Elisio – which means God is salvation, 105. With a curated selection of more than 30,000 last names, you can always find the perfect last name for your new character. That’s something that’s usually passed down from your parents and it’s basically your family legacy. Today we also hear the abbreviated forms Ivanna (from Giovanna) and Gianni (from Giovanni), among countless others.

Some rare names are in fact those of obscure saints, though they might not be known to the general public.

Of course, a large number of classical names (Gennaro, Elena, Ascanio, Silvio, etc.) Lorenzo – which means From the place of the laurel trees, See Also: What To Write In A Birthday Card For A Friend Or Family, 102.

Some families have a tradition of rare names, including some which would not be considered very attractive, or even very pronounceable, today.
Her work has helped Time win two National Magazine Awards.Badass last names are names that feel unique in a particular way. As a matter of pastoral theology and practice, but not canon law, a Catholic baptismal name must be identified with a particular saint. Antonio – which means Priceless, Praiseworthy, Inestimable, 18.

However, a number of Christian names of Greek origin (Ippolito, Sofia, etc.) Delete cookies. Older examples are Catrinella from Caterina, Margaretella from Margarita, Giovanello from Giovanni, Lionello from Leone, and Giovanella (also the rarer Ianella or Janella) from Giovanna. Fatta seems to derive from the expression "benfatta" or "benfatto" meaning "well made" Mariella and Mariuccia are dimunitives of Maria, though the former is sometimes an abbreviation for Marilena (Maria and Elena). It is worth observing, however, that certain Old Italian names differ from the modern versions by which they have been supplanted. Saints names onomastically based on virtues (Providenza, Felicia) are not too unusual today, but in older records we find Dea (Goddess), Potenzia (Strength) and even Vergine (Virgin), as well as Madonna, Santa (Saint), Bellissima (Beautiful), Venera (Venus, but also a saint), Benefacia (benefice, but Bonifazia is also the feminine for Bonifazio, Boniface) and Donisa, in addition to the masculine Violanti (Violent) and also the obscure Xhumi (Schumi in modern orthography) and Mercurio (Mercury). Farrell: Farrell is a Celtic name meaning ‘brave’. Certain names are readily translated but uncommon nonetheless, among which Genoveffa (in Latin, Genovefa) from Genevieve, patroness of Paris. Many of the rarer names mentioned here occurred more frequently in the Middle Ages and during the sixteenth century than in more recent times, but it should be mentioned that recent decades have witnessed the emergence of given names which, though they may seem Latin in structure, are not traditional in Italy: Alba (Dawn), Ambra (Amber), Sabrina, Pamela, Melba, etc. Gabriele – which means Warrior of God, 93. This category of names also includes Damiata, Desciata, Desideria, Centuri (Centaur), Zenone (Xenon), Cruciano, Criciana, Imperia, Pompeo, Valenzo and Dionisi, among others. Geovani – which means God is Gracious, 28. Regina (Queen) was often "Regina Maria", actually a reference to the Mother of Christ. But then came number one, the most badass name of anyone anywhere. Salvatrix, for example, is the Latin for Salvatrice but also for Salvatora.

Barbriano may derive from Barbaro. Valentino – which means Healthy, Strong, 74. Nicola, which shares the same ancient root as the Ukrainian Mikhola, is closer to the original Greek than the more frequent Italian Nicol˜.

Don’t believe us? Nico – which means Victor of the people, 116. Contrary to popular belief, not all Italian given names have Christian or classical roots. Minico (and the dimunitive Minichello derive from Domenico, Minica from Domenica. Silvano – which means From the forest, 113. Geronimo is an older form of Gerolamo.

Genevra is most often given as the translation for the Welsh-Saxon Guinevere; Arthur, incidentally is Arturo, but the medieval form was Artu, and Merlin is Merlino.

50 Common Italian Last Names And Their Meanings; 105 Unique Irish Boy Names You Can Consider For New Born; 100 Celtic Names That Sound Really Good; 100 Sweet African Names And Their Meanings; How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – Tricks You Never Knew; 100 Funny Happy Birthday Meme, Images, Pictures, Messages; Words Of Condolence: 100 Comforting Words of Condolence For a Loss ; 100+ … In most cases, the records themselves have been lost. Dustin: Dustin is an English origin name meaning ‘valiant’. Languages such as Piedmontese and Sicilian, which today are considered regional dialects, spawned particular given names which became less frequent in the modern era as Tuscan supplanted these tongues as the standard written language of the various Italian states, and the primary spoken language of the aristocracy.
This system persisted until medieval times and then became obsolete until the 1500’s. However, these dimunitives came to be regarded as particular names. Luisa, though prevalent in Italy, is Spanish in origin; the Italian is actually Luigia. Silvestro – which means From the forest, 99. Hanlon. Biaggio (or Biagio) is sometimes found as the variant "Blasio" in older records. Nicolas – which means Victorious People, 14. Bella Pope - December 8, 2016.

Patrizio (Patrick) also refers to an old rank of untitled Italian nobility; Patrizia is Patricia. It is important for the American, Canadian or Australian researcher to know that certain English translations by Italian descendants in these countries have sometimes corrupted our perceptions of traditional Latin names. For the genealogist working with medieval or sixteenth-century records, which are not always legible, it is important to know that rare given names will be encountered occasionally. Madonna, however, is an unusual devotional name which was more frequent in centuries past. Until the Inquisition, Hebrew and Arabic given names naturally were known among the large Jewish and Muslim populations of Italy.

Because southern records (whether census or parochial acts) of the sixteenth century are generally more likely to have been preserved than northern or central ones, the following examples are Southern (with the emphasis on those names not usually cited in onomastic references).

A rarer Italian version of this name is Genevra, sometimes Ginevra (the latter is also the Italian for the Swiss city, Geneva). Callisto – which means Most beautiful, 17.

A researcher who cannot read a particular name completely might be able to infer it from context if it is partly leggible, especially if it is a common name which he already knows. ALVISE: Italian name derived from the patronymic surname Alvisio, which ultimately derived from Germanic Hlodovic, thus sharing the same etymology as French Louis, meaning "famous warrior.

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The most common example, which has survived to this day, is Antonello (or Antonino) from Antonio, and the feminine Antonella from Antonia. In order to avoid possible mistranscription of a given name with which the researcher may be unfamiliar, it is helpful to know some of these names, or in most cases at least the onomastic patterns on which they are based. By. As a generality, most Italians of past centuries were rigidly bound by tradition to give their children certain names. It’s true that you don’t really get to choose your last name. Dario, Achille, Eusebio, Fabio and Enea are classical names. Giorgio – which means Earth worker, Farmer, 31. Derived from the Gaelic personal name Ó hAnluain, or “descendant of Anluan,” this Irish surname references a mythical Celtic fighter who was beheaded in battle. Gino – which means Little immortal one, 92. Marino – which means Sailor of the Sea, 10. Badass Italian Surnames.

Translation of Latin names constitutes a topic unto itself. In Italy we find Carmela, but also Camilla.

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