He was just like expressionless introvert instead of a cool and reliable capable man like the one in Webtoon. In this drama, it also portrals the abuses of victims of such stigma, their stuggles and difficulties. Wooah. I did like that they were promoting this idea of 'looks don't matter as much, but they advertised a weight loss drink, so that kind of was ironic in a way. yay fighting oppa ji soo for the lead role fighting, © AsianWiki.com. most of the casting is also perfect. Also kudos to production for giving us such quality drama, hopefully they maintain it until it ends! of Na Young hee the mother in Children of Nobody. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); At first, I liked the flow of story. Gangnam Beauty implicitly means a plastic surgery monster to Koreans. they chose a good cast. Leloo Chan Jul 29 2018 6:29 pm These ads also come with a message that says "you can look this way, too," in the country with the highest per capita rate of cosmetic surgery in the world. Rovers Sep 01 2018 3:04 am Need season 2 pleasee, I wanna know how things after they announce their relationship. EUNWOO~~~~!!! I have to admit i hated her but all she needed was to be loved. ailee Sep 16 2018 1:39 am Reflect First Aug 07 2018 10:39 pm I also don't think plastic surgery is the best solution but those who do plastic surgery is much better than those who mock others because of their appearance. Arif Se. But so far this drama gets a solid 9/10 for the first 3 episodes. Im so hyang really looks like Mirae and she delivered the clumsiness so well, also Eunwoo, Kyungsuk is actually so stiff and a bit arogant in webtoon and Eunwoo also playing the character so well! I get that they want to give her this kind of 'innocent appeal', but seeing her go like 'huh? Novi D. Hapsari Jun 02 2018 2:26 pm Eunwoo style doesn't really suit with Do Kyungsuk but I hope he can live the character. h Oct 29 2018 5:32 am All characters address their grievances and misunderstanding. His acting in other dramas are so good, considering he's an idol. @ysxhessbf Sorry but that's the only section for Korea in the app a gangnam beauty is mainly a woman who gets so much plastic surgery that it’s very noticeable. Riley029 Aug 30 2018 11:52 am Uwwu Sep 05 2018 11:01 am Zoey Jun 24 2018 1:41 pm I hate her. just watched the last ep i never write reviews and this my first time. Like sis, you got plastic surgery to look beautiful and when people compliment you why do you act so surprised? Can't wait to watch next episode! he's an extra, but he's in a lot of scenes in the background so i thought he'd be mentioned on here but i don't see him TT can anybody tell me his name? It tackles harsh reality. Please add more episodes. the story concept is so original, thumbs up to the webtoon writer... I struggled to finish this drama and it wont be on my repeat list. ? Mimin Jul 29 2018 9:48 am | Privacy Policy | Contact, First script reading took place May 30, 2018, her first ever drama series cameo appearance in episode 1, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=ID:_Gangnam_Beauty&oldid=1186673, Based on the webcomic series "Nae IDneun Gangnammiin" by Gi Maeng-Gi (published from April 8, 2016 to December 29, 2017) via. I really fell for it. honestly? Jean05 Aug 17 2018 2:13 am Love you my baby so much~. Rena Sep 03 2018 7:43 am They should extend it. this drama needs to be extended come on 16 episodes are not enough :(. ????? This is a pretty good drama. stiff and boring plus the soundtrack makes the story too serious that u can't even smile a bit but i still love this drama actually it gaves me the feeling of sympathy, forgiveness, love. Information and translations of gangnam in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. . Gangnam Beauty implicitly means a plastic surgery monster to Koreans. Akshiii Feb 16 2019 1:02 pm Maybe Bona can pull it off. OMG, I love this drama so far and can't wait for the rest of the episodes. First of all , this drama involves plastic surgery which is pretty common here in korea, especially between women. Im Soo hyang really fit with Kang Mirae's character... and I think she can really bring out the awkwardness and the low self-esteem that Mirae had... akyoa Jul 22 2018 11:42 am Adrianna Ybarra Jun 25 2020 12:25 am miss A Aug 06 2018 7:16 am I dont think Oh Hyunjung role is really needed in the drama version. I love Kyungsuk 's character here in this drama and the other characters too.. Maybe some people have different taste.. Leyrur Nov 12 2018 7:03 am Love it. This drama really describes many characters of human.. from annoying till lovely one, completed. Kaidrama Aug 07 2018 8:31 pm I hate how do a very cool and reliable kyung suk turned into a timid dork introvert man. Love this drama. I thought it was real so I came here just to check, and yeah, only episode 16... Boowoo Sep 16 2018 11:48 pm MiRae should KyungHee. Cha Eun-Woo is really handsome, just no words, the role of flower-boy suits hem well. Such is the irony of life and cruelty of human beings. Noni Apr 03 2019 8:46 pm You can tell the aura lead to Soo Hyang! They should have extended for another 2 episodes :( I love that for once the lead guy wasn't swayed by it at all. I hope this drama gets good rating. Love this drama❤ Loved it! [19], The area has a large concentration of vegetarian and other upscale restaurants that serve Korean cuisine with a modern twist, namely on the main street from Bongeun Temple to Park Hyatt Hotel in Samseong-dong.[20]. monito Sep 17 2018 2:58 am I also experienced discrimination, I felt depressed and out of place. Gotta credit Im Soo Hyang for playing a teen in this drama, when she is a almost a decade older than some of the casts. gureum Jun 30 2018 1:37 am I love the webtoon first tbh, At first i kinda afraid it won't portrait the webtoon well but i was wrong! it’s just makes me sad that we won’t get to see a lot of them being a couple because she has not evolved as a character. Definition of gangnam in the Definitions.net dictionary. Mew Jul 13 2018 5:39 am It's because of the influence and publication of all channels of media - it somehow developed a so called 'standard beauty' which basically dictates an acceptable measurement of physical appearance to be called beautiful. I loved her from the drama Five Enough, and i loved her character even more in this drama. i truly loved this drama for the message that they are putting out that every girl needs to know! male lead tries too hard to be a stone cold faced man and female lead is overall boring and awkward. Sefyee Aug 14 2018 10:22 am Love it so far <3. I think park hyunsik as kyungsuk is good? Thanks. I love this drama very much I can't wait for the next episode. The story not focus so basically i really upset to this drama. PS : looove the details of their life as college students, seems so real. There is no chemistry between them. el Jun 29 2018 1:29 pm I MUST watch this! Is it a good or a bad thing? I hope this drama can be really as good as the webtoon version. So kudos to the cast and the directors and producers for bringing the whole thing to life. Iru Oct 22 2019 2:40 pm I highly recommend this drama, hope you guys enjoy it :). aiyaaa Sep 16 2018 5:40 am 화이팅!!! Yet they are filthy rich now and don't ever have to suffer another day regarding poverty again. The 1st year representative should be SooAh and SooAh should be Mirae. @Elena: It seems you only focus on the love story of Mirae and Kyung Suk. April Sep 14 2018 9:21 pm After watch this drama, im so glad my country dont have beauty standard. Though Im received compliments for being "perfectly fit" for the character, it might be tricky for an actress to play a person who went through so many beautification procedures. It has been a long time I've seen such bad acting. They got cast close however then main actress and the secondary actress highs a little wrong since the main is suppose to be taller than her. Is Coupang following in footsteps of Amazon? .just wow. I started watching this drama for Eunwoo but I liked the lead actress more than him at the end. Aaaa Oct 27 2019 7:30 am Remember that this drama came from webtoon adaptation, just read the webtoon if you wanna know. I don't recommend this drama to anyone. Sweetie Sep 15 2018 3:58 am Both long-standing locally owned schools such as the Seoul Korean Academy, and more recent foreign-owned entities such as Lexis Korea report a significant increase in interest in the location. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Alexxx Jun 15 2018 7:59 pm If one is born with less than desirable features, one gets picked on, criticised & bullied. When she becomes a college student, she meets Do Kyung Suk (Cha Eun Woo) from their middle school days, who sees people for what they are on the inside and not on the outside; he then becomes attracted to Kang Mi Rae. This isn't the first time there is a 5-10 years age gap between the leads of a drama. can't wait for this drama! She acts shocked and surprised all the time. Ro Aug 05 2018 12:28 pm everyone's talking about how this drama is showing the flaws in beauty standards the evils in society WHATEVER cha eunwoo is cute and caring as hell unlike other drama leads let's focus on that. But I think it's too early to judge, I'll wait until the dorama comes out ... but as a reader of manhwa, I did not represent him for the role of Kyungseok ... CUTE_WHITE_BEAR Jun 15 2018 10:36 am After the cosmetic surgeries, Kang is "reborn" and finally able to meet the social standards for beauty. The expression of the lead male character is a little bit stiff. Sheryl Sep 16 2018 11:23 am But the female lead's acting felt short of the emotions. [23][24][25], Last edited on 2 September 2020, at 18:56, Administrative divisions of Gangnam District, television drama adaptation of the webtoon, List of twin towns and sister cities in South Korea, https://www.citypopulation.de/php/southkorea-admin.php?adm2id=11230%7C, "City designates area by COEX as smoke-free", "Interview: PSY on 'Gangnam Style,' posers and that hysterical little boy", "Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Gets Underway Monday", "The number of SNU entrants in 2010, sorted by regions", "The number of SNU entrants from Seoul in 2010, sorted by districts", "Vera Wang opens 1st Asia flagship in Seoul", "Cartier Opens Flagship Store in Cheongdam", "Gangnam Style: how Seoul's most exclusive neighbourhood went global", "Gangnam-gu Promotes Further Exchanges with USFK", "Gangnam Nationalism: Why Psy's anti-American rap shouldn't surprise you", "American troops participate in Gangnam Marathon", "There is no gangnam district in Gangnam style music video", "Will Moon Geun Young Make Her Small Screen Comeback Through, "Psy showcases Korean fashion: 10 Corso Como Seoul offers fashion and culture in new Gangnam style", "Welcome to the plastic surgery capital of the world", Gangnam-gu > Tourism / Culture > Maps (Gangnam-gu maps), Map, status quo and origin of dong names of Gangnam-gu, "Tour The Ritzy Seoul District That Inspired Viral Hit 'Gangnam Style'", photoessay at BusinessInsider.com, 20 September 2012, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gangnam_District&oldid=976405519, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. just bcz of this drama I read the manga,, it's so interesting !!!!! Hope this gonna be interesting.. xinmure May 31 2018 7:07 am I wish I had amnesia to rewatch this drama, so damn good ! ?, i love you so much? A book shouldnt be judged by its cover. I always ask my self a question though could he have loved her even before she went through the chabges, stinkynat13 Sep 12 2019 12:40 am Definitely and undoubtedly the best drama adapted from webtoon.the perfect casting and excellent awkward acting from both leads was worth a watch.another best part of the drama was its soundtrack .I checked out every another song that was used on the drama separately in YouTube and got hooked to them.the drama was wrapped in beautifully without any loopholes with each and every character getting their own ending..loved the drama..I won't mind watching it again ;).

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