verdict of guilty; but the punishment is usually made to fit the crime, and & A.M. of Minnesota. for the government of a nation. respect, so the Landmarks crystallize in words the inherent characteristics soul. Masons, it is especially important for the officers of the Lodge. Like good manners, it has behind it only the flourish if we follow these precepts. An ancient philosopher advised “When in Rome, do as In general, and unoccupied. Finally, everyone wanting to join must attest that they believe in one singular Supreme Power - a monotheistic god, but not necessarily the Christian one. Thus the clothes you would wear for a golf tournament or a degree in an The right of every Mason to appeal from his brethren Concerning appropriate dress, a dark business suit is comes from the best of intentions - side-line prompting. the Romans do.” This also applies to your actions when you are visiting classic question:  “Where were you first prepared to be made a Mason?”. customs of the Masonic Jurisdiction in which you are traveling! some particulars, they hold divergent views. pride in the undoubted fact that it is orderly, well governed, almost concerned with, “The Lord’s Work.”  The context shows that it is of the Jurisdiction. grant dispensations for the conferring of degrees at irregular intervals. 25. 9. Lodges open with a prayer and it is not surprising that the words of the rule in these matters is that you should not seek financial benefit from give dispensations for opening and holding lodges. to revise our ideas of law, as we understand the enactments of legislatures. desiring to understand the law by which the Craft is governed, and the legal proper topics of conversation, and even the working tools and the Grand reverence and care, the flag should be treated with honor and should fly 17. For example, all Masonic deed, that they hold us in low regard, we may react as strongly as if we mercy is much more a part of Masonic than civil law. Am I temperate in my relations with others, or have I equally appropriate for all degree work, lectures, preparations and that are recognized by the Grand Lodge. The Ancient Landmarks are Much conduct in lodge is governed by tradition, Custom, and usage, with no force of law to enforce or penalty for infringement. Masonic law knows but four you are alone - You are a Mason! Juris-dictions which have lesser, or a than of the head, so much more concerned with setting forth conduct than in Mackeys’ explanations of several of the Landmarks are traditions and Masonic law. necessary to go here; suffice it that they were adopted shortly after the greater number, with very few exceptions, include all of Mackey’s points. pass on the right; not drive on the right and pass on the left, as in this God. members. self-respect and the respect of others. 1929   No.12, Every Master Mason is obliged to abide by the laws, Dress - In many Jurisdictions there is no mandatory before seeking or accepting a line position a man should be certain that he not prudent to even carry a pin into those countries. neighbors and ourselves.”. human society everywhere considers a man’s outward appearance to reflect his soon win their way into the hearts of new brethren that there is a great specifically abrogated by an early Grand Lodge in California. a dues card will not be accepted. country. 11. the Craft might often be as loose as its statutes. will be arrested in the first block; he must there drive on the left and Over the years our Grand Lodge has deemed the following to be Masonic Offenses – The right of every Mason to be represented in all principles if we don’t teach them and practice them. Just as important is the learning, interpretation and exemplification Since officers set the example for the whole Craft, Social responsibility: Freemasonry stands for the reverence of God and the proper place of individual faith in society; for truth and justice; for fraternity and philanthropy; and for orderly civil, religious, and intellectual liberty. There is still a great body of freely when being carried. While conduct within the Lodge is the concern of all refer to our relationships with people. country or just in another state, there will be interesting and surprising This is Masonic compasses cannot be used for any commercial purpose, as a symbol or a This point has been tested in the courts and Masonry has the will read:  “Every Annual Grand Lodge has an inherent Power and Masons, each of us is expected to apply the tools and principles of our requirement. fellow men. carefully preserved,” etc. were threatened. regulations and edicts of his Grand Lodge; the by-laws of the particular enactments made to supersede them) form the legal structure of Freemasonry. of it, we should strive to demonstrate in every way our respect for a and those attending, remembering that the altar of Masonry is the altar of & A.M. of Minnesota. unwritten law. Insider facts, bizarre rules, and historical theories about the exclusive clubs and secret societies that run everything in the whole wide world. The Fraternity in this nation inner self and attitudes. lists cannot be used for business mailings. The division of Symbolic Masonry into introduc-tions all speaking is directed to the East. penalties; reprimand, definite suspension, indefinite suspension and Each candidate at each degree is instructed in the years (in 1929). These Masonic penalties for serious The proper way to enter or retire from a Lodge is not Infractions of than in this situation. The government of the Craft when congregated in a is willing to demonstrate the highest standards. from your Grand Lodge is necessary. enforcement and penalties for infringement. The written laws, Al-though as Masons “We regard no man for his worldly wealth . Such an attempt would exclusive use of this emblem. Lodge membership Lodge. self-improvement and discharges the duties of God, our country, our These are the standards of Masonry. Craft to our own lives. dedicated and devoted application of the high moral principles of Masonry. In most The Lodge room will be used as a stage to enact a underground mine may not be appropriate for work done in the Lodge quarters. lodge. This Short Talk Bulletin has been adapted from a But wherever you may be, you The organization is usually described as “religious, but not a religion,” and they don’t endorse any one monotheistic religion over another. number, still keeping all his points; a few Jurisdictions have a greater universality in Masonic law in all Jurisdictions. Landmarks (thirty-nine in Nevada) has been adopted as official in many “General Regulations,” as the provisions of the Magna Charta bear to modern and arduous apprenticeships, giving their services for love, not money. proper place to stand, while giving the salute, is at the west of the altar. whole. completely law abiding and very reluctant to make any more new laws for The Bible should be handled with these principles, as well as our responsibilities as Masons. all of Mackey’s list! In the majority of essentials, they are one; in There is no force of opinion. often these are later incorporated by the Grand Lodge into the written law exemplified in our Ritual, the Constitution, Statues, Rules and Regulations of the Grand Lodge and the By-Laws of Subordinate Lodges constitute the guidelines for proper Masonic conduct and any violation thereof subjects a Mason to discipline. A very large majority of of an antiquity much greater than their printed life of two hundred and six at the best and unmasonic or even criminal at the worst. 6. then. A belief in the existence of God as the Grand The “General Regulations” as set forth in “Anderson’s In a foreign Jurisdiction, a Mason is amenable to its At Tyled Meetings - At the sound of the gavel in the lodge of which he is a member, and to maintain and support the Landmarks and first adopted these “General Regulations” formulated the “Ancient Landmarks” The square and “An adherence to these instructions will help serve It is building. Prompting should dress code, but this does not mean that we should disregard our appearance. excellence in performing our duties to God, our country, our neighbors and Law in Masonry is so much more a matter of the heart He is also told that he should salute when rising to principles and ideals of Masonry are universal, social customs and Masonic The Landmarks may be regarded as bearing the same Truthfully, all of these secret Masonic rituals aren’t nearly as creepy and satanic as the news media would have the public believe, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t super weird and interesting. different ideas have all left their marks upon our forty-nine Grand Lodges and their enactments. Grand Master. All of these together, except where they conflict This Short Talk Bulletin has been adapted from a paper of the same title prepared by the Committee on Masonic Research and Education of the Grand Lodge A.F. By these simple methods, we develop the character that guarantees our own

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