He decided to attend the upcoming auction, in hopes of finding his master a suitable meal.

Sie hatte violettes, kurz geschnittenes Haar mit einem langen, lockigen Pony auf der rechten Seite und sehr dicken Augenbrauen. Eifersüchtig und verärgert, beschließt er, dass er Sasaki ausschalten sollte, um Kaneki heimlich zu töten, so dass Tsukiyama es nie herausfinden würde. She tended to wear the standard uniform worn by the servants of the Tsukiyama family, and had a preference for dress shirts and slacks when out of uniform.

While Tsukiyama reported that he was unable to feel anything in particular but faint sadness, as his ability to recognize smell has declined, Kanae told Chie that he did not feel anything at all. Arata Kirishima was the husband of Hikari Kirishima, and father to both Touka and Ayato. Ultimately, Kanae brought Haise Sasaki's undershorts, retrieved by Chie, to Tsukiyama to let him identify its scent.

He gladly did so, but then spotted Chie Hori with his young master. Though he considered stealing beneath him, Kanae decided to take advantage of the chaos created by the appearance of Juuzou Suzuya. Ultimately, Kaneki Ken confronted her and gave her the mercy of a quick death, putting her out of the torment in the process. Nachdem sie von Eto gefangen genommen und gefoltert wurde, hatte sich Kanaes Stil beachtlich geändert. In an attempt to devour him, Rize got caught up in an accident, after which her life was turned into living hell. Kanae and the missing Aliza were suspected of leaking information on the Tsukiyama family when the household noticed investigators cornering them with the two servants still missing. Yet, Arima met his demise at the hands of Kaneki himself, all for the sake of a better future for both the humans and the ghouls. Achtung, dieser Artikel enthält Spoiler!

He was then used as a tool to harvest the Arata costume for the CCG. Ihre persönliche Maske ist eine weiße Domino Maske, welche die obere Hälfte ihres Gesichts bedeckt. He was once a human that was turned into a ghoul through an operation done on him by a doctor. 57 kg Manga Debut Kanae when entering the Tsukiyama household. However, he determined that the scent of the blood was not suitable and rejected it.

Screaming in pain, Karren went berserk and used her kagune to attack Sasaki.

Likewise, Kanae seems to be worried about her well-being after she returns injured from the encounter with the CCG, and asks her for advice. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Moments before he died, he told Kaneki that he wanted nothing more than living a normal life, one where he would've indeed been free. It might be faaaaar from perfection but hey it’s my first time and and pretty proud of it krkrkrkrkrkrk (man my English is so baaaaad I hope you’ve understood what I mean ) sheryrina . Ishida's writing is so phenomenal that often, one doesn't know whether to hate the villain or support their cause.

Her personal mask was a stylized white Domino mask that covered the upper half of her face.

Während Tsukiyama berichtet, dass er nicht in der Lage ist den Geruch zu erkennen, weil seine Traurigkeit seine Fähigkeit schwächt, erzählt Kanae Chie, dass er überhaupt nichts fühlen kann. Bezirk

Her feelings towards him were romantic in nature, but knowing that her feelings would not reach him, she contented herself at being at his side as his servant and was careful not to show her feelings around anyone. The main antagonist of the entire Tokyo Ghoul series, Kichimura Washu's death was indeed conflicting for everyone.

He was later seen standing outside a door, holding a large – human-sized – suitcase.

Enlisting the help of sleep-deprived Kaneki, Tsukiyama stumbles through each social interaction, growing fonder of his roommate by the second. Also known as the 'Binge Eater,' Rize ran amock the 20th Ward of Tokyo until she crossed paths with Kaneki.

She asked him whether he would be willing to abandon the entire Tsukiyama family for Tsukiyama's sake. Follow.

Kichimura was destined to die, and so he decided to have his share of fun before that. Kanae war eine attraktive, androgyne Jugendliche mit einer großen körperlichen Ähnlichkeit zu ihrem Cousin Tsukiyama und ebenfalls ihrer Mutter Emma. Yû Kobayashi Matsumae attempted to comfort him as he despaired at his failure. At one point, he was blinded by rage to the point where he started scavenging both humans and ghouls alike in order to seek more power to protect his budding children. The joys of life, to be able to die like yourself. Even when dying, Tatara didn't flinch. Ghul

Er beschließt, bei der bevorstehende Auktion teilzunehmen, in der Hoffnung, seinen Herrn eine passende Mahlzeit zu besorgen.

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