They are “protecting our interests.”. It also marks the start of the prison’s fourth year under the direction of the Trump administration. DELIVERING RAW, UNADULTERATED TRUTH IN NEWS REPORTING, Add, Follow, & Share Operation Q's Articles On: All Platforms, Disclosure Red Pill Links Package: Good vs. The reason for these clones is because humanity has not yet awakened enough to handle knowing all the crimes these sick disgusting Deep State Freemasonic Illuminati Cabal Globalist Satanists are truly involved in. Furthermore, there has been numerous additions and updates to these lists thanks to Brian Robert Hyland from Conspiracy Daily Update. HMM News and the Humorous Mathematics Media Network do not make any claims as to the validity of the information expressed in the opinion section, however we do encourage the reader to do further research on their own and we hope that you will share your findings with us. (NOT THE REAL HARRY), MEGHAN MARKLE ARRESTED & EXECUTED (TRANSGENDER CIA), ROY HORN OF SIGFREID & ROY ARRESTED & EXECUTED, FRED THE GODSON (RAPPER) ARRESTED & EXECUTED, JOEL ROGOSIN (WRITER) ARRESTED & EXECUTED, MATTHEW SELIGMAN (MUSICIAN) ARRESTED & EXECUTED, HAL WILNER (PRODUCER) ARRESTED & EXECUTED, Dwayne Johnson (the rock) ARRESTED & EXECUTED, Kyriakos Mitsotakis PM GREECE ARRESTED WAITING TRIBUNAL, Panagiotis Pikrammenos DEPUTY PM ARRESTED WAITING TRIBUNAL, Elizabeth Warren ARRESTED WAITING TRIBUNAL, Nydia Velázquez ARRESTED WAITING TRIBUNAL, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ARRESTED WAITING TRIBUNAL, King Harald V OF NORWAY ARRESTED & EXECUTED, Queen Sonja OF NORWAY ARRESTED & EXECUTED, Erna Solberg PM OF NORWAY ARRESTED & IN PRISON, Stefan Löfven PM OF SWEDEN ARRESTED & EXECUTED, Carl XVI Gustaf KING OF SWEDEN ARRESTED & EXECUTED, Silvia Renate Sommerlath GUSTAF QUEEN OF SWEDEN ARRESTED & EXECUTED, ANGELA MERKEL CHANCLOR OF GERMANY ARRESTED & EXECUTED (HILTER’S DAUGHTER), Frank-Walter Steinmeier PRESIDENT OF GERMANY ARRESTED & EXECUTED, Sauli Niinistö PRES. As noted, explanations of the intelligence used to justify the prisoners’ detention were often concocted and inserted into a prisoner’s record after he was arrested and sent to Guantánamo. Another of these categories, titled “Abandoned in Guantánamo,” concerns the 89 Yemenis still in detention at Guantánamo when “Gitmo Files” was published—more than half of those remaining. Get'em Trump and let us all see them finally suffer! Evil + Extras, Guide To Begin Researching & Exposing The Deep State, Guide To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency & Consciousness, Politically Biased Censorship, Paid Discreditation Shills, & Fact Checkers. The memoranda collected in “Gitmo Files” shine a revealing light into the U.S. military’s system of arrest, detention, and interrogation of terror suspects after the Sept. 11 tragedies. And then there is Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and CIA renditions to “black sites” where either they (CIA) or their allies (Eygpt, Syria [then] etc) tortured captives akin to those held in Gitmo.

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