[28][31] She believes in free education for the United States and affordable housing. [18] Kasparian and her co-host Uygur applied a populist left branding strategy that made TYT a successful global online organisation, with larger numbers of YouTube subscribers than several other notable news networks like CNN. [15][21] She became a part-time journalist and op-ed writer at The Raw Story news outlet in May 2015. Anahit Misak "Ana" Kasparian[1] (/kəˈspæriən/; born July 7, 1986)[2] is an American political commentator, media host, university instructor, and journalist. The Young Turks (TV Series 2005– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

She liked working at The Young Turks enough that she decided to stay in media. TYT University then turned into a show called "Think Tank" debuting on January 1, 2015 with different hosts and different topics but aimed at the same demographic. TYT is Progressive Headquarters on Election Day, Save the Date: Tu Música, Tu Voz, Tu Voto, Governor Rick Scott TRIES To Speak Spanish at Trump Rally | Trump Trucks Run Down Biden Bus, Trump Cheers | Cops Pepper Spray Children at PEACEFUL Rally in North Carolina | Trump Preps White House Bunker For Election Day Protests | Trump Denies He'll "Call It" on Election Night, Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept | Trump Strands Rally Goers Across United States. "[30] She has spoken out about campaign finance reform which is meant to get money out of politics. (archive footage) (uncredited), supervising producer (10 episodes, 2011-2012), executive producer (6 episodes, 2011-2012), executive producer (5 episodes, 2011-2012), associate producer (5 episodes, 2011-2012), producer / associate producer (5 episodes, 2012), technical production manager (20 episodes, 2013), chyron operator / duet operator (2 episodes, 2011-2013). Official Sites [7] She grew up speaking Armenian as her first language and started kindergarten without being able to speak a word of English.

"[32], American political pundit, online news show host and producer, Kasparian says she grew up in Reseda at 2:00 mark of, Kasparian explains this at the 0:20 mark of, Kasparian describes her experience with KFWB and KNX from 1:20 to 3:20 in the, History of the Armenian Americans in Los Angeles, "The Young Turks ... From an Armenian's Perspective", "The Young Turks Declare Independence on YouTube", Mom Jailed For Putting Kids In Good School, People Don't Trust Foreign Accents – Study, "TYT Postgame July 12, 2017: Ballet, Childhood, Being a Public Figure", "The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian Won't Pretend To Be Neutral", "Words From Friends: Chatting With Ana Kasparian, Host of The Young Turks", Bad Internships for College Students & Graduates, "AskAna: Boss Ana, Yoga, Teacher Ana, Hanging Out, Life w/out TYT, Feminism, Hosting, Food", "MIPTV: Online Video Gets Its Day in the Sun at Cannes", "TYT University has been reborn as Think Tank! © Copyright 2020 The Young Turks, Inc. All Rights Reserved. [6] She was raised in the Reseda neighborhood of Los Angeles. Release Dates She was first hired on to do marketing but "weaseled" her way into doing on-air segments. [13][14] After getting her Bachelor of Arts, Journalism (BAJ) at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) she became an assistant producer with CBS Radio news stations in Los Angeles, first with KFWB and then KNX. Kasparian described what she liked about working at TYT: "What I loved about the show was that it was unscripted. She formerly hosted The Point on the TYT Network and currently co-hosts a Jacobin YouTube show, Weekends with Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks. The Young Turks (TYT) is an American liberal and left-wing news and opinion show on YouTube that additionally appears on selected television channels. Francesca Fiorentini is a correspondent and comedian. (archive footage) (uncredited), Self (2010) In a Forbes interview she also stated that she cannot pretend to be a "robot that's always neutral." She also appeared on the television version of the show that aired on Current TV. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Self (2008) [9] She danced ballet from the age of 3 to the age of 19 and performed ballet professionally throughout those years. [24][25] Michael Brooks died suddenly in July 2020.

Company Credits Filming & Production After having eloped, they had a public wedding in September 2016 which Cenk Uygur, fellow co-host of The Young Turks, officiated. ... Women's / Reproductive Rights . She is also the host of “Red White and Who?” on MSNBC and has been a correspondent on “Explorer” on NatGeo. However, this show came to a close by releasing its last episode on January 5, 2016.

She also is a weekly host on the Jacobin YouTube show Weekends with Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks. ", https://jacobinmag.com/2020/04/weekends-with-ana-kasparian-and-michael-brooks, https://blubrry.com/jacobin/62042237/weekends-with-ana-kasparian-and-michael-brooks-june-6-2020-ft-tour-reed/, "Does "Burkini" Ban Make France More Free, Or Less? [22][27][28], Kasparian has described herself as an atheist who pushes for progressive values. She said that she was lucky to be hired immediately after graduating, but did not like working for CBS Radiobecause mainstream media is "not fun" due to the "robotic work environment" where she could not say … | This is why she believes young people are attracted to online media because there are fewer tele-prompters and people are more genuine. She gave a TEDx talk on this subject explaining a path that could be taken to achieve campaign finance reform in December 2016.

As a host and producer, Francesca helped Al Jazeera Media Network successfully launch the online news channel AJ+ in … Join the Growing list of volunteers and fighting to abolish propaganda and return our government and media to we the people! Journalist, activist and stand up comedian Francesca Fiorentini has spent most of her life comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable -- from the streets to the screen to the stage. All pushed in real time to all your devices with your favorite content. In fact, she was supposed to leave after two weeks but said she "kind of refused." It was just completely unfiltered." | Currently co-hosted by Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and John Iad…

instructor) at California State University, Northridge and began teaching journalism in August 2013. TYT serves as the flagship program of the TYT Network, a multi-channel network of associated web series focusing on news and current events. [8] She has said watching Sesame Street as a child is what helped her to learn English quickly. She is the host and head writer of the web series Newsbroke on AJ+, the digital outlet of Al Jazeera Media Network. [13], She posits that young people are interested in news, but "they see network anchors as simply folks who read tele-prompters." Check our the latest merchandise and special limited time offers in Shop TYT so you may proudly wear your support!

After getting her Bachelor of Arts, Journalism (BAJ) at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) she became an assistant producer with CBS Radio news stations in Los Angeles, first with KFWB and then KNX. People who rebel against societal expectations."

Melissa has been named as the most beautiful women in the world, world’s most beautiful news reporter and TV’s sexiest news anchor in the world numerous times. The program was created by Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Dave Koller. ", "NoFilter – How Private Prisons are Sucking Up YOUR Tax Dollars", "How To Fix America's Broken Justice System – Ana Kasparian – TEDxCSUN", "Journalism Grad, Professor Ana Kasparian Appears on 'The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, 2009 imprisonment of American journalists by North Korea, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ana_Kasparian&oldid=986082847, California State University, Northridge alumni, California State University, Northridge faculty, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected biographies of living people, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 17:59. Get your daily dose of TYT with up-to-the-minute exclusive articles, post show analysis and happenings on the network!

The show was hosted by John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston. [13] Her views on cultural appropriation as it applies to Halloween costumes have been controversial, although generally well received.

[5], In late 2015, Kasparian married Minor League Baseball player, model, and actor Christian Lopez. [17] She has also worked with AOL News, YouTube, TidalTv and On Point. It was raw. So, these are the top 12 hottest female anchors in the world in 2020 who appeals most to the viewers. [19] She co-hosted TYT University, a show focused on issues faced by university students that ran from March 15, 2011 to December 31, 2014, where she first hosted with Jayar Jackson and then John Iadarola.

Weekly Newsletter See what you missed with a weekly recap of TYT shows and invesigative reporting. John also produces and serves as a weekly cohost for The Young Turks, while appearing regularly on What The Flick, The Point, and nearly every show on the TYT network. Follow More . | [10] Kasparian graduated from Valley Alternative Magnet High School of Van Nuys in 2004[11] and California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. She enrolled in a master's degree program as a "way out" of media. [22][23] Kasparian appeared on "Take Part Live" several times in 2014, sometimes as a guest and sometimes as a co-host. Jayar is a writer, producer, and contributor for The Young Turks. See what you missed with a weekly recap of TYT shows and invesigative reporting.

The Damage Report With John Iadarola. [29] She wants criminal justice reform and has been a critic of private and for-profit prisons calling them "hideous institutions. View John Iadarola’s Bio; Jayar Jackson. Pick your favorite topics, hosts, shows, and canidates. [4][5], Los Angeles-born Kasparian is the daughter of Armenian immigrant parents. [3] She is the main host and a producer of the online news show The Young Turks, having begun working as a fill-in producer for the show in 2007. The Young Turks Best News & Cultural Channel

You’ll also get updates on town halls and special events! [12], Kasparian said that seeing journalist Barbara Walters on 20/20 inspired her to get into journalism. The Largest Online News Show in the World. (archive footage) (uncredited), Self (2009) She was at first skeptical of her new work environment as an Armenian saying: "The Young Turks is a strange name," but after working there the name was explained to her as: "it essentially means rebels. TYT covers politics, lifestyle, pop culture, science, sport and other social topics. John Iadarola is the Host and Creator of ThinkTank on YouTube. The Young Turks 25 MOST INFLUENTIAL in Political News Media #21 CENK UYGUR 2017. [26], Kasparian became a lecturer (i.e. Kasparian said that seeing journalist Barbara Walters on 20/20 inspired her to get into journalism. She completed her Master of Political Science in 2010. With a sharp sense of humor and pointed wit rivaling anyone in the industry, Ana Kasparian has captivated viewers as host and producer of the online news show The Young Turks and a new show titled “NoFilter” where Ana expresses her unfiltered opinion and commentary on tough topics. [15][16] She said that she was lucky to be hired immediately after graduating,[13] but did not like working for CBS Radio because mainstream media is "not fun" due to the "robotic work environment" where she could not say what she wanted on air or do stories that were important to her.

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