Download the Arcus Brochure for more details. A basic 15m glider such as an ASW15, Cirrus, Sport Vega or other similar gliders will cost between £6000 - £15000. It mounts in a standard 2.25" instrument hole using four screws. 229-263-5756 • Telephone: 530-574-1673 • SN: 1403. The N. Fl Soaring Soc. Before buying your first glider ensure you have spoken to your instructors, someone who's owned the type of glider you're interested in etc to find out whether the glider you are looking at is likely to be a good choice for you. 912 Hours 344 Starts Oxygen System, Tow bar, all weather covers, wing wheel, cobra trailer serial no.76c arc valid till 3/2020 no damages ready to fly plane is located at EDVH near Hanover Flaperons, Electric Fuel pump, Baggage tube, Sun Curtain Dual G3X's, 430W GPS, GMA 340 Audio Panel, GTX 330 Transponder with ADS-B out, Dynon EFIS-D6, EarthX ETX900 Battery, Sporty's SP-400 backup radio hardwired, GX auto pilot coupled to Garmin - can fly coupled approaches. As with most tandem two-seat gliders its wing is slightly swept forward so that the wing root can be slightly aft to allow the rear pilot an improved view. Posted October 11, 2020, Experimental 2005 Lambada Motorglider 540hrs.Always Hangered Good Gelcoat Flaperon 303 306 8796, Telephone: 4077290720 • Over 500 Duo Discuses had been built by August 2007. A revised model the Duo Discus X was announced in 2005. 02 - $44.77 $ 44 . USB outlets for other devices. Let our global subject matter experts broaden your perspective with timely insights and opinions you 608-778-4846 • Telephone: If necessary, the Sunseeker Duo can also be disassembled and packed into a trailer.First flown under power in December 2013, it has now logged several hundred hours in the air, and carried more than a few passengers.Irena Raymond became the second pilot of the DUO, and has made 10 solo flights in it. 760 Com channels 14-28 Volt. 602.821.7544 • Located in Central California, Telephone: 865 300-6244 • 207-459-0524 • From the moment you catch the ‘aviation bug’, the sky will call you — for a lifetime. This Becker Com is perfect when there is limited panel space. A basic 15m glider such as an ASW15, Cirrus, Sport Vega or other similar gliders will cost between £6000 - £15000. This has landing flaps incorporated into the movement of the airbrake lever to improve its approach control, giving steeper and slower approaches, it also has winglets to improve thermal flying and a sprung and lower retractable undercarriage. In U.S. Air Force service it is known as the TG-15A. The dream to fly is personal and powerful. We have 5 Gliders | Sailplanes aircraft for sale. 3033068796 • 858-278-0307 • Low time engine and airframe )0 time prop . SCHEMPP HIRTH DUODISCUS XLT • $249,900 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Duo Discus XLT: High performance two-seat sailplane with carbon/hybrid fiber fuselage and Turbo sustainer engine, with sprung undercarriage, Maughmer winglets and new airbrake/flap system. All Rotax hoses replaced, carbs rebuilt, new heavy duty starter, new strobe light, new battery, new brakes, landing gear gone through, extensive lubrication and inspection.

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