I personally do not know how to make a rollercoaster, the developers of Theme Park Tycoon 2 have done some really amazing work. Rollercoasters are indeed very hard to build, and to anyone without considerable experience, the curves and bends can be a nightmare to rig up. ... Theme Hospital It's a matter of laugh or death in Theme Hospital™, the latest addition to the Theme series. The red ring affects the Y-axis (vertical). Use "Snap node to grid" if you are trying to transition into the basic editor. The tool in question would convert a named part with an arrow facing towards the front of said part into a single track segment. It's easier to make chicanes with auto-smooth disabled. I just can’t get the car and track to be smooth enough to feel like one. The third mode, "Rotate spline node," uses rings to manipulate the spline node. If auto-smooth is disabled, there are three rings (similar to spherical manipulation). ", Move spline node"Move the spline node being built. I’ve visited some games in the past that use CFrame and the movement is so precise, it’s like real-life. Trolls can derail the coaster train with ease by spamming jumping or standing on the track. Theme Park Tycoon 2 Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Physics-based coaster trains run the course at unrealistic speeds (due to using no friction) and before you know it, the ride is over. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nice theme park! Whether they’re still active, I’m not sure. https://tpt2.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Roller_coasters?oldid=17416. To open the advanced coaster creator, click "Advanced editor" while editing a custom-track ride. I’ve tried using plugins but most of the time they don’t work the way I intend them to. Amazing theme park! Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. I’d love to help build it with you, but I’ve since lost skill in building coasters so I’m no longer up for the job. So I was wondering if there was any sort of way I could create a roller coaster in roblox that would work well. Some Auto-Smooths may be available if you look in the right places or contact a tier coaster builder. ", Rotate spline node"Rotate the spline node being built.". I believe your best bet would be to take screenshots of prebuilt coasters, like Dominus said, and keep trying with plugins. You can also find and unpack pre-built rollercoasters on the marketplace, and see how they work, using that as a reference. Using CFrame also allows you to make your coaster train run more realistically. https://tpt2.fandom.com/wiki/Advanced_coaster_creator?oldid=17485. They support track banking unlike other custom track rides.All Roller coasters can have a maximum of 5 trains at one time, with each train being made up of 1, 3, 5 or 7 cars (legacy physics) or 1 … You should contact some famed coaster builders. The blue ring affects the roll (bank). The second mode, "Move spline node," uses six arrows to manipulate the spline node. Maybe join some random servers and take some screenshot of some pre-made rollercoasters. To build a station segment in the advanced editor, it needs to be exactly 8 studs long, as well as aligned to the grid on both ends. You can try using Archimedes Two, but at the cost of manual creation of banked turns and inversions. The white arrow affects the length of the track piece. Archimedes Two is a good plugin to make curvature and hills, but it does not support instant and easy banking and superelevation like the Auto-Smooth tools from '12 and '13. Many premium coasters use CFrame to move, since the Roblox physics engine isn’t as reliable when it comes to fluent motion of the coaster train. I wanted know if there were any good ways to create good rollercoaster in roblox? I wasn’t sure where to put this so I just decided here.

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