Hot Tips for new Common Application Prompt 6, 3 Fixes for Cliche College Application Essay Topics, Start Your Personal Statement the Right Way, The Trouble with Boys and College Application Essays, How To Give College Admissions Officials Essays They Want, Online course for writing college admissions essays. Click book image to learn about all four of my popular writing guides! I have selected a very significant project regarding the preservation of the old and historical places. “Human Intellectual Curiosity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6500 Words”, n.d. This is called an “anecdote.” (1 to 2 paragraphs). Did learning about this topic, concept or idea lead you to other ideas or passions in your life? Here we require effective communication to provide better interaction among the designer, developers, and history preservation... ...Hello, I have read this and thinks it’s perfect I have slight amendments which are highlighted in red. Shift into what you learned from that pursuit to dig deeper into your intellectual curiosity. This thread is archived. I'm applying for UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) and I'm required to a prompt 1 that reads "Describe what sparks your intellectual curiosity, and explain how and why it has this effect." Intellectual curiosity is a term mainly used to describe an individual's desire to invest energy and time into an activity of learning. Thanks! Here are a few questions you could ask related to your “topic, idea or concept”: This new Common Application prompt 6 reminds me of the old Common App prompt: “Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content.”. End with how you expect to apply what you learned in your future dream and goals. Look for a personal story to illustrate the main point you want to make about whatever “topic, idea or concept” you write about. It was ditched by The Common Application folks last year, purportedly because it failed to inspire strong personal statements. 2 comments. Others may just simply love to learn, and their pleasure from learning is what sparks their curiosity. It’s critical that whatever “topic, idea or concept” you write about for Common Application prompt 6 allows you to make most of the essay about YOU—as opposed to a report-like essay simply about whatever “topic, idea or concept” you decide to write about. 6. Online Mini Course: How to Write a College Application Essay, Video: How to Answer Common Application Essay Prompt 4, New Common Application Prompts for 2017-18, My Best Writing Tip for Improving College Application Essays. The Story is about Ann Howard; she is a 33-year-old young mother, who married a successful man called Howard... Decribe Someting that I had Hard time Giving up. Nevertheless, these diseases can and do manifest in individuals more than others. Please don’t let all my warning scare you off this prompt if it speaks to you. This is a generalization, but I believe the very students who will want to write about Common Application prompt 6 are the same ones who will need to be encouraged and coached to make sure to not let it get too scientific or weighed down in esoteric or technical language or theme. Something has to happen. And for something to happen, something has to go sideways—a problem. While trying to learn more about your topic, concept or idea, what did you learn about YOURSELF and how you think and learn? Why does it captivate you? “Intellectual curiosity” is a fancy way of saying how you think and learn. If you knocked over a shelf of books onto the head librarian, or your grandparents home flooded during a hurricane or you came face-to-face with a mama bear on your hike, then your essay could be interesting. To make sure you don’t miss it, follow my blog by leaving your email via Sumome pop-up invite or in field on right sidebar. When persons are willing to invest the resources of time and energy into something, the process, of learning and gathering new experiences, becomes natural and a part of discovery. Two Hot Tips for Common Application prompt 6: Include a story and a problem (usually these go together anyway). Perfect for The Common App, UCs, grad school, transfer and scholarship essays! Starting from the year 1997 onwards, the U.K. Department for Education and Employment had allowed for additional funding of $7.2 million to ensure that medical schools are able to pay clinical academia staff the awards that have been recommended for doctors and dentists in the NHS, by the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (Beecham, 1996). You will only “tell” us about it and how you learned more about it. (Personnel Today, 2007). Loved the outline you provided, Your email address will not be published. Instead, search for a way to make the topic more personal in your essay; to personalize your topic. (Notice almost all the other prompts include some type of problem, in the form of obstacles, stories, setback, challenge, failure, problem, question, etc.). Share both the good and the bad about what you learned. Degradation by. Share more about your experience with this topic, idea or concept using other real-life examples that further support your main point (Why you love it so much). Why? That is why it’s helpful to work in some type of challenge/problem/obstacle related to your “topic, idea or concept” so you create a platform in your essay to share your intellectual curiosity beyond a general explanation. Word on the street among admissions counselors and college application essay wonks like myself (and based on what I saw with my students) was that it prompted dull and often sappy essays. Intellectual curiosity is the essence of human nature that has led to all the achievements of Mankind. Click to create a comment or rate a document, Technological Advancements: Impact on Human Intellectual Development, The Universality in International Human Rights, Effects of Human Resource Systems on Manufacturing Performance and Turnover, The Evolution of Human Resource Management, National Health Service Human Resource Planning, The British Constitution vs The Human Rights Act 1998, Relationship between Intellectual Property and Human Rights. However, in order for such a task to be successful, there must be a specific theoretical ‘vehicle’ that could present with accuracy both the existing situation, the problems under examination and the desired result. As a professional writing coach, I help students, parents, counselors, teachers and others from around the world on these dreaded essays! People like to say, oh yay, a positive prompt like this Common Application prompt 6 because it doesn’t directly ask the students to include some type of problem or “bad thing”. Because we suddenly feel for you and want to know how you handled the problem and what happened. Hi, can anyone PM so I can get somet thoughts if this applies as an intellectual curiosity essay? MOST IMPORTANT: Reflect (look back) on this experience related to your topic, idea or concept and describe what you learned—not just about the topic, idea or concept–but what you learned about yourself (how you learn, what you value, etc.).

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