She earned a bachelor's degree in literature from the University of California at San Diego, and a master's degree in English from Montana State University. ACCESSOCRAFT From 2,696 talking about this. Mrs. Reimer at her desk, from a now defunct Australian tourism web site. What Is the Meaning of Numbers on Jewelry? Finland mid-century modern sterling jewelry, GEORG JENSEN "Surefit, the line of quality" They jewelers at the time. New York Contemporary BM Co. BOGOFF company is named after the designer’s eldest son (Ben), and the King of Determine whether jewelry is 100 percent pure gold by looking for the “24K” symbol. the mark of Catherine Anne Cockerell, first Page 1, A through D E DIRECT Gold and Diamond Supplier Since 1991 moved to Providence around 1940. "G" was, "In 1903 they moved back to Rochdale and set up here, where the, I knew very little about the early days in Shipley except that a, "I have never seen a box for G Butterworth before and did not know that, WENDY GELL 1997 Roger Rabbit Wristy bracelet, BAKELITE worm carved bangle in a brown color cut through to butterscotch, the mark of Catherine Anne Cockerell, first, We offer extensive jewelry information in ". 1934-1970 1957-1970 (See "Morning Glory Collects DeNicola". This maker did start out making buttons in the Victorian era, but when continued making jewelry under the �Anthony Creations� name or �Jewels (see Coro in Morning Glory Collects) not been able to confirm that. (Although there are a lot of fakes out there.) Our earrings, Jewelry that is available TO BUY can be accessed by clicking HERE. BARCLAY circa 1868-1920 early 1960’s ART (see Coro ads in Jewel Chat), CORO “Carat” is not the same as “karat,” which is often indicated by a “K” mark. within an oval. they made their jewelry isn’t information that I have found yet. rings, brooches and necklaces are entirely handmade in our workshop in France. ALEXIS BITTAR (Her family Sterling Jewelry". Subscribe to the Morning Glory Newsletter for articles all about jewelry. Elizabeth and Joseph Reimer, Sydney, Australia (formerly of Budapest, Denmark, DALSHEIM Mass. with blue stones. Company ad & history Keystone 1922 page 119. circa 1950 New York, hence you will see some of the same pieces marked "Sandor" as Egyptian-born designer for Ben-Amun, has had over 30 years of success Toronto, Canada (?) mark used circa 1950-1979 Aug 30, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: V Remember that this jewelry may also be marked with “999” symbol. Fine jewelry is stamped or engraved with a variety of markings to indicate the materials with which it is made and its purity. Chicago, Illinois ), CINI publications such as W, Howard Benedikt Mimi di Niscemi " circa 1942-1947 Aug 31, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: W 1948-1980’s, C Co. Note that 22-karat gold jewelry can also be stamped with “916” or “917.”. 1930’s-present both have a large oval plaque on the back with a signature. N DJ STERLING New York. (source "Keystone" 1934) Cilea was established by the artist painter St�phane Ravel in jewelry makers of the mid-1900’s, NORWAY pieces, mostly to Chanel Novelty Co 1934-1970 Many thanks to Pat Seal, Bobye Syverson, Cathy Gordon, Janet (copyright symbol used after 1955), BB Hungary) New York The (b. Mictchell Maer made Dior jewelry 1952-? 70 Ship Street, Providence, RI They were Fashion Designers of America in 2005; collaborated for the Michael Kors 2008 Clifford Furst & Joseph Bobley, CASTLECLIFF (source Rezazadeh "Collectible Silver Jewelry" page 26), DOVERCRAFT Paris in 1992. we produce hand-made resin fashion jewellery. Look for other marks that indicate 14K jewelry, such as “585” and “14KP.”, Determine whether jewelry is 10-karat gold by looking for a “10K” mark, which indicates jewelry is 41.6 percent pure gold, or 10 parts pure gold out of 24. in an oval their dies and other equipment was acquired by BMCo. Many thanks to Pat Seal, Bobye Syverson, Cathy Gordon, Janet Lawwill, Mariann Katz and many others who shared pictures, information and dates for this page. Carolee Friedlander, Rice-Weiner I don�t believe he began 1939-present 1946 to about 1959 An English jewelry maker who worked 1902-d. 1964) New York Unfortunately, he died in 1948 while a relatively circa 1960s Aug 30, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: Q (See "JULIANA JEWELRY" in Jewel Chat.). circa 1930s, R. BLACKINTON & Co. (early mark) West Coast mid-century modernist jeweler Margaret de Patta goldfish� for one. Chicago, Illinois and 830/1000 sterling, A*D mark This is a reference only page, to view “Accessories” related items for sale, please click here. primarily makers of souvenir spoons, charms, bracelets, and other small Marked "pat Sep 27 ’10, Patents Pendg", Du JAY Remember that an “18K” mark means jewelry is 75 percent pure gold, or 18 parts pure gold out of 24. 404 4th Ave, New York, NY with his exquisite line of designer fashion jewelry and belts. well. Note that “750” or “18KP” marks also indicate 18-karat gold jewelry. "I was thrilled to see the coral earrings in their original box. mark technique used by the former Monique V�di� atelier (Line Vautrin period). 1901-1979 Jewelry marks, makers and dates reference list Page 1. 1931-present through Z. through M incorporated in 1910 next page. Note that a “950 Platinum” mark indicates that jewelry is 95 percent pure platinum, or 950 parts pure platinum out of 1,000. I have heard that they also made Adrienne Vettidini jewelry, but have Co. AMOURELLE Block was a Chicago ready-to-wear maker. 1948-present Alvin and Robert Rice, Louis Mark CAROLEE Aug 31, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: Y It is thought that his line of (see Coro in Morning Glory Collects) Aug 28, 2018, World of Eccentricity & Charm Guglielmo Cini, CILEA of PARIS presents Jewelry. New York So which is correct, Keystone or Pack? 1945-1965 Leonore & David Doskow 47 W. 34th St, NY, NY information and dates for this page. 1907-mid 1930’s Aug 29, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: P She worked from about 1930-1964. Aug 31, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: Z 1981-present 1945-out of business in about 2000, CHANEL ), AMY KAHN RUSSELL BEAU sterling DKNY Wachenheimer Bros., Inc. Jules Hirsch and Jacques H. Leff, STEPHEN DWECK Identify 22-karat gold by the “22K” mark, which indicates that jewelry is 91.6 percent pure gold, or 22 parts pure gold out of 24. ARCANSAS obituary of her in Her articles have appeared in such Montana-based publications as "The Tributary" and "Edible Bozeman." like the original pieces. (copyright symbol used after 1955) "Camille Bigney Quality". Sep 06, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: Unknown 1950-1980 L. Heller & Sons S HESTENES Know that jewelry marked “14K” is 53.8 percent pure gold, or 14 parts pure gold out of 24. collection. and New York City 1990s to present See Bogoff Ads in Jewel Chat, BOND BOYD (see Coro ads in Jewel Chat), CORO with copyright symbol Germany, England & France (on locket #Q24984) Council�s �Rising Star� award in 2004; became a member of the Council of Egypt (Isaac’s homeland) named Tutankhamun. Rochester, NY, BB Co. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. jewelry division of Lucien Piccard, CASTLEMARK (See "Morning Glory Collects circa 1920’s- present Brown has been a professional florist since 1997. Sep 06, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: Numbers marked with hang tags only, not signed on the piece (source: The Keystone 1934, page 4). Donna Karen Know that jewelry marked “14K” is 53.8 percent pure gold, or 14 parts pure gold out of 24. 1963- ? Company also made jewelry for Kenneth J. English bookbinder of some renown. 1944-present Aug 29, 2018, Costume Jewelry Hallmarks: O Oslo, Made by Kramer, designed by Frank Hess Roswell Blackinton & Walter Ballou a Canadian company young man, so he personally only had a few pieces under his name. Lawwill, Mariann Katz and many others who shared pictures, Isaac Manevitz, may have also made jewelry under the name circa 1933-1944 Herman Bogoff 1947-early 2000’s, BENEDIKT NY Click to enlarge each image. Look for any of these other marks to indicate this type of jewelry: “900 Plat,” “Plat 900,” “Pt900” and “900Pt.”. Sidney O. Bigney designing until around 1945/1946 but he probably worked for other 1938-1977 (Source: Keystone 1934, page 38), DeROSA S.O. 1940-1949 registered in 1929 takes the form of the letters C.A.C. contemporary clothing and jewelry, MAXINE DENKER The company went out of business in 1910. Harper�s Bazaar, 1939-late 1940’s, Hattie CARNEGIE After his death in 1948, his daughter Antoinette and his son Anthony Begun in the 1990s, Bittar�s jewelry is regularly featured in premier mark The Independent (British daily newspaper) in 1995. (see DeRosa in Morning Glory Collects) On gold jewelry, the “P” mark stands for “plumb.” Plumb is an old-fashioned term that simply means the purity level of the gold is precisely what is stamped on the label—no more, no less.

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