Well worth $ for us. We built the platform to raise the bed and frame high enough to slide bins in that we bought. This isn't just a show car, either. As funny as this sounds widow shades can make or break your camper build. We can easily understand why this little machine would inspire so much admiration. All in all… A great experience, a great product and great service. Hope that helps and happy vanning! thoughts? Browse 4 used MINI Clubvan vans for sale with Motors.co.uk. You can see out perfect but people can not see in. Sharlene, I will be converting my 2009 Town and Country into a camper and it is an adapted Braun Entervan with a side handicap ramp. The reason I did this is that the floor of our van was all kinds of different heights. Drill with Phillips screwdriver & a 1/8′ drill bit, Circular Saw or Table Saw or just a hand saw if that’s what you have, Other general hand tools would be helpful but are not required, 2 – sheets of 4′ x 8′ plywood for the top of the bed platform and kitchen storage unit, 1 – Box of screws to build the bed frame and kitchen cabinet frame, 1 – Roll of reflective windshield shade material custom cut to fit the front window, 7 – Sterlite tubs to go under the bed frame, Suction cups to hold anything on the windows long term, with heat they fall, Command strip hangers on the window, when it gets over 100° they fall off, Cast Iron pots and pans, unless you are cooking over a fire a lot, they are too hard to clean and keep from rusting when you can’t wash them right away (or maybe we just got bad quality ones). With the interior now occupied, McCright has quite an array of racks and mounts on the roof that let him carry "two paddle boards or one kayak, a mountain bike, and 5 nights worth of camping gear all at once. Your build out is GREAT-simple logical. No reliance on public transport is great – and as Mark said Macdonalds is probably the best wifi hotspot in the world . Thanks, for us we were looking for something to take on and off every night to sleep and off for safety while driving. I am a retired widower and want to get to see some of this great country as a super long road trip. Good luck on your camper conversion! All screen printers and bodywrap people carry. Stainless steel counter top with large storage drawers and utility drawer, versatile for a fridge or cash register. I don’t think anything is impossible, you just have to get creative with your space. Our first window shades – Our biggest problems we the window shades, we are seriously thinking about having the windows heavily tinted in the back to help with this and give us more privacy. So, we tried to attach brackets to the windows themselves. Let us know how it goes! Will use 4” tri fold foam bed to use for sofa too, fan and our 7” heater. Unfortunately, the little wagon didn't have the off-road ability to go very far off the pavement. Hope you have an amazing trip! The kit includes a Coffee Tamper, Milk Pitcher, Thermometer, a Group Head Cleaning Brush, and a Stainless Steel Tasting Spoon. A spring mattress might have but it would have been a tighter fit. After the first one is the get a level and set the height of the back frame member. Double check to make sure to make it high enough for your storage bins to fit underneath including any part of the frame. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Airstream Interstate Nineteen Is A Posh Compact Camper, This Ford Ranger Roll-A-Long Camper Is The Compact RV Time Forgot, It is always an ongoing project, but the production of it has slowed due to life happening; and that is ok. We used 2″x 2″ pine studs to make the supports for the frame and a piece of cheap OSB roofing plywood for the top of the platform. Honestly, a minivan camper is probably best … Our travels usually found us in national or state parks which generally have bathrooms with showers to keep clean. Can Adam build something for our beast? A few thoughts on you minivan camper conversion – Can you take out the passenger seat in the front too? Honestly, a minivan camper is probably best for 2 people at most, if you are planning a trip with more people a bigger van might be a better option. This isn't just a show car, either. At first I thought it would make more sense to bring a tent and gear for camping, as it would give you more space in the back of the van but the idea of having to set up and take down a tent every day, or in the rain, or in the cold quickly changed that thought. Always, always build in as much storage as you possibly can, it will make trips in your campervan much more enjoyable. Where are you off to? Our under-bed storage is taller than 7″ and I was able to sit up and I am 6′-5″. Mark had a great question that went unanswered from 2015, and I would also like to know: what did you guys do for going to the bathroom and taking showers/keeping clean??? I need basics, my cot, a portable desk for creating my art, floor space for at least 2 cloth kennels. Conversion to sell espresso coffee handcrafted with the finest quality materials using high grade stainless steel. Unlike many van conversion companies, Sportsmobile can accommodate a longer list of van models, including Dodge ProMasters, Chevy / Ford E-Vans, Mercedes Metris’, and Sportsmobile Classic 4x4s. Our van has side curtain airbags in the back around most of the windows so we couldn’t screw in and mount anything to hold sliding fabric shades. Since buying another vehicle was not an option at this point, I had to improvise," McCright told Motor1.com. I can’t wait to see it in person. Fully packed we have a tent, lounge chairs, stove, water, clothing, food, utensils, solar panel, power station, fan, reflectix for windows, and blackout curtains for the front. Your van shows that would not be necessary. The Mini Clubvan Camper … Capable of delivering 240 cappuccinos and 400 espressos per hour. If you have a van with a third-row seat that folds flat, still consider removing it and using that pocket for additional storage. We are also using the sterlite tubs under the bed. We made some covers with poster board for our trip to Alaska in the summer that worked pretty well. The Bed – Our bed was actually super comfortable, I would rather sleep on this mattress than a bunch of hotels I’ve stayed in. When we are camping we find we end up cooking on this table or a campsite picnic table and doing washup here as well. SO MUCH! I have literally had 3 years to study different options, and this page is the one I come back to because it is exactly what I am hoping to create! Email:info@thebigcoffee.com We cut them out using an Exacto knife. Last summer we drove to Alaska during the solstice and we knew we needed to get some sleep during the 24 hours of sun so we build blackout shades for our minivan camper.

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