google_ad_slot = "4373972495"; The legionaries found that they COULD get through the wall of spears made by the phalanx, even if it was a frontal attack. Peasants should be used as an absolute last resort, or in cases where funds are extremely short. I have a different theory on this. They are armed with spears. It allows you to put cheats into the game. All rights reserved. If anyone could point me in the right direction to find copies of the complete unit lists for the games (especially Rome, Barb. Rome: Total War - Traits Descriptions • Aesthetic 3: + influ, -Cmd. It is only visible to you. To find the Unit ID's, go to your data folder in the Rome - Total War folder. GRUPI, for your information the Romans kept their manipular tactices right up to the reforms of Dioclotian. does anyone know the files for loacting these cheats? • ApicianRomanVice 3: -Trade. These are given free with every new member of the ruling family of a faction. Perhaps the most powerful cavalry unit in the game, the Cataphracts are very heavy horsemen, who carry not only spears but also maces - the only troops in the game to do so. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. In addition, they have the high morale typical of the nobility, and can be counted on in battle. does anyone know where to find the specific list for Alexanders unit id's ? Anyway, my computer doesn't have the files needed to find the Unit ID list normally located in the game's file directory. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. TRAINERS CoSMOS REQUESTS QUEUE BOARDS REWARDS SUPPORT We have 25,486 trainers for 6,438 Games . This is in preperation for Barbarian Invasion units to be added. However, they can still hold off an enemy for a substantial amount of time, particularly a mounted enemy. create_unit Rome "roman archer" 4 9 3 3 make sure you capatilize the first letter in the city. Look for a file named export_descr_unit. Total War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The console can be accesed by the pressing the ~/` symbol on the top left position of your key board. • 5: -influ. Their only shortcoming is the fact that their excellent armour slows them down and makes them tire faster than others. Thanks guys! Certain units have different ID's than in the actual game; for example the Roman Principes are labelled in the file as "roman princeps". It is the same for all units. They are trained to fight as a phalanx - another reminder of the Seleucids' Macedonian heritage - but are not as highly trained as Greek professional soldiers, obviously. Inv. settlement where it’s trained. All Rights Reserved. No specific codes for Barbaric, Carthaginian or The Roman Senate. The elite of the Seleuicid phalanxes, Silver Shield Pikemen are drawn from the higher levels of society and therefore have better morale and discipline. ... Rome,, Data folder, export_descr_unit. gamestop or bestbuy - 10% cheaper units in campaign mode, oliphaunt - 40% bigger elephants in campaign mode, jericho - Walls fall down in siege in battle map mode, add_money xxx - Gives you xxx amount of money. Just as the Seleucids inherited the phalanx from their Macedonian predecessors, they were able to learn the legionary tactics from the Romans. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. No, the phalanx formation was still vulnerable from ranged attacks, contrary to what you might think. In reality, the phalanx spearmen were concentrating on pushing forward, and couldn't always raise their shields to block the arrows. (likes pretty things) • Anger 3: -influ. Carrying only one rider (known generally as a mahout), these behemoths can literally fling infantry and cavalry out of their path, and are exceedingly difficult to take down. i tried the Unit ID's of alot of the Greek and Macedon unit id's, but couldnt get those to work either. )Currently under construction! Privacy Statement | Disclaimer | Forum Code of Conduct | Legal Information, Buy Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion from, Buy Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion from, Buy Rome: Total War - Alexander from having issues with a lot of the add units like some times the hastati works and others it doesnt also units like peasants dont work either, is there a on going issue? Rome: Total War General Discussion need help for create_unit in Seleucid empire If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. To find the Unit ID's, go to your data folder in the Rome - Total War folder. However, they had to fight in a loose formation, moving in small cell groups in order to infiltrate and to kill the phalanx spearmen. )Currently under construction! Rome: Total War is a game by Creative Assembly and published by Sega (originally Activision). I'm glad someone is still supporting this old game, as I've recently rediscovered it since it was released on Android and I've been playing pretty obsessively for a couple months. Larger and tougher than normal elephants, war elephants are so dangerous that Hannibal armed their mahouts with spikes to drive into their skulls in case the elephant ever tried to run towards Carthaginian lines - the devastation it would cause was simply not worth risking. Barbarian factions have a different set of buildings in their technology tree, but the Please Read. Like the Egyptians, the Seleucids attached blades to their chariot wheels, allowing these vehicles to cut men down as they drove past them. The Building Browser Scroll shows what buildings produce units. unit ID list If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The actual codes to put into the console are displayed in boxes like this, add_population "name_of_settlement" "number of population to add", give_ancillary "character name" "catamite", give_ancillary "character name" "courtesan", give_trait "character name" "GoodDiplomat" 1-5, give_trait "character name" "GoodSpy" 1-5, give_trait "character name" "GoodAssassin" 1-5, create_unit "name of settlement or leader of army" "unit ID" level of exp/armour/weapon, Barbarian, Nomad, Carthaginian, Hun, Slave, AI is no longer biased to diplomatic proposals, NLF - A webpage with a complete list has been attached, I don't know if anyone is bothering to check this post thread anymore. They are cheap to train, however, and their one advantage is an ability to hide well. I tried to spawn them with console and it shows error massage. Unit IDs added for Macedon, Seleucid Empire, Roman, The House of Brutii, The House of Julii & The House of Scipii. In the game, however, they are spear-armed shock cavalry, whose success or failure depends to a large extent on the personal characteristics of the general who they are guarding - his effect on their morale, for example, or on their discipline, will play a large role in determining how they fight. auto_win - Attacker or defender automatically wins next auto resolved battle. They are not, however, quite so difficult to scare off. This page was last edited on 30 May 2017, at 08:24. One class of units can never be trained: general’s bodyguard units. I wanted to put Judean Zealots in Jerusolem. In it, you will find a list of every unit in the game. Some units IDs for The Greek Cities added. Perhaps the most romantic of all Rome: Total War units, and certainly the most exciting to look at. We use cookies and other technology that recognise you to improve your online experience. A bodyguard was, historically speaking, a functional unit, rather than a type of soldier. It can carry archers. One of the things that puzzles me every time on these unit guides is the person complaining how bad and useless the Greek generals are and how you should never play them. They are in all cases excellent troops. Ah, elephants. Cookies help us deliver our services. Look for a file named export_descr_unit. They are skilled at hiding and attacking from ambush, but should be drawn back as soon as an actual battle commences. //-->. The Greek equivalent of skirmishers, peltasts carry a bunch of javelins into battle. Federal law provides criminal and civil penalties for those found to be in violation. These monsters are literally unstoppable, so if you ever decide to fight the Seleucids, you had better pray you don't run into any armored elephants. The actual codes to put into … Perhaps the most romantic of all Rome: Total War units, and certainly the most exciting to look at. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. © Valve Corporation. google_ad_height = 90; Nevertheless, archers are sometimes necessary (particularly, for example, in sieges), and the legions therefore recruited them from amongst the poorer sections of society, and from allies. principle remains the same. Every unit They are capable of taking on most other infantry types, although they suffer from the same problems as do all other units who fight in a phalanx. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Rome: Total War. equipment after they have been trained. The descendants of those shock cavalry used by Alexander the Great so effectively, the modern Companion Cavalry are extremely competent in their own right. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here is a complete units guide of all units you can find (and use) in Rome: Total War. the command of a general (a member of the ruling family) or a lesser captain Levy Pikemen? By using this site you consent to this use in our, (If it's the same as in Vanilla ...) unit ID's are in a descr file. Hoplites formed the core of the Greek armies for centuries, with their long spears that stretched out more than a dozen feet in front of them. Hello and welcome to my unit guide for Rome: Total War and its expansions. If you go up against these beasts, you absolutely must have a good counter, or you are doomed. They carry swords for close combat, although their primary function is to create a wall of pike-points and "fix" the enemy in place while other Seleucid units go on the offensive.

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