inform... It’s important to get plenty of sleep at night. Homeowner Susie Molnar was one of those who ended up with a room that made no sense. As previously mentioned, many couples were not happy with the final renovations of their rooms. He also described himself in the suit as a" handsome and wildly popular TV personality.". After her firing, TLC announced that the show would not have a host. Yep, Hildi worked her way into the design by leaving behind a little art - of herself! 10 2 In case you didn’t know, that’s $49,000 more than usual. Those reveals were always THEE best lol! A few names come up over and over again (:cough: Hildi :cough:). The New York Times began hailing it as "TLC’s prime-time jewel.". One homeowner, Kim Riggles, loved her new kitchen, but later complained that the seat cushions used in the room "pretty much disintegrated" quickly. She was the one who painted a mural of her face on someone's dining room wall and the one who decided to fasten all of the furniture in a living to the ceiling. Maybe it doesn't seem like a show about redesigning rooms would have scandals, but Trading Spaces definitely had its share of secrets. But rumors have a way of becoming belief, and Davis' reputation suffered for it. for not blogging. Everyone's favorite carpenter with the winning smile and charming attitude, Ty Pennington, got hit by a lawsuit in 2003 from a builders group in Oklahoma when he failed to appear for an event that he had signed on for. Robin, who currently lives in Missouri with her five cats, loves all things French and has a serious obsession with Doctor Who. Candles all around in a home with an 18-month-old baby? Here are 15 Dark Secrets Behind Trading Spaces You Had No Idea About. I had almost forgotten. A revival began airing on April 7, 2018, with several team members of the original run returning. Better late than never they say. 4 Why was she even allowed in the show! That show aired from 1996 to 2004 in the UK. Do you remember Hildi and her shenanigans? So when it came to airing Trading Spaces, the network didn't really seem to know what to do with it. year, I just couldn’t get in the mood. Lord Jezus it's a floating table. ), ( Happy weekend! Did you watch Trading Spaces? Trading Spaces aired from 2000 to 2008 and introduced the world to a cast and crew that remains ingrained in the psyches of all design-obsessed, reality-show addicts of the early aughts. ), we've wondered what the show's former host, designers, and carpenters have been up to since … or "there were so many flowers in that bathroom!". It also didn't help that the designers and carpenters had such a limited amount of time to convert a space into something else. She lives in Paris and remains pretty well known. These rooms. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It's Week 4 of the One Room Challenge/Highpoint Market Edition  and that is always a tough week becau... Hello peeps. The series aired in the late afternoon on weekdays and in the mornings on weekends, which are hardly good programming slots. In 2017, TLC announced that it was reviving the show that put the network on the map: Trading Spaces.The home improvement show was a ratings … Later on in the series, though, this rule changed: anything that went over budget had to get tossed out of a room. "I would end up buying anything I thought had good bones and would keep it in the room with a receipt taped to it.". You know we love to hear from you so yes, holla, holla back. The best thing about the burlap on the walls is that it's easier to take down than glued on hay… art! It shouldn’t be She quickly became the villain of design television. And Hildi certainly made a name for herself. Oh, and she's been practically living in museums. Yip got the offer to appear on the series right after winning the Southeast Designer of the Year award, so he didn't think that doing a reality show was for him. Then there is the infamous brown room: homeowner Jessie Stephens, who said up front that she did not want a brown room. I remember hating Hildi's designs so much that it hurt. Ins... *To have someone who knows all of my stuff. "They felt the video tape and questionnaire were too constricting and thought if these people wanted to hire designers, then they should do that," Yip said. Exciting news!!! I need to watch some of these design I have no idea who this lady is but....Whhhhaaaaatttt is she doing? Let them eat hay! Or maybe the cost of living was just higher in the U.S. at the time. “The designers are working with cheaper products, cheaper fabrics to stay within budgets," she wrote, as reported by Fame 10. OH do I remember her rooms....How could anyone who saw them...ever forget?It has been interesting see some of the "old" bunch show up here and there....Some have become great successes, like Vern and Genevieve ! Brace yourselves. "I spent a lot of time at the Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel outlets," he said. regularly.We ... Hi friends, how are you feeling today? Once couples got chosen for the series, they wrote down a list of ideas for their room renovation, as well as detailed out things like favorite colors and styles in a questionnaire. belonged to me. Why trust us? If nothing else, it was a riot. It seems that nothing came of the lawsuit, though, because there are no further reports about it since the news broke concerning the suit five years ago. * But we'll have to watch to find out. I felt so bad for the family who had her working in their home. 34 Although the concept behind Trading Spaces seemed novel when it aired its first episode in 2000, the truth is that the series was not actually an original idea. Yep, walls filled with hay, in a home with small children no less. If you ask us, that has Hildi's name written all over it. This is why so many couples ended up unhappy with the final results of their rooms. There was one major difference between the two shows, though: the budget for Changing Rooms was considerably smaller, making it even more of a challenge for the homeowners and designers. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Trading Spaces set the bar for many series that followed and sparked an interest with American audiences with other shows about home remodeling and improvement. It also launched the career of Ty Pennington, who went on to become the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. "The criticism I get is wonderful, because it empowers me to do better," she says. In 2012, the carpenter sued a company called World of Floors for using his image without his permission. TLC also had problems defining itself as a network, spending years trying to rebrand itself. Robin is also the author of a series of speculative fiction novels: Zeus, Inc.; The Curse of Hekate; and Return of The Titans. Trading Spaces is an hour-long American television reality program that originally aired from 2000 to 2008 on the cable channels TLC and Discovery Home.The format of the show was based on the BBC TV series Changing Rooms.The first iteration ran for eight seasons. WTH? He had a conflicting agreement with ABC (probably due to his filming schedule with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition). ), ( Mimosa Lane has a new website at a new address!!! The second way was if a couple refused to let the team change things like curtains, furniture, cabinets and flooring. 11 I also remember her because she is an upholsterer by trade...I think? 26 "I finally decided to do it, because I really loved that it was the first show to say great design shouldn't just be relegated to the top of the socio-economic ladder — it should be available at all price points," Yip told House Beautiful. I can't even see straight after looking at this one. So fake flowers multiplied by a 1000? By then, it reached about nine million viewers per episode. Visit Robin's website for more information on her fiction work or to contact her. The room is also the smallest space she's designed on the show. Lawsuit … But sand in my house and circus color stripes? A lot of people are fussing about paint jobs that are not finished and about inferior carpentry.". I used to watch it all the time. "I hear the word cheap a lot; I’ve heard cheesy. This bat crazy decision got so testy that the homeowners threatened a lawsuit. Remember we chatted about her fabulous ... For 25 years, our client Debbie stared at dropped ceilings, outdated wooden cabinets and tiles, wood paneling - everywhere; a broken dishwas... Holy Smokes and Gee Whiz , and Happy Freaking New Year! The lawsuit quietly went away, meaning that the two groups probably settled out of court. 13 of the Worst "Trading Spaces" Reveals in the History of the Show. ), ( Blog Design by Yep, walls filled with hay, in a home with small children no less. Some hated the redesigns so much that they turned around and undid all that work almost immediately, redoing it in the way that they originally wanted (or reverting it back to its original design). I hope The show just wasn't the same without her. But she made for great television and I'm pretty sure her shenanigans made Trading Spaces a ratings bonanza during its heyday. We are blessed. That's surprising considering that Yip is easily the designer fans loved the most - he always delivered a perfect room, even on a tight budget. Add the warm tones of... [image:] The network got desperate and asked Davis to come back as the show's host, but her returned time on the series was short-lived. Well....I wish I could give you the The BBC had a series called Changing Rooms, which was a reality show with a host that had the same premise: two couples switch houses for a few days to renovate a room in each home with the help of a designer. There is still so much interest in the series that TLC plans on bringing it back, along with many of its original cast members, including host Paige Davis. One of the things that really hurt Trading Spaces was the firing of Paige Davis, after which the series went through a strange period of trying to reimagine itself. That meant that couples could get themselves disqualified from the show in one of three ways. remarkable... [image: Juniper Print Shop – Our Favorite Fall Prints] It's really hard to completely renovate part of a house for a measly $1,000 (later $2,000), but the Trading Spaces team made it look possible. By Lauren Smith McDonough. Yes, Ty Pennington and Amy Wynn Pastor had another helper than fans never got to see. I think it's safe to say y'all know how I feel about fake flowers. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Best Reactions to the "Trading Spaces" Premiere, 5 Moments You Missed in the New "Trading Spaces", What Being on "Trading Spaces" Was Really Like, What It's Like Being a "Trading Spaces" Carpenter, A Look Inside Paige Davis’ New York City Apartment, What Doug of "Trading Spaces" Has Been Up To, What Frank Bielec Has Been Doing All These Years, The Trailer for the New "Trading Spaces" Is Here, Paige Davis' First "Trading Spaces" Reboot Photo, Photo: Courtesy of TLC / Illustration: Betsy Farrell. Like everyone else, I love the beach. 1 And chairs. The truth is that projects often went over budget, and, originally, producers made designers pay whatever extra amount they went over. This kept designers on their toes, although the always prepared Yip had a back-up plan. The production company settled out of court with the homeowners to have this mess removed and their home redone.

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