Either way, once you’re back at the wake, claimants to the throne will confirm their candidacy, after which Yennefer and Geralt will get their audience with Crach. Talk to the nearby Boatwright’s Apprentice to learn more about the beast, then head west along the shore. The Witcher 3 mods: Our best mod recommendations and how to install them in Wild Hunt. Notify me about new: Guides. Once you’re done reinforcing your deck, head through a door in the south-western corner of the inn to find Yennefer’s room. Pick up the loot as fast as possible and tell Yennefer you want to kiss her. When you've secured the requested 1000 coins, return to the captain at the Golden Sturgeon and hand over his payment to set sail for Skellige. The candidates for the crown of Skellige lay make their claim (left). One does not refuse such invitations in Skellige, and so, willing or not, Geralt had no choice but to meet Yennefer at the castle gates and attend the wake at her side. Use your Witcher senses to investigate the room. Fight off the beasts that attack (don’t worry, they don’t perform up to their level) after which Yennefer will talk to you and point out a… silly revelation. Macintosh PC Xbox One. Haggle with them if you wish, then agree to help him out, starting the quest “Contract: Muire D’yaeblen” . You are Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster-hunter known as a Witcher. Elsewhere, learn about the best Witcher 3 builds, the best Witcher 3 mods, how to make money in Witcher 3, find Places of Power locations, and learn how to do Witcher 3 crafting and Witcher 3 Alchemy Organisational changes throughout the walkthrough to provide a “no skulls” path through the game. ... (after what you will be once again encouraged to drink alcohol). Information on how to complete all the Gwent quests and obtain all the Gwent cards, including detailed Gwent strategies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She then offers to teleport Geralt, which leads to the next quest. Make your way along the corridor and into the workshop. BeastsEarth elemental Work your way through the dialogue options to continue. It should go without saying, but… be sure to loot containers inside and around various buildings as you go, and as the guards vigilance allows. When it forks again head north-east, across a gated, towered, and roofed bridge, uphill, and ultimately into a tunnel. - For the rest of our Witcher 3 walkthrough, head back to the index page of this article. Yennefer takes the mask and an earth elemental will appear. Now that you’ve filled up on quests, continue east a bit along the road and when the road forks turn north. Go to Yennefer's room, now pick up the clothes from a chest and put them on. You can look around the laboratory, but in order to continue the search take the vessel from the locker near the bed and place in the hand of the statue standing near the map - by doing so you will open a hidden passage. As soon as you've said goodbye to your new companions, follow Yennefer across the banquet hall. Next, walk with Yennefer until you near Ermion's workshop, deep in the bowels of the castle. Use your Witcher Senses to examine the subjects of his hobby, then investigate a bowl along the northern end of the room to provoke a description from Yennefer. Fight off the “animals” in Ermion’s quarters (left) then defeat an Earth Elemental in his laboratory (right). When you reach the stables talk to Skjall, then go outside to battle Riders and Hounds from the Wild Hunt. This starts the quests “The Lord of Undvik” , “Possession” and “Echoes of the Past” and ends “The King is Dead - Long Live the King” . When you finish chatting, go downstairs and stick close to Yennefer as she walks to Ermion’s workshop. 16 Behind it you will find the Uroboros Mask that the sorceress is looking for. Once the room is clear, speak to Yennefer again. The King is Dead - Long Live the King In the wake of the assassination of Foltest, king of Temeria, the north have been rent by warfare as Nilfgaard launches its third major invasion, and the northlands have been united under the insane king Radovid. In order to get Yennefer to approve of Geralt's attire, two specific articles of clothing must be worn. Head to the window, walk outside and cross the balcony to the next window. Your next destination should be Yennefer's room at the nearby inn. Don't miss our essential guide to completing the Destination Skellige and The King is Dead quests in The Witcher 3. The king is dead - long live the king question ''SPOILERS'' Spoilers I was wondering if you get any additonal dialogue from Yenn if you wear one of the 3 black and … Beat Lugos and he’ll become much friendlier, tell you about some witcher’s work he’s got for you, and invite you over to his lands. First thing you’ll come across is a notice board on which you’ll find the following notices “Contract: Woodland Spirit”, “Contract: Stolen Sword”, “Contract: Muire D’yaeblen”, “Gwent Lessons” and “Fist Fights”. Drinking or not drinking only changes Yen's reaction. ", The Witcher 3 next-gen version will add ray-tracing and more. There’s no reward for prettying yourself up this much, however. Once you've finished eavesdropping, continue on to your destination. I picked them all up and … When the Elemental dies the room fills with toxic gas. 1050 "Crach an Craite, an old friend, invited Geralt and Yennefer to a farewell feast for the recently-departed King Bran. Note: Unfotunately Yennefer may berate Geralt even if he is wearing the clothes you find in the chest, this happens if they are removed and then put back on. This page covers Destination Skellige, The King is Dead, earth elemental and Mask of Uruboros. Side quests, including monster contracts and treasure hunts for obtaining powerful Witcher sets. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. You can examine as much as you like - however, the most important items to collect are the goblet near the bed, the cone on the table and the skull in the north-east corner of the room. Enter and take the stairs down into a room filled with stuffed animals. Skjall leads Ciri out of Lofoten to the south. Published May 27, 2015, 11:30 a.m. about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt When Ermion's laboratory grew dangerous, she teleported herself and Geralt back to her quarters. 0. From here continue north along the road, cross a bridge and enter the walled village proper. If you choose the second option they end up in Yennefer's room where she has ripped her dress and goes to repair it before returning to the wake. Return east to the road and continue following it to the north-west to find Kaer Trolde in the distance. Pay Captain Wolverstone the requested amount to sail to Skellige. Go to Yennefer's room and put on formal attire. Once you've collected them all, examine the statue resting against the northern-most wall. You'll find three vessels dotted around the water (as marked on your mini-map) - speak to the captain of each until you uncover a lead. Once inside the city walls, follow the objective marker to the docks. You will attend a wake and some attractions await you there. Explore the secret chamber using your Witcher Senses. The King is Dead - Long Live the King (Level 16) Well, you might as well continue exploring Kaer Trolde, since you’re here and all. Quests include Destination Skellige, The King is Dead: Long Live the King, Echoes of the Past, Missing Persons, Nameless and The Calm Before the Storm. Published May 27, 2015, 11:30 a.m. With Geralt’s Witcher Senses, search for some claw marks, then return to the outer garden and walk over to the well near the tree. She will propose a foot race, you can agree or refuse, if you agree you will race her to the top of the mountain, first to pull out Hjalmar's axe out of the tree stomp wins. Meet Yennefer at the entrance to Kaer Trolde. Now that you’re all dolled up for Yennefer, it’s time to get messy! The kikimore, the professor and Azar Javed's attack and Leo's death might color his feelings about Kaer Morhen as much as or even more than the memories of his long-ago training do. Descriptions of decisions, quests, and events that influence the various endings of the game. It just adds Yen scolding you when get past the door. You can also investigate her Megascope, some clothes, her signature perfume, the infamous stuffed unicorn, and of course, the chest with the clothes she wants you to wear. Turn around and head through the nearby windows, moving out into the cold mountain air. Next, activate your Witcher Senses and start investigating the red-highlighted objects in the room. It's impossible to proceed through the main workshop doors with the birds on look-out. Continue north and cross another bridge. As the gas continues rising, approach the sealed gateway then speak to Yennefer. Say hello to the greeter and prepare to meet your dining companions. Continue west along some docks to find crowd, who have gathered to witness a somber scene; a funeral, a death, and a taste of Skellige tradition. Look right and climb onto the rocks, then walk north. The mask is at the end of the path, but it's guarded by an earth elemental, which must be defeated. Crach requests your help with some tasks, triggering the quests The Lord of Undvik, Possession and Echoes of the Past. Drop down and take the tunnels, stopping to inspect the body all the way at the end of this path. Continue interacting with this until the gate you desire is open. Head to the main road through the first gatehouse, across the bridge. If you wish to continue this main quest, open the middle gate, jump into the canal and go for a swim. For more information, go here. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. what they did is not really any of your concern, dear reader.Afterwards, they returned to the wake. Watch the cut scene and the game briefly pauses this quest to begin the next one. The, If you kept them, Yennefer will also approve of the, The first choice when Yennefer asks Geralt to think of the first thing that comes into mind i.e. Tell Yennefer what you learned in Velen and Novigrad, and she’ll tell you about all the nothing she did while you were busy. Interact with it and place the goblet in its hand. Scale the long, long mountain path and, eventually, you'll reach Kaer Trolde's main gate where Yennefer awaits. Kill the Earth Elemental we already said you’d find. Skjall should interrupt the fight. Once you pick the right item, a secret door will open, so your path forward is set. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Search using Geralt’s Witcher Senses, then find traces of a Craven and follow the prints. The door to the laboratory is now open, enter and search it with your witcher senses where you will find a statue holding it's hand out. Go to Yennefer's rooms and put on formal attire. Go to each location and speak to people about finding Captain Wolverstone. Watch the cinematic and then slaughter yet another Foglet. Region(s) Next, inspect the bowl on the altar at the far end of the room. While she’s gawking, an Earth Elemental will animate and attack. First, as Yennefer tells you, go to the inn and put on the clothes she got for you (it's not a mandatory part of the quest). Walkthrough now includes additional information based on patch changes. You will then go northwest and see a giant tree. This leads to a fun encounter we detail in our Witcher 3 Romance guide. Yennefer will ask you to think about something real quick. The King is Dead - Long Live The King. - Our walkthrough continues with a step-by-step guide to completing The Witcher 3 - Echoes of the Past. Introduce yourself to Yennefer's companion then go find Crach. Don't forget to put the clothes on after picking them up. Follow Yennefer to speak with the people here. Head back along the docks, using the objective marker as a guide, and enter the tavern.

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