Here is her age, bio, family and father among other facts. She was raised by my family for a few years, as is the case in many families who pull together in times of need. They didn’t focus on the breastfeeding (which had to end because the stress of this situation severely affected my milk supply). Tamika who is already the proud momma of a beautiful girl has three siblings, her sister Alia and brother Frank are both Army veterans, her other sister is Franda. Even more callous, he knows I cry myself to sleep without her in my bed at night, the pain of her absence overwhelming. It wasn’t until I began to do the research that I realized that the stigma attached to a mother losing custody of her child, the stigma I attached to myself, is not based in fact. They may have to battle jealousy and other negative emotions, step-sibling rivalries, as well as parental guilt. There is a favoritism shown to wealthy, male celebrities. Things took an ugly turn, however, when I found myself unexpectedly throwing up in his bathroom, and ultimately learning that I was pregnant. I didn’t see a man who loved his child so much that he wanted custody. In a perfect world, we could co-parent amicably. Most rap fans became aware that Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges, 41, had cheated on Eudoxie and fathered a baby with Tamika Fuller, when she filed a paternity lawsuit in 2014. Wasting time & productivity chasing trending topics only to write up same stories warmed over? Privacy Policy    Visitor Agreement. Last week, (the Petitioner-Tamika Fuller)’s motion for an appeal (to gain custody of her daughter back) was denied and too, the judge who denied her duties as a mom reportedly explained in the 5 page order-her reason why she denied Tamika’s motion for a new trial. Magazine. As I apologized to my friends and family for not being able to share imagery of the evolution of my child, I scratched my head: What does Instagram censoring have to do with disparate income levels? After the airing of the program, someone asked Eudoxie Bridges this personal question: “Nobody told Eudoxie to leave after Luda had the side baby?”. In addition to that (and add insult to jury) judge Downer also ordered Tamika Fuller to pay Ludacris’ attorney’s fees and basically charges to a game [that] Tamika’s  pleas, and efforts are all an attempt to publicly damage Ludacris (the Respondent). Mothers were never legally entitled to custody of their own children.”. I went through my entire pregnancy alone and worked full time with no support from him. The irony here is that he suggested that my older daughter was psychologically damaged because of my absence, but here he is, trying to make me absent in the life of our daughter. About Ludacris’ baby-mama there isn’t really much information, she is from Atlanta, her birthday is on September 11th, she went Springstowne Middle School in California and then attended at Benjamin E. Banneker High School in College Park where she met Ludacris. If they even pretend to act like they care, even if the evidence clearly shows otherwise, they’re rewarded. Debonair. “Many people did tell me, but I listened to my heart and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made,” the stunning Gabonese woman retorted. However, it was this financial reasoning along with events that transpired 20 years ago in my teens that were the justifications used when issuing the decision. Tameka Raymond (née Foster, born January 1, 1971) is an American fashion stylist.She has worked as a personal stylist for Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Usher, Toni Braxton, Ciara, Patti LaBelle, Nas, and many others.. Career. He broke down in tears when I told him that I wanted to keep our baby, and he begged me to abort the child whose heartbeat was developing in rhythm with my own. Be that as it may, or may not be-it worked as, Atlanta judge Doris L. Downs served up quite the downer in deed, indeed: Granted the rapper full custody of Fuller and Ludacris’ (now) two year-old daughter Cai Bella. Of course, there are also examples of emotionally healthy and thriving blended families, but my fear has always been that my daughter will experience trauma. Infants should not be taken from their birth mothers when they are fit and able to provide for them. Unfortunately, my custody situation with my daughter’s wealthy and powerful father, and the court system that loves him is not unique. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for her father. I contemplated heavily on terminating my pregnancy. I’m a good mother. You want me to believe that a man who turned down an invitation to witness the birth of our daughter has unexpectedly developed such deep-rooted paternal feelings that he feels compelled to take her out of my arms at night for 20 days out of the month? Ludacris is already a father of his beautiful girl Karma Bridges, his second daughter Cai Bella Bridges with Tamika Fuller was born on December 9th, 2013. The 43-year-old rapper was later involved in a messy custody battle with Fuller after she demanded an increase to his child support payments to $15,000 a month.. And it worked. Most importantly, she will have me. Regardless of what a judge decides, having less money than the father does not mean that a mother cannot adequately care for her child. He warned me that he would resent me for not having the abortion, and that’s what I saw in that courtroom. He said it would ruin his life and he then urged her to terminate the pregnancy. They didn’t focus on the love. And we should not be penalized for not being wealthy in a misogynistic society that is financially hostile toward women. That reasoning may very well have to do with previous court docs released in January 2014 where in it, it was noted that Fuller was demanding a car and threatening “unwarranted publicity regarding her pregnancy.”. I only cut back on my work hours following my maternity leave to ensure that I had enough time to spend with my daughter during the first year of her life. I was stunned, devastated, and overwhelmed. Just read a blog or two and rocked with me. In many African-American homes, there is still very much a village mentality when it comes to rearing children. Tamika Fuller said when Luda found out she was pregnant he cried, but they weren't tears of joy. We'll take it from there, perhaps. I appreciate and don’t forget stuff like that and I reward things like that it in any way that I can. Check out their blogs, too: Substantial appreciation for the OSFMag brand, tap here. The mother who anticipated her every kick, who nursed her at her breast, who prays for her every night.

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