My church teaches tithing and although I disagree with it, so far they have not voted me out! You’ve helped me so much to say the things I’ve needed to say to them in a Christ-like way. I'm quite frustrated and confused. They regularly descend to "men following" (politics) as did the Corinthians of Paul’s day. Why is the Corporate Media Predicting a “Dark Winter”. I've never seen or heard anything like this before. I can say though that I’m looking forward to leaving. Scripture is the authority, not my word about it. I didn't see any reason to stop reading and witnessing just because I didn't belong to the same lunch table of 100 people I sat at for 9 years. That wasnt looked at as being something christians should do. All legalism will be judged also and God has not let this slide and If we suffer even for right things then even that is commendable before God. Luke starts with the genealogy of Christ in chapter 3, verse 23 by starting with Him and going backwards up the tree of His "supposed" human lineage. LONG! Like many others I was introduced to the IFB as a child—my father enthralled by a doctrine that enforced paralyzingly confining rules and celebrated severe punishment for evil-doers. Not certain on how to start this: I was brought up as a semi Catholic, religion who h I have such an aversion for today since quite a few years now. It was at a youth conference in 2006 in Asheville, NC and the pastor was Clayton King, the pastor seemed kinda confused never hearing of said youth retreat or speaker. If I wrote one letter saying I love you to my mother and sent the same copy to my husband the message contains the same words but the words hold different meaning. I now see that the independent fundamental Baptist denomination was not the denomination for me. Pastor coldly informed us that he couldn’t be there for us if/when God would choose to judge us for moving back to our home state! All legalism will be judged also and God has not let this slide and If we suffer even for right things then even that is commendable before God. Now I m thinking to become an atheist. Don't hate God for your experiences embrace them allow God to draw you closer to him, and help someone else through the same situation. He expected nothing. I purposely chose this restaurant as an experiment. A virgin. The academics (which were easier than the work I did in high school) were often forsaken and ‘big days’, ‘mission conferences’, and church projects took its place. I would very much like to challenge some IFB family members but am quite sure they would just deny this belief is part of their system. Verse 2 explains why this is so. Three months later, the day before our wedding, my "best friend" who had introduced my husband and I, who was to be my bridesmaid, texted me and backed out. That was inneffective and wore us out. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Please let me know your thoughts on this topic of revival conferences held in IFB churches. He used extreme examples of good bible college students who got into the internet and left the holy grail of religion, the IFB, and now they are into Humanism and voodoo. My children don't trust people either. Then I read your testimony and thought here's another kindred spirit who knows the meaning of Hab 2:4 and Heb 10:38. Suicide, we know is sin. the weekly music competition because the song he chose ("People Need the Lord" if memory serves but don't quote me on that) was too "contemporary"! But still, we suffered in silence. We talked about what the gospel is and what it is not. Then he boarded a plane and went back to Korea. But I have experienced much thru out my whole life that a brief page could not contain. I thought our family had it all right! I did reconcile with my parents and everything but the concept of grace is just lost on me. We are currently attending a KJV only church. I felt the Lord calling me to preach. God does not appreciate our feelings. I drove to another state to be baptised!! I hold no hard feelings against them, though I could never be talked into going back to that church or pursuing a girl through "courtship" ever again. As he ascended the platform steps, the rest of the staff would always stand to shake his hand, as if in special honor and respect for a man. I to was raised in this and still struggle with this as does my brother, sister and many friends. (Wrong music comes with rebellion, drugs, and immorality.). Also, DOCTRINE is SECOND to the FRUITS, WORKS & EXAMPLES. They believe it is the spirit of the Antichrist. The pastor came and saw me after i had shared with the associate pastor that i was considering leaving. I was told I was saved by grace…BUT….but upon willingly leaving the group, we were then punished by being “excommunicated – church disciplined” & judged. What they are unfortunately failing to recognize is the big picture… Tongues shall indeed cease, in eternity, when we as believers, no longer have the need to use this spiritual gift for edification to the spiritual body as a whole and personally. I grew up Southern Baptist and thought ok since its baptist I may fit in. I was living in one state & my LOCAL church was in ANOTHER STATE????? Some, like Steven Anderson, try to say to determine who is reprobate or label certain groups of people (like homosexuals) as reprobate, while others would say that only God knows who is reprobate. The pastor was young handsome and charismatic. Steven Anderson is famous for pushing this to an extreme. I don't even know what to call it, because it seems like for 1 minute the person is praying for other people in their life, then they label them like "the unbelieving and heathen brother, or how foolish everyone is that doesn't come to know God." Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Washington DC Given Reprieve Following Zionist Surrender Proposal, The Federation of Light: The Time Is Upon You, Message from the Angels: Relating Beneath the Costume, Commander Ashian: Sleep Bathing, A Galactic Spa Experience, James Gilliland: Message From The Galactics, Orion Council of Light, Pleiadian and Andromedan Council. My first IFB pastor was a strong, charismatic, funny person that everyone wanted to please. There's so much more...thanks for this site. However after years of being told what a brat I was it became a self-fulfilling prophecy and I no longer desired to do right. I'm a student at it's school. my husband was sunday school teacher for 25+ yrs, my son, a deacon, my daughter was a sunday school teacher and married to a 'preacher'. It was so ingrained black was black and white was white. I will not mention any other teachings because I am not interested in converting anyone or everyone to my way of thinking but encourage all to keep questioning what you believe about other teachings. [7] Also in June 2019, Grayson Fritts, pastor at New IFB-affiliated All Scripture Baptist Church and a former detective for the Knox County, Tennessee, Sheriff's Office, delivered a sermon calling for the execution of gays. From there on, I have had many more visions and 4.visitations. And the elders are old time religion. read some of these testimonials and everyone has a ring of truth to what is being shared. My husband was very strict. my husband, myself & our 2 grandkids got back in the vehicle. I would like to hear the truth, but I hope everyone can say their opinions kindly. My older grandchildren have given up the church they grew up in, all holidays, time spent with extended family on holidays, no K-love radio, no sports, the list goes on. We tried for two years and the whole time I just felt weak because i couldnt stay unmarried like the apostle Paul. Does there exist a church that is really Christ centered and not traditionalism/money/guilt centered? And quite frankly, Praise God for that too. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. We were allowed to see them about once a year, until the church decided that the ‘good church members’ shouldn’t fellowship with their non-believing relatives. 99% of them would argue til they turn blue in the face, and sometimes even purple and black, that any other version is demonic and from the pits of hell. My daughter is still speaking with her father and her sister. Compounding the problem is the legal statute of limitations. Joe Thompson was the Pastor there, and to say that he idolized these men, would be an understatement! I know the manipulation and lies I endured were real and your work here with others like me contributed to the validation I’ve needed to heal from my experiences. Their church holds like 4 different separation doctrines and consider my faith to be apostate so my family is supposed to separate from me, luckily they don't ...yet. Actually, that last one was sad, because my parents grew up in Chicago in the 60s and many different churches of multiple denominations across the Midwest fellowshipped at both Moody Bible Institute and FBC Hammond back then.

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