In addition, he carries a machete, a bottle of water, large knife and an Evoker with him. This resolution allows him to help Ken recover from his own breakdown, which was caused by him temporarily losing his reason for living e.g. At first glance, Mafuyu can seem airheaded and oblivious. (After Mitsuru hits a weak/critical spot), You're pretty good too, Takeba! A character video late in the game shows him reading books in his room on how to talk to girls and trying (and failing) to rehearse a conversation without getting flustered. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. Let's continue with the trivia. Include Characters Satou Mafuyu (379) Kaji Akihiko (321) Uenoyama Ritsuka (303) Nakayama Haruki (262) Yoshida Yuuki (Given) (131) Murata Ugetsu (121) Kashima Hiiragi (75) Yagi Shizusumi (68) Uenoyama Yayoi (39) Yatake Kouji (37) Include Relationships Satou Mafuyu/Uenoyama Ritsuka (267) Kaji Akihiko/Nakayama Haruki (213) ( 82 letters ) and the series with the shortest title is W'z ( 3 letters ). (First time summoning in battle), I'm fighting for him as well. Mafuyu Sato is the lead vocalist of the band Given which was previously named The Seasons before he became the fourth and newest member of the formerly three-man band. Akihiko learns three unison attacks by doing specific side quests, which he can access with a selective few characters: P3P heroine, Mitsuru, Shinjiro, Yusuke, Makoto, and Chie. While initially conflicted when he learns about The Fall, he ultimately decides to try and defeat Nyx, even admitting to Ryoji Mochizuki that he doesn't care if it's impossible. After graduating from Gekkoukan High, Akihiko went to college. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Given on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Rating 5.0000/5.0000 ) and the least violent is Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uppercut! He has another band-aid on his right cheek, a cross shaped scar on the left side of his head, and stubble. (While performing special move Weave), Uppercut! (10% chance), Counter physical attacks (med odds). Bolts of judgement! (Enemy resistant to Darkness), Don't tell me it's resistant to Almighty attacks?! He is also very competitive; despite not being particularly interested in picking up girls, he willingly goes along with Operation: Babe Hunt, treating it like a "match" and even getting disappointed when they had no luck. Given is a slice of life and a drama-romance manga written by Kizu Natsuki. 真田 明彦 さなだ あきひこ The drummer of the band Given, but he's a prodigy that knows how to play several instruments with ease. (While summoning Caesar), Don't mess with me. (When chosen on the character select screen), I'll force my way through! He even shows some mild hypocrisy by telling him he can't keep dwelling on the past, prompting Shinjiro to remind him that he isn't any different since he can't let go of his guilt over not being able to save his sister's life, and that it is in fact his precise reason for fighting. At the end of the social link, Akihiko gives her a rabbit doll, stating that the doll is reminiscent of her and of his memories of a happier Miki, and finally comes to terms with his own past, at last looking forward to creating a better future. P3 (Summoning Persona for the first time), I've been waiting for this. He appears in person after Ryo's confrontation with Keisuke Komatsubara leads to his disappearance, taking up the role of superintendent in his absence. It is published by Shinshokan in Japanese and SuBLime in English which is imprinted in Dear+ Comics. 1 Synopsis 2 Characters 2.1 Mafuyu Sato 2.2 Ritsuka … He is also one of two Persona-users in the game who use his left hand when handling his Evoker (the other being, The Shirt of Chivalry, a type of costume for males in, Some of Akihiko's early concept art bears a resemblance to, According to Zen United, the European publisher of. The Social Link then freezes until after the events on October 4, where Akihiko admits that his treatment of the female protagonist, that is similar to the treatment of his deceased sister Miki, would be considered as opening up and sharing the burden with her. It has been serialized in the bimonthly manga magazine Cheri+ since 2013, and has been collected into five tankōbon volumes by Shinshokan. At the beginning, Uenoyama tries to keep a distance with Mafuyu, but soon enough he agrees to help him learn how to play guitar and even integrates him into his band. It eventually grows back by Chapter 28 of the manga. Lowers odds of sustaining critical damage. 17-18 (P3)18 (The Answer)20 (P4A) (After anyone hits a critical/weak spot), Ok, everything's going according to plan. (Enemy resistant to Wind), Electricity doesn't seem to work on it. Akihiko faces off against Yu Narukami. (Encountering The Reaper), Tch! Blood Type His B corkscrew now sends the enemy backwards upon contact while his A corkscrew generally remained the same. He reveals that as an adult, he no longer possesses the ability to use persona, but worked alongside Ryo and Noboru Inui to cover up persona-related incidents and prevent their occurrence. A total of 145 titles were released in 2019. (Final Nyx battle), The hell...? A cool and well-respected upperclassman, Akihiko is serious and determined, as well as cracking small jokes on small occasions. (2.5x damage). All being said, he has no reliable option against opponents that like to fight at long range and is quite heavy, becoming something of double-edged sword. Yuuki, his childhood friend and boyfriend who committed suicide, Yuuki, his relationship with Mafuyu and his tragic end, Played with in that it's supposed to be tied to him giving up on his feelings for Akihiko. (While summoning Persona), Amazing as always! (After anyone hits a weak/critical spot), Good job. What is Anime-Planet? Akihiko mourning Shinjiro at his memorial in the school auditorium. It is eventually revealed that Mafuyu has a tragic past along with the origins of the guitar he carries around that is shrouded in mystery. Deals severe Almighty damage to all foes. Yuuki Fujiwara, The Two-Fisted Protein Junkie (P4A)Half-Naked Cape Guy (P4A)Master (by Chie)Akky (by Teddie)Protein (PQ2), "Soul Phrase""Light the Fire Up in the Night" (KAGEJIKAN + MAYONAKA). Enhanced Cyclone Uppercut will make Akihiko do two uppercuts. Whenever Shinjiro did something wrong when they were kids, even with good intentions (such as stealing a doll so that Miki could have a toy of her own), Akihiko would attack him while crying the entire time. Throughout the game, Akihiko repeatedly tries to talk Shinjiro into joining SEES again. (While performing special move Corkscrew), Straight punch! Polydeuces, Caesar (Non-final round victory), I'm particular about my matches. The most viewed series from that year on Anime Characters Database is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ( 78 views ). Polydeuces! Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. He does not wear a shirt, and he seems to have been injured by a huge animal, as he has three scars on his chest, and a few scars on his arms as well. Akihiko's Persona, Polydeuces, is a something of a giveaway towards his connection with Shinjiro if looked at in small depth. Akihiko remains loyal to the protagonist and SEES until the end of Nyx's defeat. AkiThe Two-Fisted Protein Junkie (P4A)Half-Naked Cape Guy (P4A)Master (by Chie)Akky (by Teddie)Protein (PQ2) Akihiko may also visit the female protagonist on the roof and he talks about how he fell in love with her. He took up boxing so he could learn how to fight, becoming a champion student boxer in the process. P3 Manga Of all members of the group, he is the most prone to sarcasm, one instance being if the protagonist talks to him while he and Junpei are taking a break from studying for first semester midterms, stating that Junpei isn't studying for his exams as Mitsuru told everyone to go back to their routines. (While performing super move, Cyclone Uppercut), You're done! Akihiko has short silver hair, gray eyes (hazel brown in Persona 3 The Movie), and wears a white band-aid above his left eye. (While entering Awakening mode), Let's go! ), "All that's left is for me to win." This is especially shown in the female protagonist route, in which he becomes a Social Link. (Enemy resistant to Ice), Wind isn't working? When the possessed Labrys attempts to crush Aigis' neck, both Akihiko and Mitsuru smash through a wall and hit her, releasing Aigis from her grasp. (Landed a critical hit, Persona: Caesar), I never want to be in a cast again. Originally, he had a great passion for playing, but with several situations like members of his previous bands leaving, had made it so that he was losing his love for music and was only going through the motions while practicing with Haruki and Akihiko. Around that time, he had also become associated with Mitsuru's Shadow Operatives and is called upon to help retrieve Labrys in the TV world in Inaba. break off his on-and-off relationship with Ugetsu for good. As time passes, the player sees Akihiko as not just a "cool upperclassman" that many of the girls in school fawn over, but as a man who cannot cope with the darkness of his past and cannot socialize well with others because of it. Hikaru Midorikawa See ya. Death is coming! He was ushered into the band by Ritsuka due to their fated encounter at the high school both attend where Uenoyama would teach him how to play the guitar and would discover his heart-wrenching vocal abilities. He tends to show his excitement for a big challenge, something that eventually rubs off on Junpei. After his falling out with Mafuyu, he got drunk and hanged himself in his room. A total of 146 titles were released in 2019. I can still keep going. He wears brown pants, and the left thigh of his pants is bandaged, while the right has several tears on it. To fight Marebito, he enlists the help of Shin Kanzato, Jun Kanzato, Megumi Kayano and Takuro Sakakiba. Tightly clutching his Gibson guitar, Mafuyu Satou steps out of his dark apartment to begin another day of his high school life. shortly after Ken joins the group. Team He has already shot Shinjiro and was aiming to shoot Ken, but Shinjiro stops Takaya from killing Ken by taking another bullet despite knowing that Ken has made a vow to kill him to avenge his mother's death. Most titles have at least 10 characters by their final episode. After Mafuyu comes to terms with Yuuki's suicide, Ritsuka becomes his. According to Shinjiro, Akihiko is actually quite the crybaby. Akihiko Sanada is one of the playable characters in Persona 3. (Non-final round victory), Don't worry. (While performing super move, Cyclone Uppercut), This... is it! In The Answer, during the debate over what to do with the keys, Akihiko is in favor of the most logical choice; having long accepted that the dead are never coming back, he claims that the group have to live with the protagonist's death and accept the present. He can be blunt and isn't above making a harsh comment to someone, even to a friend, a trait he shares with Mitsuru. After Shinjiro's death, Akihiko is reminded what it's like to feel powerless, just like he had experienced with the death of his sister. His Cyclone meter will always be at 3 levels and will always have Thunder Fists active.

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