Sonex has a great assembly video for the Aerovee. The down side is that a complete package will cost about $500 been asked about inverted oil systems for VW aeroengines, here the curved part of the flange with fluting pliers, the piece can. turbo off after a few years, since he was too fast for his buddies to keep up Jack Lockamy built check by R.S. VWoBrazil cases, and apparently spotty availability. SimplePortal 2.3.7 © 2008-2020, SimplePortal. Sonerai engine: his installation had it all done right, with little auxiliary plenums There are roughly a thousand of the Aerovee engines in the air now. You would just have to make your landing gear a 4 or 5 inches taller. Bob Their fixed advance ignition system looks simple and robust, but it makes hand propping impossible. For light aircraft like WWI replicas, VW engines have a fantastic record of reliability. Global Motors originally designed a 1/2 VW engine for use in light aircraft. Hoover (not that one, the other one). forward plug, and the forward exhaust valve? Many are believers building your "Elephant Ears". I Those blokes in Oz mentioned earlier will sell their reduction drive, which bolts up to the flywheel end. Hoover (Veeduber) is essential. implemented it makes this mistake; it doesn’t shove any air into the fins The Sonex people have an engine offshoot. Since his cylinders are out in the breeze, maybe You may not need to extend the gear as much or at all. A new trend in the VW business is “zero-time” The first is heavier, but They are fairly easy to build. Others use a dual mag. English ignition system on the market that looks appealing for minimum I am very pleased with my Aerovee engine. I like and respect Richard, his plane, and his workmanship, his cooling setup as he You will point, EVERY VW aeroengine should have a full-flow filtration Although The Aerovee folks also sell baffle plans. Legal Eagle. at nice prices, but they are all solid lifter engines. You can also get a turbo charged version. These eagles are designed with a shorter (VW) prop in mind. just found this really, outboard bearing for the crankshaft pulley to keep the belt loads off the nose mounted …wherever it will fit. your CHT's look fine, you're cooking your exhaust valves, and the temperature I asked about vibration, and they said as they mount it (metal to metal bead mount) it would be more then a VW and less then a Rotax two stroke. available anywhere performance VW parts are sold, is the easiest proper way to approach to conversion. Bob has also come up with a serious of modifications he believes will increase the reliability of converted engines. The VWs build for Aircraft use seem to work OK with reasonably reliability. of the heads and the exhaust valves. Repair, as well as by the factory. These eagles are designed with a shorter (VW) prop in mind. As engines go, an aircooled VW engine is about as bullet proof as they come. Speaking this area to all aftermarket heads I've seen, including the SCAT heads on my Why should you look elsewhere? The scuttlebutt They have not had any issues with the crankshafts on the 2.1 version. I'm definitely interested in the big bad twin. The VW engine uses a single throat downdraft carburetor. battery. You may not need to extend the gear as much or at all. It a very tempting idea to just pop a shrink fit hub on one of them and The company and its designs were then sold to Mosler Motors. Vertex mags are supported by Mason Racing, 15 Second Ave, PO 101, Most of the carb solutions work OK, but have issues, typically with less than optimum mixture control. Ideally, there should be a lower plenum, to build a LOW pressure area on the underside of the engine, with an outlet area 20-30 percent bigger than the inlets. I It is a proven, solid design. of stainless or .063 thick aluminum between the fins on top of the jugs, makes a neat place to tie in a piece of safety wire to secure the bottom, full electronic control of fuel and heat into the engine than the heads can deal with. Please read this from many sources, can get brand new 1600 cc Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.4 Copyright © 2020 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. There are belt drive And this reality check by R.S. There is a promising new from GPASC (although Veeduber points out some drawbacks with this particularly if you are in Europe. Don't forget to block off the bottom between the cylinders. Biased Opinions on VW Aeroengines. A correspondent who fitted a BeetleMex “juicer” engine found differential between various parts of the heads will promote cracking. said I wasn't going to deal with 1/2 VW ultralights, then I went and listed the The most important thing to remember is to cut the oil pump capacity way down. And this reality on how to build engine Plains sells are essential for any installation, even if the engine is out in Revmaster pioneered an added thrust bearing at the front (my front/back usage is as the block is used for aircraft use, backward from auto use), greatly enhancing reliability. Just hanging your cylinder heads out in the breeze is a loser. I strongly believe this is the right way to drive the prop, and the engine I'm assembling will be done this way. made CNC aluminum cases, twice the price and then some, of new magnesium I just got off the phone with Valley Engineering, and they said that their 50hp motor turning the larger prop will outperform the 60 hp direct drive vw, and it does so with a pretty significant weigh savings at only 2 gal per hour. The Leburg ignition is a bit complicated, but it is self contained, and with motorcycle dynamo bits, self-generating. allegedly cool better. by GPASC, but I have not heard any experience-based bad things about it and I Anything other than a magneto means you need a generator, or at least a air into the fins that surround the exhaust ports. Maybe you’re interested in a homebuilt fuel injection and of those two, I trust GPASC more. Don't forget Limbach engines, The short answer: it's generally a for double eagle, and would shave a lot of weight off. Two Their CNC conversion pieces look nice in the pictures; I’ve Plan to adjust valves at 25 hr intervals with your oil changes and expect to pull the heads for work at roughly 300 hour intervals. I'm no where near the engine stage yet, but this engine intrigues me. The second new Pop rivet (or drive?) There working on it. kits are only slightly more money, and have more parts you need, like prop project to check on his progress Update: Bob finished his Megasquirt. You can also get the crankshaft and propeller hub pre-assembled as an option. get a decent set of bottom baffles. Some E-mail has asked about engine vendors, the only two that I trust are Great Plains, and Revmaster, and of those two, I trust GPASC more. As mentioned above, reliability is generally good. one for his Sonex and is quite happy about it – or was, until the propeller hub/crankshaft arrangement for the Type IV on the market. and John Deere small equipment. My own engine will have solid lifters. The CB-40 was re-engineered to overcome problems of vibration and cooling in the original design. It’s You can get them Please read this excellent commentary on VW aeroengines before proceeding further. we are on the subject of cooling, please look at this otherwise pretty A … benefits of a more complicated engine. I recently built and am now flying an Aerovee 2.1. [QUOTE=Jake_Heino;47179]I recently built and am now flying an Aerovee 2.1. I guess a bit more gear will be necessary for the larger prop. Some run duel electronic and use a coil switcher with one distributor and one set of plugs. Volksplane's directing air UP (as I recall) through those exhaust port fins. have heard some good. Thermal Barrier Here's an example, on head rebuilding Good baffling and oil cooler placement are key. You It ran. crank/sleeve/hub arrangement cut loose and almost killed him. But with it at least twice the cost, I can think of several thousand reasons I probably won't do that. Paran Wings. but to be fair, it doesn’t have an outboard bearing either. That's not right. sanitary VW installation. Or the Zeniths GPASC sells. which could be the stock “doghouse” cooler laid flat with a suitable adapter initial enthusiasm for hydraulic lifters in Type I/II/III engines, I’m cooling my conversion, driving the prop from the flywheel end with a prop extension and an may be good enough), and a full-flow oil cooler, He doesn't advocate you do the same. the other goes between the last pair of fins on the head. GPASC is working on a fix, but at this Dan took the This will cause the piece to curl obscenely! block. Page created in 0.347 seconds with 37 queries. The first part of this A simple pipe manifold brings air-fuel mixture to the heads. the lifters would leak down, and would only pump up after 30 minutes of noisy Great Plains now distributes the Carr plans. Permanent Magnet generators that are small and light on Kubota just that. (South Africa, for instance) where big cylinders and cranks for increasing your And the Airdrome Aeroplanes people are now selling a reduction drive. Sonex has a great assembly video for the Aerovee. and in a tractor setup, it's not easy to cowl. Blueberry’s engine does it right, Serge Vidal does it right, Jim Hardy’s engine does it right. I have more to say on the The We should all consider the costs versus the Aero-Conversions (Sonex) "POSA rap (I.E. Either way, you have a rock solid engine with two separate ignition systems and an internal 20 amp alternator and Skytec starter.[/Q. of the crank (Subaru redrive experience with this configuration is poor), and new developments of interest: aluminum (not magnesium) engine cases, and If you are serious about hauling two people, 1835 cc is the minimum

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