This chart is a guide to help determine how much a solid rivet should be squeezed. Our unmatched on-hand supply of rivets, threaded inserts, tools and repair parts can usually be shipped immediately from our stock. =1100(2S) Aluminum, AD=2117-Aluminum Alloy, F=Corrosion Resistant Steel, etc. The diameter of a rivet is indicated in 32nds of an inch. The drill diameter depends on the type of rivet in the hole: Notice in the table that the drill size is about three thousands of an inch larger than the rivet. Website by Counterintuity.

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A 5/32” rivet (0.156 inch, 3.96 mm) would be used. Various codes are used to specify rivet material type, head type, diameter, length and industry specifications.

We carry a commercial equivalent line of Military Standard rivets and Army Navy Specifications rivets for all standard rivet head styles and markings. SCA industrial dispensing systems +1 (248) 377 9722, Atlas Copco Henrob For example, two pieces of 0.050 inch (1.27 mm) sheet are to be riveted together.

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If the punch is too hard, the mark will be too large and the metal will be distorted. SCA Industrial Dispensing Systems Business Line, Light construction and demolition equipment. +1 (248) 373 3000

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With all mentioned parameters, you can calculate the desired length of the rivet. exclusive offers from Hanson Rivet. Shop Online - E-Commerce for Distributors, Henrob Self-pierce Riveting Business Line, SCA Industrial Dispensing Systems Business Line.

Another topic related to the rivet is the hole preparation. Before start drilling it is important to check the condition of the drill and if the tool is properly attached in the chuck.

This will meet all the strength requirements for the joint. This is general information and may vary greatly depending upon the application. 470=universal head, 430= round head, etc. The proper diameter rivet would be 3 x 0.050=0.150 inch (3 x 1.27=3.81 mm).

866.TOOL.FIX (866.866.5349) A general rule is that the rivet should have a diameter of at least three times the thickness of the thickest sheet that is being joined. With the help of digitalization and smart connected tools, it is possible to implement and fully utilize Industry 4.0 manufacturing practices.

We can help. 4428 Underwood Rd The height must extend to 0.3 times the diameter of the shank. In practical, for riveting such as overhaul and repair riveting, the general rule is to use the same size and head-style used in the adjacent structure. Rivets offer supreme fastening capabilities for light and heavy duty applications alike.... © 2020 Hanson Rivet & Supply Co,.

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Sign up to receive the latest news and 3301 Cross Creek Parkway For more information, use the chart below, or call us today. With all mentioned parameters, you can calculate the desired length of the rivet. LaPorte, TX 77571 USA According to the military standard, so the bucked counter head diameter of the rivet joint must be larger than 1.4 times the diameter of the shank.

Click here to check the condition of the drill. After drilling, remove the burrs from the hole without chamfering the hole edge. Sometimes the sheets can move or gap, in these cases you must use skin pins or clamps considering they will prevent the two holes from interfering and keep the sheets close together when it is time for riveting.

See the information below for an overview of the codes used for our products and in our Rivet Identification Chart. Click here to check the condition of the drill. Henrob Self-pierce Riveting Business Line The length of a rivet is indicated in 16ths of an inch: 8=8/16" or 1/2", 10=10/16" or 5/8", etc.

4=4/32" or 1/8", 12=12/32" or 3/8", etc. Rivet Sizes and Material Guide - Anzor Fasteners, Your Stainless Fastener Specialist - Contact us 07 3711 9977 or MS - When these two letters precede numbers, they indicate Military Standard Specifications. Contact us for industrial assembly tools and Atlas Copco IAS product: SCA industrial dispensing systems, Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems LLC In a future of megacities, sustainability efforts and increased global mobility, the Aerospace industry needs to double its production output while maintaining sky-high quality control.

Torque reaction suspension & rail systems, Digital controllers for mobile compressors.

These hole-marks should be punched with a center punch just deep enough to start the drilling.

Handheld drills, riveting systems, modular Advanced drilling units, screwdrivers, the complete range of assembly tools and solutions for Aerospace industry. 30000 South Hill Rd New Hudson, MI 48165 USA

We present here how our smart tools and solutions support the whole assembly process of aerospace industry, from drilling, fastening, tightening, riveting, etc., with quality, accuracy, safety, during the several holes and screws per aircraft. The allowance is normally about 1.5D. Auburn Hills, MI 48326 USA After selecting the rivet size and placing the sheets, the holes must be marked for drilling. This is …

Rivets are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing industry.

+1 800 4HENROB (800 443 6762), Contact us for Fabrication and Maintenance tools, Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems The “Shop Head” size should generally fall within this table.
+1 (281) 448 5900, Tools and Assembly Systems

The allowance is normally about 1.5D.

AN - When these two letters precede numbers, they indicate Army and Navy Specifications. Want a quick price quote or a copy of our latest catalog?

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