However, GMS seems to have listed Hayato and Kanna as "Sengoku" characters, for the fact that they originate from the Sengoku Era of Japanese history. Call upon the ancient spirits of the sword to enhance Hayato's abilities.

Has a chance to deal additional damage. Makes your flesh as strong as steel so you're not pushed back by enemy attacks. cash storages are shared, as long as each character is created within the same server/world. [Required Skill : Shouryuusen Level 1 or higher].

I was wondering which hyper stats/passives to take, specifically optimized for those who lack damage and defense.

Controls the flow of energy within the body to increase physical traits. Greatly increases your ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Max HP, and Max MP. Allows you to locate an enemy's weak spot to inflict lethal damage against them. Infuses your weapon with a portion of your health, granting it a visible aura and temporarily empowering it. : Dash forward and attack 6 enemies 4 times each for 170% damage each hit. Permanently increases your attack damage based on your DEF. The blessing of Princess Sakuno will protect you from abnormal status effects and increase your final damage. Stacks up to 5 times. Unleashes the ultimate Battoujutsu technique that only Hayato can use. I got this to 9 after I got damage to 9. While Hayato is in normal stance, the sword's energy provides increased Attack Power and HP/MP along with Ignore DEF on monsters and Knockback Resistance as a bonus. All of the Falcon Dive skills help with everything and the enhancements to Hitokiri Strike make it phenomenal. This combination is great for killing mobs as you move from point A to point B on a horizontal platform, but there will be a delay when you use Dankuusen, preventing this from being the absolute best combination for movement speed. When it activates at Horntail, it will disconnect you, giving you a hacking error. Flashes through multiple enemies with deadly precision. In addition, Shouryuusen, Dankuusen, and Whirlwind Cut skill damages are increased by +100%. Pressing the Surging Blade key three times, then having a very slight pause, then pressing it three times again will make Hayato cast the first swing of the skill the place of where the 4th swing would be cast. Following with Dankuusen will allow you to sweep out any enemies on the platform you're aiming for. Jumping, then double tapping the up arrow key, will grant you a lot more height than using it from the ground. {lang: 'en-US'} Call upon the powers of Hayato's ancestors to unleash a furious barrage of attacks. Zen Of course, this doesn't match up to Mechanic's thrusters, the Nova class' chain skills, or anything like that, but it'll give you a significant advantage over other classes if used properly. Shimada Heart: Passive Permanently increases your attack damage based on your DEF. It has a 100% critical rate if combined with Shouryuusen. Using Sanrenzan immediately after Falcon Dive reduces the delay for the transition between the skills, allowing for the two skills to look as if they're just one skill. : Permanently increase speed by 20, increase max speed to 165, increase jump by 10, increase evasion by 20%, increase mastery by 60%, and increase Willpower to level 30. : Increase all stats by 10 and weapon attack and magic attack by 5. Plus, after testing, Dankuusen does not cover nearly the same distance as Surging Blade x3 does. This attack can be combined with many other skills in your arsenal to greatly reduce delays and perform very fast and powerful attacks. Both skills deal great amounts of damage and are pretty quick. Can be resisted by some monsters. Wind Archer There's no chance of actually getting banned due to this, but until this is fixed, I would suggest not putting points into this skill, if you plan on going to Horntail at all. Successful strikes grant a buff that stacks up to 5 times. A properly timed Falcon Dive, at peak height after using Vapor Blade, will allow you to get to places most classes can't go. Like me, you will probably start out in fourth job grinding using this combination. : For every 100 points of defense you have, permanently increase your damage by 0.5%. Slashes 5 enemies at once with 3 consecutive blows. Press Up to use it. Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 220% twice, 250% twice, and 300% three times to up to 6 targets. This is probably the most commonly used combination for third job training. In GMS, Hayato and Kanna both have completely separated cash storages, so they cannot share NX items with other characters.

Slashes 4 enemies at once with 3 consecutive blows. Enables you to parry an enemy attack when you dodge. If you want better mobbing abilities, go for the increased target count enhancements. One point into STR is like really free, so stray point into that as well. 201%- 300% damage and %boss damage, crit rate 2 levels less than %boss hyper stat level, crit damage 3 levels less than %boss hyper stat level For accurate calculation (only do this if you extremely close or barely soloing a boss and need the extra tiny tiny tiny bit of …

Counter Attack currently has a bug in JMS.

Guild Skills Hello and welcome to ShiKage's Ultimate Hayato Guide. In this section, I will try to explain each of these combinations. Hayato's secret technique.

This tool is designed to optimize your hyper stats against end-game bosses. This is another pretty basic combination. : Increases the damage on each attack of Falcon Dive by 20%. : Jump up into the air and quickly charge downward at enemies to do 190% damage to 8 targets 6 times. A. Hayato's link skill is +10 all stats, +5 weapon attack. Return of the Five Planets: Active Return to Momijigaoka Quick Draw: Active He is, however , gender locked in JMS. Unaffected by attack reflection.

Unleashes back-to-back Battoujutsu attacks as quick as the wind. if(this.href.indexOf(location.hostname) == -1) { After dodging an attack, gain a chance to get boosted attack damage. Utilize supreme concentration to temporarily increase attack speed by 2 levels. All three of the skills are very powerful and are quick. : Permanently increase your STR and DEX by 30. : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 100% twice, 120% twice, and 140% three times to up to 5 targets. Fires a grappling hook to a platform above you to ascend quickly. You have 3 points, 3 skills, and they all only consume 1 skill point each. Skill Information. Years of hard work have given Hayato a preternatural understanding of the Katana, permanently increasing numerous stats.
I personally think that level 10 damage and boss is too expensive and I kept those at 9. Your blade has been tempered and maintained with the utmost care. This thread is archived. : Increases the total number of monsters affected by Falcon Dive by 2. : Increases the number of times Falcon Dive damages an enemy by 1. : Increases the number of times Hitokiri Strike hits an enemy by 1. : Removes the cool down time of Hitokiri Strike by 100%. This skill increases your critical rate by 25%, gives a 20% stun chance to all skills and increases your weapon attack speed by an increment of 1.

: Attack up to 8 enemies 7 times for 200% damage with a 100% critical rate.
It is, however, extremely effective for damage when it is possible to use it. Increases the number of monsters attacked with Sudden Strike. This skill can be shared with one other character on the account at any time. It follows the same exact trend as Shouryuusen + Dankuusen. Can attack a single enemy repeatedly and recover Hayato's sword energy after use. In addition, at a 30% success rate, you will deal 410% damage with an extra hit to 6 targets. [Required Skill : Fuu Sanrenzan Level 20]. [Required Skill : Whirlwind Cut Level 20]. All credits go to myself, of course, for creating the build and experiencing the class first-hand. This Battoujutsu technique was once believed to be lost. Manager Bleeding doesn't stack and can't cause the target's HP to go below 1. Moreover, after you've jumped into the air, you can control how high you get Vapor Blade to go by executing it with proper timing. After 3rd Job Advancement, also does damage to enemies in an area. You (and only you) can use it multiple times until it disappears. $(this).attr('target', '_blank'); Increases the number of attacks for Hitokiri Strike.

Bowman Pathfinder As I said, I will add more information as the days come, but for now, you can find more information about the class, as well as more information about Kanna, at. Sweeping Sword is great for pulling in mobs and Dankuusen is great for finishing them off. The only difference is that Whirlwind Cut allows for stronger attacks, is a little slower, and it actually pushes you upward a little, unlike Dankuusen, which is entirely horizontal. In fact, it's your only move that you can really defend yourself with in those maps, as everything else is disabled.

While there are countless of guides, but many of them are outdated, doesn't specify which to take, or are just completely irrelevant to Phantom's hyper stats and passives. share. Limit one transfer a day. Enemies hit by the slash are launched into the air.

This combination will grant you the best vertical height of any other combination you can fathom.

Battoujutsu Ultimate Will - God of Blades,

Turns your blade into a tornado of steel, pushing all enemies around you to one side. As far as the skill enhancements go, however, I would never touch any of the Shinsoku buffs. Temporarily increases Max HP, Max MP, Physical Attack Power, Speed, and Jump. This works no matter how many times you press the Surging Blade key. Maybe in ignore defense if you don't have a lot, If he grinds to 212 he can max IED as well, non crit = 1 + shimada heart bonuscrit = 1 + shimada heart bonus + crit damage.

Calls upon brave Sengoku heroes for aid, randomly summoning two. It's a lot like the Falcon Dive + Dankuusen combination, but it's more effective for killing stronger enemies or just sweeping out an entire platform.

So I am currently lvl 205 trying to figure out what to put for my remain stats. On the character selection screen in JMS, he is listed as 暁の陣, which would translate to something along the lines of "Dawn Encampment." Personally, I like to see that delay, because it looks badass, but that's just my opinion. This can be used to get up on higher platforms that would be normally out of reach with just Vapor Blade alone.

The ultimate in destructive blows. Temporarily increases the stats of all party members.

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