It is possible that because these EGGs are exposed to the relentless action of the radiation from nearby hot stars, some may not yet have collected enough material to form a star. Then some of the gas in the outer parts of the red giant may get pulled by the second star's gravity and get pulled onto the second star. The molecular cloud filaments can be up to 1000 light-years long. Figure 3: Orion Nebula. O’Dell and S.K. A day before the US election, the rival candidates make last-ditch efforts to persuade voters in key states. During the time a dense core is contracting to become a true star, but before the fusion of protons to produce helium begins, we call the object a protostar. Because low-mass stars do not have strong winds and do not die by exploding, triggered star formation cannot occur in these clouds. The diameter of a typical envelope that is supplying gas to the newly forming star is about 5000 AU. When the wind first starts up, the disk of material around the star’s equator blocks the wind in its direction. Three elders reveal what it takes to be a leader. Notice that most of the stars seen in the infrared are completely hidden by dust in the visible-light image. There is an enormous difference between the density of a molecular cloud core and the density of the youngest stars that can be detected. Where the wind particles can escape most effectively is in the direction of the star’s poles. The series of three images shows changes during a period of 5 years. (credit a: modification of work by NASA, C.R. The protostar and disk at this stage are embedded in an envelope of dust and gas from which material is still falling onto the protostar. This content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (b) A protostar with a surrounding disk of material forms at the center of a dense core, accumulating additional material from the molecular cloud through gravitational attraction. Recent observations suggest that T Tauri stars may actually be stars in a middle stage between protostars and hydrogen-fusing stars such as the Sun. This is exactly what happens when a core contracts to form a protostar: as it shrinks, its rate of spin increases. These stars, even after their expansion, have so much gravity and mass that they contract with so much force, velocity, and energy that the atoms in the matter of the star become much closer together than normal matter (the stuff we’d find on Earth). The masses of molecular clouds range from a thousand times the mass of the Sun to about 3 million solar masses. Nevertheless, through a combination of theoretical calculations and the limited observations available, astronomers have pieced together a picture of what the earliest stages of stellar evolution are likely to be. . Since stars are made of gas, we focus our attention (and our telescopes) on the dense and cold clouds of gas and dust that dot the Milky Way (see Figure 1). Figure 10: Disks around Protostars. If it is a light black hole then there is no established theory for how such an object could develop. .css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}Scientists have discovered an astronomical object that has never been observed before. The star may actually be wobbling, perhaps because it has a companion. Internal pressure produced by the motions of the gas atoms, pushing outward, tries to force the star to expand. However, there are likely to be other possible triggers, such as spiral density waves and other processes we do not yet understand. First, the dust-shrouded interiors of molecular clouds where stellar births take place cannot be observed with visible light. The material then undergoes a rapid collapse, and the density of the core increases greatly as a result. The most massive main-sequence stars (spectral type O) are also the most luminous and have the highest surface temperature. As we saw in Between the Stars: Gas and Dust in Space, the most massive reservoirs of interstellar matter—and some of the most massive objects in the Milky Way Galaxy—are the giant molecular clouds. ​Stable (main-sequence) stars such as our Sun maintain equilibrium by producing energy through nuclear fusion in their cores. According to the law of conservation of angular momentum (discussed in the chapter on Orbits and Gravity), a rotating body spins more rapidly as it decreases in size. This means the collapsing core can reach a stable state as a crushed ball made mainly of neutrons, which astronomers call a neutron star. The force of gravity, pulling inward, tries to make a star collapse. At the heart of the nebula is the Trapezium cluster, which includes four very bright stars that provide much of the energy that causes the nebula to glow so brightly. The oldest group of stars lies to the left of the diagram and has expanded because of the motions of individual stars. Although we do not know what initially caused stars to begin forming in Orion, there is good evidence that the first generation of stars triggered the formation of additional stars, which in turn led to the formation of still more stars (Figure 6). Luhman (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics); and G. Schneider, E. Young, G. Rieke, A. Cotera, H. Chen, M. Rieke, R. Thompson (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)), Studies of Orion and other star-forming regions show that star formation is not a very efficient process. Nevertheless, through a combination of theoretical calculations and the limited observations available, astronomers have pieced together a picture of what the earliest stages of stellar evolution are likely to be. In order to form a star—that is, a dense, hot ball of matter capable of starting nuclear reactions deep within—we need a typical core of interstellar atoms and molecules to shrink in radius and increase in density by a factor of nearly 1020. These clouds have cold interiors with characteristic temperatures of only 10–20 K; most of their gas atoms are bound into molecules.

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