$3 US and $4 CAD. I've never had an issue crossing here between border services on either side. As one of the busiest Ontario international crossings, we take pride in our ensuring our bridge is safe, secure, and operates efficiently. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! www.CBSA.gc.ca; Mailing Address: 1 Bridge Street, ON, At least the view of the teal blue water was nice. Keep smilin'! If you are bored and looking for something to do in Sarnia, head down to the Bluewater bridge, there is a spectacular, breathtaking view that is second to none. Very beautiful scenery while crossing, but very unpredictable time to clear customs. I crossed this bridge back in 2012 from Detroit into Ontario, Canada during the summer month of July...I can honestly say that I wasn't nervous at all. Even in the heaviest of snowstorms in the wintertime, this bridge does a great job of keeping the traffic flowing. The overhead signs state the middle lane is for busses and Nexus only. Beautiful spot, nicely structured and always cleaned up even during snow storms, the lines aren't crazy in length, and the process is always smooth and on point.I like to to take this crossing point because the roads to it are always clear and not too busy. Crossing the bridge was easy peasy. It does seem like the fees keep going up, but maybe I'm just whining. We had no issues leaving the United States and entered Canada with passports. I used to cross a lot more frequently as I have family across the border, nowadays it's reduced to once or twice a year. Plenty of places to sit and just be. Always a good time when we go to the bridge. Ah my new home town. It's cheapest for one, but it's also almost always the least busy. Make sure to have proper idea, answer with a smile, and you're good.The only drawback about the Blue Water is its location: notably, not anywhere near me for regular jaunts into Windsor. We come to this area frequently all year long, its truly peaceful. You’ll notice our lanes are marked accordingly to indicate whether a discounted toll card is accepted, so you don’t have to worry if you’re in the wrong lane. This bridge is hands down so much better than the old bridge down in. Where we were for the night it was a shorter distance to enter into Canada using this bridge. Phone: 519-336-0980; Location 1 Bridge Street Village of Point Edward, ON N7V 4J5 View Map . Take an opportunity to admire the bridge from Lighthouse Park in Port Huron or the promenade on the other side, and absorb the engineering that keeps us moving.In the last few years, heavy construction totally remodeled the American side of the approach. from a photography stand-point, the old-new bridges are absolutely beautiful to photograph and view from the bottom. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. You see, I am also the girl who waits with baited breath for the 'new bridge to Canada' to open and ardently defend the construction of a newer, better Detroit-Windsor crossing that benefits Michigan rather than ruining neighbourhoods and lining a callous billionaire's pockets. Heading into the States for a road trip? The overhead signs state the middle lane is for busses and Nexus only. This system reduces your wait time and makes paying easy as tolls are automatically deducted from your account once you pass through the toll lane. ; You can call 1-800-381-8477 for Michigan weather and road conditions updates. super efficient, with lots of booths on both sides. Sault Ste. I've crossed over from Michigan to Ontario, Canada multiple times, multiple ways, but I always like this one the best. See all photos from Kelly P. for Blue Water Bridge Canada. Heading into the States for a road trip? It's trying to return that had us unnecessarily waiting in a single file line for 30 minutes. You see, I have a serious thing for black. The people at either side of the border are always friendly and polite, something that doesn't really happen at the tunnel or at the Ambassador. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Multiple food trucks, washrooms, great scenery and there's even a splash pad if you've got kids. Of course it depends on where you're headed, but if you're able to I would do Sarnia over Windsor all day long. Very beautiful scenery while crossing, but very unpredictable time to clear customs.You never know if there will be a sudden delay or if like happened to us today, no traffic at all. It's a epic experience crossing the bridge.A wonderful view of both Sarnia and POHO.Traffic fluctuates but that's to be expected when traveling especially into another country. The Canadian port has message boards that provide real-time … In Lambton County we create the right chemistry for discoveries that matter. The bridge itself is, well, a bridge. A roundup of community news delivered straight to your inbox every evening. Marie 705-942-4345 U.S.: 906-635-5255. Sign up for a prepaid toll card at My Accounts and enjoy the following benefits: Blue Water Bridge plays an essential role as an economic link between Canada and the United States. Now I know that the bridge itself can't take credit for the beauty that God has created but have you seen that water? You make Canada proud =), See all photos from Tina M. for Blue Water Bridge Canada, 1 other review that is not currently recommended. Arrive at your destination quickly and efficiently with our electronic prepaid toll accounts. All rights reserved. As you get to the end of the bridge, the middle lane is for cars too. cross through port Huron\Sarnia, from an efficiency standpoint pretty much any time of the day is way easy to cross over both ways, with very little waiting period. The bridge is much shorter than the Ambassador bridge and much less traffic. Our cameras are updated every 2-3 minutes. In sheer comparison to the Moroun operated monopoly, Blue Water earns a thousand stars. We’ve strived to provide optimal service to all travellers since 1938. Online. My least favorite part is when you're stuck on it in traffic and the whole thing sways and bounces - that's a liiiitle scary. It also saves you a great time if you're crossing into Sarnia onto Michigan's east side, it would save you about 30-45 minutes rather than you going through Windsor.Great crossing point. We come during summer for the float down, sailboat races and just to relax, also love it during winter with giant ice pieces. The Bluewater Bridge Canada is Sarnia :-) I just wouldn't be home without it! The bridge itself is shorter than what I'm use to compared to some of the "popular" bridges in California.

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