A collaborative effort between Piaggio Group and (RED) brings us the Vespa 946(RED). If you want a Glorified Sprint ™ get a SS by all means. I would need to check a base gasket and see what the difference is. All Content Copyright 2005-2020 by Modern Vespa. The GS gearbox is build exactly what it should be. The Gran Lusso (or GL) fitted the niche in between the top range GS or SS and the normal 150. All Rights Reserved. Since 1946, Vespa defined the classic look in reliable, uncomplicated transportation. He'd have to find a matching number plate too. First registered in January 1963. this GS still has the original keys. yeah spot on. If you like your tribute pieces both authentic and capable, this Vespa needs to be on your short list. Check out the latest Vespa Motorcycles: Models, Prices, Review, News, Specifications and so much more on Top Speed! Top Speed: 95 km/h / 59 mph . & others. I imagine Derek's will be a little less... pristine than Team GS. It sports the usual Italian good looks paying appropriate homage to the marque’s rich history but maintains a contemporary flavor that is confidence inspiring. After a fairly major update in 2015, Vespa’s Primavera 150 scooter was brushed up yet again ahead of the 2018 model year. As the devilishly clever name suggests, the top speed has been raised to a more useful max for increased utility as an around-town commuter/grocery-getter. Do you know Mike from ARSCRAC? Lambretta SX200, Vespa GS160, Vespa SS180. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. i stand corrected, yes it may well do. Safety comes standard with a few traction-protection subsystems as part of the stock package, plus it features LED forward lighting to help you see and be seen. It has a long Mot and tax but hasnt been ridden on the road for some time. The Sport line comes in its own distinctive color packages with a sticker package that further sets it apart from its siblings, but it’s the details that are less obvious at a glance that really makes the Sport special. Fans of the brand rejoiced at the news of the most powerful engine to make it onto a Vespone descendant, and for many, this is the engine they’ve been waiting for. sparewheel, New engine and upgraded crankshaft and bearings were enlarged, Dell'Orto SI 27/23 carburettor with integrated choke, New flywheel and magneto with an output of 35 W, Suspension and brake drums changed. The Vespa line of scooters ranges from 50 cc to 300 cc, and from youthful exuberance to business-like dignity, all combining iconic designs with modern technology. Piaggio is committed to the progression of EV scooters, and the Group proved it yet again at 2019 EICMA with its Vespa Elettrica 70 KM/H model. Vespa expands its mid-range models with the new Sei Giorni II Edition that pays homage to the marque’s past racing success. The 160 GS was introduced in 1962 and November 16, 2017, 17:30. The Vespa 946 is the purest and most modern expression of a style that for millions of travellers and fans is a byword for freedom and movement. Following the success of the first Sei Giorni, the “Second Edition” pairs classic looks and specific racing references along with modern performance and safety electronics. The Vespa division of the Piaggio Group expanded its footprint in 2019 with a brand-new powerplant for the GTS scooter line with the GTS 300 HPE. The factory touts this smallest Vespa as a “green” model due to its stellar fuel economy, and a compact build makes its physical footprint as small as its carbon footprint. Of course, that timeless Vespino look shines through all the modern touches to tie in with the factory’s long-running history and deliver an up-to-date riding experience. Vespa 150 GL - Another new design for what has been called "one of the best-looking Vespas produced by Piaggio designers". Essentially the body, motor and suspension of the 150 GS was scrapped and Piaggio went about creating the evolution of the Vespa 125/150 into the totally new 160 GS. 2 matching N.Z. I wonder if a Quatrini M1XL would work on a gs160 or ss180 case? This is Vespa’s sportiest line, and it’s made even more so by the new 4T3V powerplant and digital instrumentation package. single unit, Rim now split in the middle rather than off-set. Vespa GTS 300 hpe Top Speed - GPS vs. Speedometer - YouTube The scooters with less power travel slower than that, with the 50 cc scooters reaching speeds of about 40 mph and 155 cc models achieving speeds of up to 59 mph. Since the fuel consumption is just a few points shy of 100 mpg, the Sport delivers a very economic ride/commute. available the U.S. with a 155 cc engine and an electronics suite not normally seen on a scooter. Piaggio went about creating the evolution of the Vespa 125/150 into the Piaggio’sSport 300 HPE for the 2020 model year, the third such revision for the line over the last nine years, and it brings a new level of capability and tech to the market. The most powerful Vespa scooters reach a top speed of 80 miles per hour with 250 cc fuel-injected engines. Joined: 14 Feb 2014 Posts: 35 ... My standard GS will only do 52 MPH top speed (GPS). All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. Timeless Italian style and a modern engine make these Vespinos ideal for students or commuters who are looking for a ride with class and taste with an eye toward environmental health. With this idea it all depends what you want to do to the casings. You could easily replace the carb for a PHBH or PHBL and fit a better exhaust, still retaining the general look of the 160 and still able to revert it back to original. 1963 VESPA GS160 MKII. Are you willing to match them to a barrel of your choice or just buy a bigger GS160 barrel and matching piston from gran sport, Im sure Scooter-Center sell both. Special paint and trim sets this unit apart visually from the rest of the family and adds an air of exclusivity to the mix. represented a significant departure from t eh basic design of the 150 GS. Launched in 1946, Vespa was an immediate success, offering functional and innovative transportation to the general public. Piaggio’s Vespa division beefed up its small-frame Vespino offerings with the MY2018 Sprint 150 Sport that serves as the top-shelf unit for the model family. In addition to the 150 cc base model, the factory also released a cargo-friendly Touring model and now there’s a Yacht Club variant for a nautical spin. Vespa’s Primavera 150 Sport builds on the Primavera CC (chrome crest) with a handful of unique paint packages and an upgraded instrumentation package. It must be quite the undertaking to keep a model family relevant as long in the tooth as the Primavera, but Vespa doggedly stays the course and treats us to yet another handful of successors here half-a-century after the release of the original. Naturally, the old-school Italian charm comes stock with a number of visual improvements as well. The most important innovation comes in the form of the new Piaggio i-get Euro 3 powerplant, capable of ensuring brilliant performance, contained consumption and extremely high overall efficiency. Perhaps best of all, it boasts the most powerful engine ever to run under the Vespa badging, the 23.8-horsepower 300 HPE powerplant. discover (Vespa 946)RED versions (Vespa … Lambretta SX200, Vespa GS160, Vespa SS180. Agile and quick, the Sprint 150 is all about fresh style and youthful exuberance, More power, more torque, traction control, and ABS make the SuperTech one of Vespa’s best performing scooters, It’s hard to beat a bona fide Italian scooter for classic looks and performance, The new HPE engine makes a noticeable improvement in power and torque, The purest and most modern expression of style, The new iGet engine has more power and smoother power delivery, © Copyright TopSpeed. Enough said? Vespa rolls into 2020 with the new GTS SuperTech 300 HPE as its top-shelf entry for the GTS Super line. Upgraded lighting and electronics boost safety and infotainment options as the icing on the cake. Puch SR. Puch scooterette, I've heard bsg are working on something cylinder wise, 74 Super, 75 Super, PX project, LML off-roader and new to 2018, '66 Blue Badge Smallframe. '69 VBC Super, 177cc Racer, VespaCross Bodge, Puch SRA150, Piaggio Zip 100! Big bore original cilinder, a la Grimstead, or crossover cilinder too? I got a bit bored at work rebuilding rotary induction motors, so I have started a tuned GS160 engine. This truly immaculate Vespa GS is one for the collector.

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