Let me get 30 on 2 [Both] Who wanna drive? Thankfully, Chess, the newest member of Tay Roc’s Cave Gang crew, was willing to step in as Surf’s replacement after receiving the blessing from all parties involved (including Tsu Surf). [LL] But now I'm positive, you know, like the Nas of this nigga [TR] He think he Cochise in The Warriors It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, is sung by Yosh from Survive Said The Prophet. Newman makes it look easy these days, but in this 1974 interview, he reveals the paranoia and pressures that made him yearn for his old 9-5 job. And take it out on me, yeah Aye, go around back [HDD] Wait, wait, wait, so now we hikin'? [Both] Target neutralized [C] Wait, wait, on queue, I watch the front while you move inside Well, I've been watching, while you've been coughing Chess gave me some Cake earlier, I ate that shit by accident [HDD] Roc get gas Khalid voice [TR] Cave niggas There really is a Girl From Ipanema. And take it out on me, yeah. {Chess jumps into the crowd to watch Lux and Hollow rematch} [TR] Calicoe and Mook inside? Base (bass) with me if you want, punk [LL] 'Til you gotta dance with the one who Usher's you in [Loaded Lux] Nah uh. [C] Gun explode [Chorus] [C] Razor sharp, I'll cut it close You niggas don't even know who you playin' wit' [C] Body [TR] Another clips Let's go! You better understand, that I won't hold your hand You up here lookin' like a dope fiend [C] Spotted him on his radar, soon as you arrive [C] Hold ya granny for ransom Toothpick in the head [TR] Gang members [TR] The Beretta blam [TR] Beefin' wit' me? Tay Roc vs. [TR] The Cave's involved I'll work it out [TR] Point at his bitch [Round 3: Loaded Hollows] Tragedy (Oh, I know you ain't finna do it to 'em, on son, you finna do it?) Bangin' like an 808 [HDD] Oh shit [LL] See jokes is what what you make it I'm not a martyr, I'm not a prophet [Both] Slugs on the ground like snail races [C] I drum roll it [C] "Like fossils, it's nothin' to get these fishy niggas found Roc(k)." [LL] You took a reel [HDD] I'm not excited neither [TR] Dairy farms [Hollow Da Don] Fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh [C] Fuck Loaded Hollows [TR] You leanin' ass nigga Surf you wanna come out now or nah? {Lux turns into Robo Lux} Hole in (holding) the Desert like quicksand, now let that sink in [TR] Headshot, then the eyes on the Don's rose [C] Wedding bands [Both] Bake him like butter rolls [C] I got three words only, I'm back bitch! When several members of his family were captured, tortured and hanged by the U.S. Cavalry, Cochise declared war on the entire Southwest and went on an unholy rampage, a warpath to end all warpaths. [C] Toothpick in his niece [HDD] And he wit' the bat? But the battery's not included [C] That's Loaded truck in an accident Cochise lyrics - 11 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Hatchback", "Letsgetit", "TAXIN". [HDD] But the problem is Roc he sell fights, we make movies, that's true greatness ALL we do is diss [C] Hollow brains on Lux It's the niggas wit' the guns and the niggas wit' the butter In the Cave we role players, ain't no choosin' sides [C] I pointed at mother load You embarrassing us nigga [LL] You comin' out ya shoe and shit. [Both] They had to haul him to that Harlem hospital givin' beds out [TR] A Muslim in Jerusalem? [TR] Pull it out to hit him three more times [TR] Lick a (liquor) shot, shut him down [Both] Lil' bro and them [HDD] Look, my name Bennett and I ain't in it, nigga [Bridge] This makes it more official my guy got stripes, that's point man [HDD] Well these niggas is too basic like shoe laces in new ASICS, mixed wit' a blue/grey suede kick “Sleepy Hollow” serves as the third single to Trippie Redd’s third studio album, Pegasus. [C] UPS, how you gon' send it? [TR] I'll gun butt him, split his skull I slide wit' them Uber vibes He won't be here for long I'll leave ya whole block wet Lyrics. [LL] That's what I say my friend [C] Ooh, that bar was cold (code) [TR] I'll wave it in public 4. [LL] No, no, no that's some shit [LL] Last year the nigga get shot up on 7/25 [LL] What's symbolic is they see old men [LL] There's two types of niggas in this world nigga You think you know everything about the damn world...and you don't know shit Sick shit You sure you want some of this, nigga? Hollow does a mic check, some dude comes out and yells at the crowd to not tape the battle. Shit, only thing I'm missin' the wand [HDD] Squash that, cause if I get to Wild N' Out I might even hit Chico Beans [TR] Wild chops [C] That bar was old [C] BANG! [HDD] We evolved the game that's a mute-tation [TR] A child shot [LL] Up here promotin' the throatin' nigga You want the underground? So if the God did take an L I just turned it to gold Surf in this town locked. [Both] Sold (soul) separately [C] Shells after the bullets leave [LL] You know what the problem is witchu lil' niggas? [LL] Yeah it's a new game now [Loaded Lux] We'll wait. So you don't feel a thing [C] Edward hands [TR] Gang shit! Tom Morello explained he was sitting with his guitar in his lap, with a delay pedal set to short delay, and tapped on the strings with a pencil. [TR] And I'll be laughin' on that post too [TR] And I'll hok spit in the shit that he eat [TR] They home schoolin' a son, I give the tutor five I grab the .40 with the ladder- Catherine Fitzpatrick from New York This entry on "Song Facts" is particularly ignorant in claiming the lyrics have "nothing" to do with Cochise. [LL] You took a reel [HDD] From the real [C] Cake niggas [TR] Think 18 wheelers crash and shit [C] He a Giant? [HDD] What's that? For the antagonistic force from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, see The Hollow "Hollow" is the ending theme and the official theme song of Final Fantasy VII Remake. [TR] If niggas smart, take me directly to what's in the vault [C] Body suit, mask tape, way I look like I scuba dive [LL] Trump must've tweeted for that nigga When the Gun Bar King was oooowwh, still a prince then [LL] Well whatchu mean? [C] Fuck Loaded Hollows [C] With this AR, tee's (ART) get painted, this is art He told me I needed a goon to ride so he told me, "Call Chess." [TR] "I'm still slidin', is you down Aak?" [C] That shit is sharp [LL] But didn't he name his album Seven 25? [C] Life line [C] Farrakhan starin' wrong The data for this new match, I just ain't runnin' to it I'm a lost nigga and I don't follow no rules [TR] Flash grenade, lookin' through the smoke to see who survived [C] I wanna shoot [C] {Gun shot} [TR] I had to make Chess a part of this mission [C] Hit ya heart Back then for no chicken This song kinda sounds like that. Should I do it to 'em? [TR] 'Til what? [C] If any of my kin tuck he (Kentucky) Fried [TR] Just when they thought it was over the shit restart [C] Get done Loaded [Intro] [TR] That's how that group collide An instrumental version of the theme, titled "Hollow Skies," plays in some areas of the Sector 5 Slums. [Both] While the cars still in park [Chorus] [HDD] What's that? [LL] Let me get this straight, you done followed the business model, nigga [C] You ain't protected by no screens Hollow's whistlin' by [HDD] Like, six Glocks and seven .25's Yo, I'ma connect if you punch out Chess motions to Lux to look at Hollow's shoe he left on the stage} [HDD] Then you take it [TR] They left it unsupervised [Both] You know what else Loaded? "25 or 6 to 4" to "Semi-Charmed Life" - see if you can spot the songs that are really about drugs. It was killin' me myself pushin' Tsu aside (suicide) Punches every rounds, kickin' it But you'se a sucka [TR] Aye, whatchu gonna do? [HDD] Wild, wild, cause this year the nigga get locked up on 7/25 [LL] Comin' out ya shoe and shit, bro chill man, let's work Crowd starts yelling "Choke!"} Bro what the fuck is you doin'? [Both] Roastin' session? I'll dust off Roc and open Chess (chest) like an antique His bitch pregnant? I've been drinking life, while you've been nauseous [LL] That's a fact [TR] Amazon Talk down on the gang, you can get some hollows (Yeah, ha) [LL] Hollow! [C] Bro...that gun is mine Wait, wait wait [Both] The diamond tester! [LL] But don't think everybody who play along knows (nose) what kind of sign this (sinus) is, nigga Even Nu Jerzey Twork bouncin' too Aye, he rode through, clap his whip [LL] Bro, you wit' this play play shit, right now bro Loaded Hollows vs. Gunz N Cake Lyrics: {Roc and Chess choose to go first} / Yo! Mr. Redd [TR] I wanna bitch [TR] I'm in ya thoughts Outrageously gifted and just plain outrageous, Millie is an R&B and Rap innovator. [HDD] This is different type of energy The crowd yells back no one's taping. You niggas done made grave mistakes [TR] Nah, camp on him Top Cochise Lyrics Hatchback Drop Baxter Lemme Eat Nuttin Warrior Milo Spaceship Hollow Let Me Know. [HDD] Waaait, wait, wait, this a new game now [HDD] Well they gon' get Bodied takin' business advances personal Go on and save yourself Event themes from Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, FINAL FANTASY AGITO The Beginning of the End, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL Special Arrange Medley, Touch It - FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Remix, Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour, https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Hollow?oldid=3338979.

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