You have to activate the jumper and find the entrance shown on picture 1. Park a larger car near the fence, use a jumper to get on top of the vehicle and jump over the fence. Watch Dogs 2 takes players into a venture that explores all the nooks and crannies in San Fransico. Use a jumper - jump on top of a nearby building and then over a wall surrounding the pole. The research point is on the roof of the skyscraper. I wish Watch Dogs 2 included the ability to view your progress for collectibles & things. 32 – The research point is attached to the bridge. 78 – The research point is on the roof. Break in and then activate the quadcopter to remotely hack the antenna. When Marcus is already on the platform, activate the jumper. Sneak over there with a jumper. You must jump over the door - use the jumper and begin on a nearby freeway. Hop on the dumpster, then on the roof of the nearby building. Enter it with the jumper. Switch to the jumper and take a leap from the basket - it will be a formality from hereon. Research Point 42 – This Research Point is inside an underground garage. After that starting jumping down to the roofs of the lower buildings. This point is located inside a garage found at the back of one of the houses. After you hack all four, use the Quadcopter to hack the security breach on the roof. After that locate a hole in the wall and use a jumper to enter the shaft (it has to be a precise jump). Check the upper floor of the building - the collectible is in the briefcase under the desk with two monitors. You can easily get there when controlling Marcus. Try to steal any bike, or a similar mean of transportation, and prepare for the jump. Jump on the rocks and over the bench on the terrace because the guards won’t see you. The entire area is a off-limits and it is best to infiltrate it with the jumper. Enter the air duct nearby and you will end up near the red box. Research Point 8 – Using Marcus, just follow the stairs outside the building to reach the terrace where the Research Point is waiting for you on a table. 17 – The research point is inside one of the buildings. The research point is tied to the antenna attached to the building, but you must gain access to the system first. Research Point 3 – This Research Point is located inside a fenced area. However, the range is not a problem if you switch to quad copter from the place where you've obtained point 74. When it comes to leveling up in Watch Dogs 2, there is a handful of ways to do it. The most difficult part of this climb is shown above. Find a closed circuit terminal on the ground level and hack into it. Research Point 4 – Even if it’s inside a restricted area, this Research Point is very easy to collect. You can notice that the said platform is on water. Get there using a quadcopter and do a remote hack on the antenna. The roof is close to the street. Gaining XP in this game is standard fare that's found with any other open-world action RPG, and this includes completing side-quests and finding collectibles. Make another left turn, boost, and jump on the third house. Hack the door and then an object from a very small room. Hack a nearby lift and reach the balcony with Marcus. Research Point 12 – Hack the Wi-Fi sniffer at this location using your Quadcopter. Thanks for this guide! 106 – The research point is inside a small stone object. Now, enter the room and get the briefcase. Get to the end of the pier and destroy wooden covers by the water. Move the cage to the tank's roof and use a jumper to reach it. The research point is in a small restricted area at the back of the houses. Hack the red terminal and then locate an opening leading to a shaft. Once the jumper has left the shaft you should be right next to the collectible. Here you will start the climb, which will end with Marcus reaching a red closed circuit terminal. This point is located on a roof of a building. Use the forklift in the yard and the RC Jumper but be very careful because there are many guards here. Along with the Key Data, the Research Points in Watch Dogs 2 allow you to unlock new hacking upgrades for Marcus which means that you should look for them as soon as possible. Go up, and when you reach the exit, carefully drop on the roof where the collectable is waiting for you. The research point is under the freeway. Bring it down, step onto it with Marcus, and then bring it back up. Hack it, switch to Marcus and lower the window washing lift. Activate the jumper. Reach the balcony with a jumper and neutralize a single guard or wait for him to leave. Alternatively, you can use a van to get on top of the train cart, and from there your RC Jumper can jump over the fence, if you have the spring upgrade and the speed boost. Hack a nearby lift and use it to help Marcus to reach the roof area. The research point is at the back of the house in a restricted area. You can perform a remote hack while controlling the quadcopter. 68 – The research point is in a small campsite near the freeway and it's a restricted area. Research Point 3 – Check the Battery Spencer bunker and you will find it inside a small cell. Research Point 21 – When you reach this location marked on our Watch Dogs 2 Research Points map for Oakland, look for an alley and a lower roof. You can reach the platform using a boat. Hack in and then find a ventilation shaft which the jumper can access. 6 – The research point is at the top of the tower. Research Point 36 – Place Marcus in front of the north-eastern gate of the restricted compound, and use the wooden crates to get your RC Jumper inside. After that switch to a quadcopter and perform a remote hack on an antenna attached to a building wall. Continue to move up, deploy your RC Jumper and jump over the next alley. In other words, the 13th Research Point in San Francisco for example, is also the 13th Research Point in our video and the 13th Research Point in our text guide. Fly your Quadcopter close to it and hack it from distance. The secret is at the end of the tunnel. Enter a shaft and star moving until you reach a hackable grating. This research point is located on the highest floor of a building near the balustrade, and you will be able to reach it while playing with Marcus himself. Locate a red terminal and reach it with a jumper (begin at a nearby gate). You can also engage them if you like or stun them using the IED on the Quadcopter. Make sure you align your Quadcopter accordingly. Simply lower the crane’s platform, get Marcus on it, then align the platform with the edge of the tank. From there go right, and around the corner, jump on the air conditioning boxes to reach the upper roof. After a certain number of followers is built up, a Research Point will be rewarded. Drop down from the roof to the balcony. Locate an antenna on the roof and perform a remote hack. The fourth terminal is in a barricaded room - use a jumper to get there. Find the vent shaft shown above, open it and get into the air duct with the jumper. There are enemies and a guard dog here. Jump on top of a solar panel attached to the ground and then on the roof. The research point is in a small campsite hidden by the rocks. Afterwards, localize the small ramp shown in picture 1, which will allow you to make the jump. Find a locked gate and jump above it using a jumper in order to reach a red terminal (be careful - this is a restricted area). Ignore it (be quick) or disable it. Tear them down with a gun or grenade. Research Point 7 – Place Marcus on the eastern side of the building and use your RC Jumper to get on top of the dumpster in the corner nearby. After activating the NetHack mode, the locations of the nearest collectibles will be automatically added to the map (black skull icons stand for the Research Points). Once you've gained access fly over towards the collectible with the quadcopter. You have to make a perfect jump to fly through this hole. Check the southern side of the building (yellow) where the Research Point is located, and while flying close to the ground look for a small entrance inside the building’s wall.

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